Jonathan Sumption Is Just Another Gatekeeper

I had a Skype chat with Jonathan Sumption last Spring. He’d heard of the show and told me that he was keen to come on. He was off on holiday he told me, but he committed to coming on when he returned.

Sumption is a former UK Supreme Court judge.

Following our conversation, I emailed him a few times. Each reply was shorter than the previous one, each excuse for not coming on was more vague than the last. He’d changed his mind or his mind had been changed for him. I’d wager it’s the latter.

I was planning to go after him in the interview. His views on the folly and tyranny of lockdowns were admirable, but after we’d chatted on Skype, he endorsed the covid jabs. In fact, he took to urging people to go and be vaccinated.

I wanted to take him on. I believed then and believe now that he knew better than that.

How could he not know that the jabs were doing serious harm, both here, in Europe and around the world? After all, he’s a first-rate researcher. Why would someone with such a sharp and clinical legal mind, endorse a brand new medicine unless he had thoroughly researched it?

He’s written a piece in today’s Telegraph. In it, he warns of Europe’s lurch towards authoritarianism. Yawn. Change the record Jonny.

He laments the fact that the politicians keep turning to lockdowns to supress infections, despite the fact that it doesn’t work. Those silly public servants eh? When will they learn? As far as Sumption is concerned, it’s incompetence or sheer bloody-mindedness.

It couldn’t be anything else right? How could Sumption not know that something else is going on here? Answers on a postcard please.

Here’s what he wrote about vaccines today:

Opposition to vaccines is foolish. They are highly effective at preventing serious illness and death. But they are not as effective against infection or transmission as was once thought….

Those who refuse to be vaccinated may be unwise, perhaps selfish. But if they are not even allowed to decide what medical procedures they will undergo and what drugs they receive into their own bodies, then there is not much left of their autonomy as human beings.

The way is wide open to despotism and unending social discord. The rest of us should look on and note how easily liberal democracy can be subverted by fear.

Opposition to vaccines is not foolish. Nor is it unwise. It’s prudent. The jabs have been around less than a year, are still in trial and there is no long term data. Sumption MUST know this.

How could someone so committed to the defence of individual freedom suggest that it might be selfish not to be jabbed?

He’s a gatekeeper. What else can it be? It’s not sour grapes on my part either, don’t even start with that. I’ve been turned down by better men and women than Sumption. It’s par for the course when producing radio shows.

Sumption is a good old boy, that’s all. He’s been thrown a bone. “There there Jonathan, talk about totalitarianism and despotism all you like. Go on Talk Radio, write in The Telegraph, but be sure and endorse the jabs won’t ya?” There’s a good lad.




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re sumption ….never believed he was against this circus anyway…he is part of the establishment and …the firm…as it were …and no way he is going to go against that mob….re the vaccinators ….i believe they are totally 100 percent responsible for their actions and so liable for any adverse effect or worse suffered by the victim …oops sorry meant the person being vaccinated….oh i didnt know doesnt cut it …..the fact that half the nursing proffession were dancing last year and posting on social media and yet this year are complaining about the jab possibly being made mandatory for them shows they absolutely do know how dangerous the shots can be ….and anyone who has been authorised to administer the shot to the public should be held accountable ….after all the unjabbed are being made accountable for some bloke across town with immunosuppressed problems …..the furthur in we get to this the more surreal it becomes ….and more people are waking up …i live in istanbul and i was talking to a cab driver the other day …they are generally the least educated of the classes and have normally moved to the city from obscure villages to make money having ….if you are lucky…finished 4 years of primary education at best …anyway he was saying that he wouldnt have the shot because there was a substance called graphene in it ….if u lived where i live then you would realise what an astounding thing this was for him to come out with as that class in society generally does as it is told without compunction ….so if he knows then there really is no excuse for vaccinators there really is not .

Aldo Bennedetti

Pandemic my whole.

There’s 22 men and or women/kents screaming and shouting on a flood lit pitch 100 feet from me.

No worries.

