Jonathan Sumption Says Freedom Day Is A False Dawn

Writing in The Telegraph today, former supreme court Judge Jonathan Sumption has accused Prime Minister Boris Johnson of caving-in to SAGE, resulting in us living with more rules than before the vaccine roll-out.

In a scathing condemnation of Johnson’s failure to hold his nerve, Sumption wrote:

The fanatics of the so-called “Independent Sage” wagged their fingers and waved their clipboards. Hundreds of medics signed a letter to The Lancet declaring that the decision was dangerous, even criminal.

All those selfish people who believe that to make them feel a bit more secure, everyone else must be deprived of live music, theatre and sport, nightclubs, foreign holidays, dancing at weddings and singing in churches, pursed their lips and registered their disapproval with the pollsters. 

And what did the Prime Minister do? He ran for cover. The contrast between the rhetoric and the reality was stark.

He told us that precautions against transmission must become a matter of personal choice. It turns out that the choice is to be made by employers, supermarkets, public transport authorities and pub landlords, who have been brought under heavy pressure to enforce the old restrictions.

He declared that the vaccine had transformed the situation. The reality is that we have more restrictions on our freedom now than we had a year ago before vaccines became available.

Sumption went on to say that the NHS test and trace app is ridiculous, as it is sending hundreds of thousands of perfectly healthy people home to isolate, which is devastating for businesses as they try to make a financial recovery. He concludes his well-written piece by saying:

Vaccination is an impressive achievement. It represents the best that humanity can do about Covid. If it is not enough, then there are only two options. One is to impose total and permanent restrictions on human interaction, something which even governments realise is impossible.

The other is to recognise defeat and allow their populations to live with Covid-19 – just as humanity had learned to live with worse pathogens for centuries before governments embarked on their current unprecedented and ill-advised experiment.

Of course, I disagree with his position on the jabs. The jabs were never necessary. They’ve been rushed out. They’ve not been properly tested. There’s no long-term data. They do not protect against infection and they are killing people.

I also think Sumption is naive when he says that governments realise that imposing permanent restrictions on human interaction is impossible. Boris Johnson might think that, but then he’s not in charge.

The puppet-masters want us to change our behaviour permanently. Surely even Sumption can see that now?

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Simon Blanchard

Any large indoor venue? So party conferences then too in October.


I need to star planning, so any advice greatly appreciated.
I’m a father of 4, have a mortgage and, until recently, was a proud CCU nurse who has worked in the once respected NHS for 25 years (I’m still there, just not proud).
Mandatory vaccination is coming to the NHS. I will not have it. So you can see my problem.


I have no advice as such but just wanted to let you know how much you’re admired in your many comments on here. Is there anyway you could do private nursing or is that going the same way? I suppose you have until Jan ‘23 to decide as I was under the impression they can’t mandate anything until then. Best wishes to you and your family. 😘


All care work will go the same way. I just hope there’s enough healthcare workers who feel as I do.


Me too.


I have started seeing adverts for alternative healthcare providers…not just BUPA, AXA and Vitality…


David wolfes protocol
At the risk of being overwhelming ‍these are some recommendations from David Avocado Wolfe!
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> • Lypospheric Vitamin C (30ml, twice daily)*
> • Quercetin (500-1000 mg, twice daily)*
> • Iodine*
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Still zombies walking about with masks on in the 30 degree temperatures but i did get a good laugh today. Had to call in at my local Nationwide building society/bank and was a bit wary and ready for confrontation but the young lady serving me was friendly. We were chatting about masks and what their policy was when she said ” government have left it up to us and when things go tits up we’ll get the blame!” I was amazed. The other two women employees at the counters didn’t even flinch! How wonderful. I think i’m in love!


I counted seven including myself and my sister at Tesco this morning not wearing the muzzle. The woman on the till says everyone should wear them ☹️, one of Michie’s mates no doubt. Still got the numpties wearing them in the street, even had one bloke jump out of the way of me. Honestly we’re doomed by these sheep.


I reckon that Boris had the whole ping-a-ling sorted so he could have himself a good old ding-a-ling……. a great Carrie on at Chequers!!

Ronald Templeman

I agree totally with Richie that the so called jab was not necessary and not safe and there are higher people than Boris and Sage running this. I like a lot of what Sumption says but what I find Strang is that with his background he does not appear to be able to influence serving judges into doing the right thing on behalf of the people.


Isn’t he retired from the Supreme Court?


at this level of the game to bring consciousness back down to this retard level is shameful.

Lord simpleton and sir demon swine and peter shillken where passed about alt meida as advocate of truth THEY SAID fuck all or stating the absolute obvious.. lord simpleton said take the vaccine, at the exact time Nigel fraud did and bojo and sir swine ow and so did peter shillkens.

why is this creature above worth any more breaths !! he is establishment!

their is no battle between sage and government it Theatre for the braindead.


I don’t believe that Boris Johnson has caved in to Sage I believe it was the plan all along. The psychopaths behind all this don’t understand the need for human interaction nor do they care a jot for humanity. Most people are naive when it comes to understanding the pyschopathic mind, I was myself at one time. The sort of society they are aiming to introduce will suit them down to the ground whereas for the average person who has feelings it will be a total nightmare.


He’s correct in in what he’s stated in the headline – much more than even he realises.