Kelly Maher

He won’t come on your show as you’re too clever and worried that you’ll show him up as he’s not being straight.


Richie asked about the siutation with the indigenous people here in Australia.
I have posted three links below.


2; From someone who is connected:Copied
Happening in the Pilbara 22nd Nov tomorrow. Original Sovereign Tribal Federation – OSTF shared a post.
· 4m ·
“I have some pretty bad news. A friend of mine who is on leave from Army said they are bit broken. They was part of a large deployment up far Nth to surround an aboriginal community. They said multiple units were ordered to surround aboriginal village to stop any escaping. They said a lot of colleagues, were disgusted as they had to watch the indingenous being forced down and held and jabbed by the medical millitary. A lot of them were disgusted at the orders given to them. I ask why didn’t you stand down. Millitary are suppose to protect the people not harm them against their will. This is treason. So fkn angry. This person is suffering PTSD. On leave from it. They have been warned that if the disobey ,ramifications will be implimented. Some millitary are breaking down. I was so absolutely angry. I asked why are you disclosing this. They said because they are going to start with indigenous first and it will be covered up and silenced . I said that they and those commanders and cunts above them are committing treason. At first I thought they was taking the piss out of me. But they weren’t. They confided because it is messing with some of their heads. Some are on leave as they rotate for stress. Absolutely fkn disgusted. Treason . They can get themself in a lot of trouble now for telling me this. I am sick to the stomach. If they are doing this to indigenous by force what the fk are they going to do with suburbians. I am very deeply disurbed and stressed out.”

3: from our newest Australian here; some may have seen him before; Please like and follow him if you connect on FB and telegram. IIT WOULD BE GREAT IF RICHIE COULD INTERVIEW HIM.


Mr. Allen seems to be on the point of losing his composure, there’s a slight air of desperation about him in recent days. I think his latest bout of respiratory problems made him realise the virus is a very real threat to him (i.e. that he’s in the vulnerable category) His opposition to vaccines is pretty silly and really could end up costing him his life. In saying that, his opposition to passes and lockdowns and his general criticism of the media is to be admired.


Terry- this isn’t the platform for you. I am replying just to urge others not to waste their time replying – nip this one in the bud so to speak.
Whether you are a paid troll, or a lost soul looking to get some sense of life out of others reponse to you, please consider your approach and actions.
Ask yourself the following questions –
1: if we were in a room having a discussion, would you be willing to engage in a robust discussion about the reality of what we are facing here?
2: if you had a family member who had been killed or seriously harmed by these injections, would you be so cavalier in your attitude?

This is not the platform (again) for you- this is becoming more and more about a space that people get support from. You don’t belong here.
You heard that lady from Canada speak with Richie on Monday, and break down because she cannot connect with her family.
You heard the man speaking about beginning a family , and trying to stay positive for his wife in the event of their child being born.
And at every phone in, and even the special guests, you always hear they tell Richie about the great support him and the show are to people at this time.
The numbers that listen are phenomenal. That in itself shows the need- unless it is peole such as yourself, souless perhaps, who use it as an opportuity to troll.
Please refrain from what you are doing, and yes, I have seen your little digs at people in other posts. This is not funny- this is not fun for anyone, and I believe that you are aware of this and know this. let your conscience talk.
God bless you, and may you find peace at this time.

Kelly Maher

Your comment about RA opposition to jabs is pretty silly. I guess you’ve not been listening to the show for long. A great book to read on the history of jabs is called Dissolving Illusions – it’s on Audible. You don’t need to be a brain surgeon to see that these jabs are dangerous. I do care work and I swear that for a year before the jab arrived all my service users were fine but all started going downhill after the jab was rolled out. I’m always thoughtful towards good people but now I’m treating each one like it’s the last time I could see them.

Mike Littoris

Terry, please explain to us all why you think Richie is silly for not taking the vaccine.

Aldo Bennedetti

I dare say Terry’s Chocolate Orange you proper Kent that one can not kill a bad thing like your very good self you proper and lively wee kent.