Halfway to enlightenment not good enough at this juncture – still left at an impasse!!

Last edited 12 days ago by Brenda

if the state aimed to collapse the economy , they could not have done a better job then this, I find this app interesting as essentially a foreign entity (apple and google are of US origin) are telling another countries citizens when they can and cannot leave their house via the app, doesn’t that sound a bit mad?

Last edited 12 days ago by Patrice

Ever since getting screwed via the lend lease rip off of WWII and even before that we have suffered anal rape by; first the USA and now India and China. Our politicians are useless at making deals, this why VERY FEW of them succeed in business.


Tony Blair got an executive position in the Carlisle Group, just like John Major.
Rishi Sunak is worth a mint from business dealings. Matt Hancock is doing well out of Big Pharma. Nadim Zahawi is minted from business dealings.
These days, politics is business and the majority are succeeding.
The failure is not understanding that they don’t work for us.

Urban fox

Spot on. Did you ever see the documentary exposing Blair’s crooked deals. He received millions in payoffs after leaving office. And even did a advertisement supporting a far East dictatorship for a couple of millions. All in multiple bank accounts under different names. He is vile,evil scum. The evidence in the film should have put him away for life. But they didn’t even look at it.Instead he travels the world in luxury,with a 12 man bodyguard,at the taxpayer’s expense. The fools droning on about the legal system,should wake up.Can t believe people still saYing” they can’t discriminate against unvaccinated,it’s illegal ” Its already here for Fox sake.


All they have to do is label unvaccination an antisocial behaviour and they can sidestep all discrimination laws. If I can work that out, anyone should be able to.

Urban fox

“We have to think about the safety of our staff” ” public health emergency ” Blah blah blah. When most of the public and that includes business owners as well. Have 1/ Belief in the whole scam. And 2/ no respect for civel liberties. There lies the problem. If you have every shop on your high street,telling you to Fox off. Then boycotting them is a nonsence as well.The practical thing,is for groups of unvaccinated to get together on mass. And go down there and make a newsence.

Urban fox

Day after U.K “freedom day” .Just back from co op. shop. Announcement on tanoy. ” please continue to wear your masks,and show respect for yourselves and others” Say no more.


Very few of those you mentioned built any of their wealth from the ground up. Most of them you’re apt to find traded their political positions for non executive roles and or straight up consultancy fees . I’ve worked in the City for over twenty years in a variety of companies from Investment %anks to Insurance underwriters and have lost count of the amount of MP’s slithering in and out of bank doors when they should have been representing their constituents.


Regardless of how they are doing it, they are succeeding.
Put aside personal feelings and look at those people objectively. They get educated; they focus on long term goals; they make personal sacrifices (even if those sacrifices are notions like ‘integrity’); they network; they create opportunities; they are motivated.
They do what we do, just on a larger scale.


Maybe, but I’d wager that not many of us would develop psychopathy to the extent that many of them have. Craig, the just don’t give a fluck about anyone else and are in the worst possible position in terms of power and influence. This is absolute nothing to do with personal feelings at all; just a statement of the obvious.


They give a fuck about themselves, their family and their friends.
Most people I’ve known and met over the years fall roughly into that position.


Craig, looking back; it seemed that there was more of a sense of community; this seemed to disappear in the ‘greed is good’ 1980’s.


Proving that, given the opportunity, most people are focussed on self interest.
The only real solution to that is another top down authoritarian system designed to rein people in (religious systems, Fascism, Marxism, etc – all of which serve the feudal state).


So we’re absolutely screwed? Jeeezuss.


Absolutely screwed? Not yet.


P.S. One of the many differences between myself and them ( I wouldn’t deign to speak for anyone else) is that I would never abuse a position I held to the detriment of those who placed their faith in me. I wasn’t raised that way at all.


Likewise. But many regular folk would if given the opportunity.


Human frailty is sickening at times.


Yes. But it is part of human nature, whether we like it or not.
To want to change that is stepping onto the same road that we are currently on.


They get these positions as pay back for passing laws which smooth the way for big corporations and psychopathic billionaires and certainly not for any business acumen they possess.


They are in the business of lining their pockets and benefitting their careers. They do it rather well.


My 14 year old knows more on the subject surrounding the nonsense claim that we are in the midst of a pandemic than Sumption.


Wise counsel – the opportunity to discuss and explore with your child before the state got their dirty mits on them!

Social isolation of lockdowns, distancing and mask wearing have as one of their functions prohibited this general exchange.

Once ‘released’ many had already a confirmed view expressing that of the propaganda machine. This being reinforced by the behaviour of the majority in public.

Some gay abandon in this glorious weather will be dampened by more admonishments. That’ll teach them in future!!


This is the time for our Children to learn so much in regards to health, “vaccines”, how democracy is an illusion and get some real education.


Jacob, the majority really are that thick, however, I have spoken to some who admit they’re complying to keep others happy or scared of losing their jobs.
For them the penny has dropped but they can’t afford to lose the pounds.

One of my friends has a child at nursery while she’s at work and the propaganda this 4 year old is receiving and the instilling of fear in someone so young is child abuse.

She literally has to de-programme him
on a daily basis.


Don’t you ARSE Sumption? I’m sorry I couldn’t resist it….


Bet he hasn’t heard that one before….

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