Carry on….


Richie is just fine. He is in the latter stages of fully waking up. He thinks he’s awake but he’s not quite there yet. Covid was never about a virus. It has always been about the Great Reset and the totalitarian destruction of our free world. Richie has been playing about discussing vaccines and viral this and that. Richie is rapidly realizing that the only way we will keep our freedom is through violent opposition.
Laugh now, but later when your freedom is just a memory, remember my comment.


Terry, the truth is that Covid is way too scared of Richie. Speaking personally I love it when he absolutely loses his shit; this proves that he’s a living feeling human being. I STILL play that anti Chris Witty rant of a few months ago, the first time I heard it nearly caused me to lose a kidney LMAO… He’s not perfect, but has NEVER claimed to be.


This platform is a great place for free speech. Thank you for your contribution Terry.

Last edited 12 days ago by Adam
Johnny Dollar

How disappointing. Maybe ultimately, He wont take People’s side. he must know.


This guys talking out of both sides of his mouth – shite out of one side and common sense out of the other.

Mike Littoris

Yes. Many commentators seem to do the same. Julia Hartley Brewer being one such example.


She used to be indecisive , but now she’s definitely not sure 🙂

Chainsaw Sue

I’d like to ask Mr Sumption why it is the CDC has agreed to keep all info on Covid vaccines confidential for 55 years? First ask of its kind from pharmaceutical companies in the history of vaccine development. Don’t tell me they’re safe and effective.


Nobody is giving informed consent. They get a leaflet containing information about the booster afterwards. My friend had it yesterday and had bad side effects. He said if he read the leaflet before taking the booster he wouldn’t have given consent. It’s named comirnaty concentrate and I’ve seen or heard nothing about this anywhere so you can’t possibly give informed consent unless you read the leaflet first not afterwards. My friend was under the impression it was another shot of what he had previously this is not the case. What is happening is illegal. The People are not informed about what exactly they are taking until afterwards. He was horrified after he read the leaflet.

Last edited 13 days ago by Gary

Comirnaty is the Pfizer Covid vaccine that has been rebranded with a new name.


Why change the name? It just causes confusion. Regardless what the name is. The nurse shouldn’t have gave him it. He’s diabetic and it says on the leaflet he was given afterwards you aren’t supposed to take the booster if you have an immunity problem she knew this but gave him it anyway. He wasn’t informed so in my opinion what is happening is illegal across the board.


Children’s Health Defence, TheHighWire and others covered this including if I am correct Dr Mercola?


Thanks I might have a look at them. I havent been watching as much on the scam recently I’m getting tired of it I’m trying to switch off from it but it’s not easy.

Urban Fox

Even traditional vaccines, before they conveniently changed definition of what a vaccine is meant to be. Dont do what Sumption claims they do. Anyone with any doubt should read Vernon Colemans book on Vaccines.

These new Jabs dont contain any of the imaginary covid, just a horrific concoction of poison. Including Graphene and Fetal Cells. Which were grown from a baby’s kidneys. That was operated on without anesthetic in 1972 whilst still alive. Before being aloud to die in agony. Iv posted links to the evidence of this previously. Then there are the latest findings of what appear to be parasites that can not be killed, that do not appear to be organic because they contain metals. This is not science fiction but science fact.

These poisons are not protecting anyone from an unproven virus, but they are killing many thousands. But its not true that they are not working. They were just never intended for the stated purpose.


Anybody seen the new NHS advert?

It features an NHS nurse called Michelle, who explains the benefits of the flu jab and Covid-19 jab and booster. It shows folk going about their business, masked up etc.

She says “Get vaccinated, get boosted, get protected!”

I like to let her finish her spiel, and calmly respond….

“Get f*cked!!!” 😁

Yep, I’m losing it! 🤨


Yes. It is another brain washing advert containing information that is false.
Ofcom should be pulling it from MSM.


Oh yeh. They like to lay it on thick. Good pic there. Spot on.


The head of Ofcom has links to Bill Gates.


As does everyone else who’s taken his juice…

Last edited 13 days ago by Gerry
Aldo Bennedetti

Is there small print or a disclaimer for potential injuries?


😄 Highly doubtful. But I shall look for it next time. I’m not holding out much hope though.

Aldo Bennedetti

“may cause cancer or death”


No risk at all then. Not even worth putting a disclaimer on 😏👍🏻

Urban Fox

You forgot the halo that is around there body’s as if protected by angels. Like they used to have on that porridge advert. Its absolutely repulsive propaganda, and why the hell are people wearing masks if they believe in the jab. No logic to any of it. And did you see the cancer advert, with all the cancer patients wearing face masks. Cancer cells are proven to multiply more quickly the less oxygen a person is breathing in, under the optimum amount. There have been medical papers written about this very thing.


Yeh I did notice the halo thing. Sickening stuff. I’m surprised they didn’t include an unjabbed person, with germs or other vile lurgy engulfing them. Maybe they did and we haven’t noticed?! I’ll look more closely next time. Excellent point about the cancer patients and masks 👍🏻👍🏻.

Urban Fox

Thanks Joe




You forgot the halo that is around there body’s as if protected by angels.

there could be a second meaning in that if the jab goes wrong and you have a bad side effect, you may end up an angel.

Last edited 13 days ago by Patrice
Urban Fox

Hi Yeh very possible


Controlled opposition. He’s in the club.


Of course he’s a gatekeeper. I have said this from the off. He’s a Lord. All Lords are in on the whole agenda and so are all politicians. Controlled opposition. I do not need any appeal to authority to make my own decisions and make good decisions

Caroline Fealy

Personally i really could not give two hoots to what all these people keep pushing out. Because i see the game they are playing.
But i do worry for my children and grand children’s future’s. I have not and will not wear a mask, get tested or have the jab, as that is my choice. I do not feel selfish about any of that.
These people will stop at nothing to push the agenda they have in play wether that is by guilt, coercion, bribes or fear.
People need to realize that things will not ever be the same “normal” has be going for many years.
This pc world has slowly taken over common sense.

Aldo Bennedetti

Their own personal beliefs are irrelevant and best kept to themselves.

They know this as an unwritten rule as it would cost them their jobs, pensions etc.
Expressing them would be an act of futility and career suicide.

Nobody is to sing out of key and everyone must be singing off the same hymn sheet written by the man.

Unison and lockstep on the message from all quarters of society is imperative to achieving their goals. No doubt must be created. If so it must be quashed.

This is the way.


I’ve posted this before but I’ll say it again. Will all these people who keep saying that the unvaccinated are selfish please explain why because it makes absolutely no sense?

Aldo Bennedetti

Agreed but thats their approach or message that the vaxxed sheep repeat.

Its all part of the social programming.

(they dont even explain that “selfishness” with science or facts of transmission)


Aye. The ‘zombie effect!’.

I’m surrounded by them.

Aldo Bennedetti

Watched The Mist 2007 last night. Very apt. The way people behave is exactly like The Covid.


That’s my life right now! Same as many others. It’s unreal.

Aldo Bennedetti

This is like a global 9/11 in terms of the massive fraud and lie been perpetuated.

That must have been a test case for this.


And still there are folk who believe the official story of 9/11.

Aldo Bennedetti

100%. hook line and sinker.

“Its easier to fool someone then convince them that they have been fooled.” – mark twain


Yep. Unfortunately. Plus even very basic research could change people minds in a few minutes. Many folk seem to have forgotten how to think independently. Unless of course they never knew how to in the first place.

And, ohhh I love a Mark Twain quote! 👍🏻🙌🏻👍🏻

Aldo Bennedetti

They’ve been dumbed down with instant gratification thru tech and overloaded with information everyday.

This agenda was decades in the making.


Most definitely. Only, some of us got wise to the crap, and some are still in la la land, unfortunately.


Makes no sense to me either. If you find out the answer before I do, will you please let me know, because I’m losing the will to live here.


I know the feeling.

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