Journalist: “Lock Down The Selfish & Dangerous Unvaccinated”

Benjamin Butterworth describes himself as a “prominent gay journalist,” whatever that means. No-one had heard of him until he began popping up on Good Morning Britain and national radio a few years ago, to argue that women have penises too. Yes, he is a dick.

Butterworth is an attention whore. He’s not a journalist. He’s in the business of supply and demand. The media is pushing hard for the unjabbed to be punished and eventually forced to take the poison. Butterworth supplies them with the headlines they want.

Does he really believe that the unjabbed represent a threat to him? If he does, he’s a clown. If he doesn’t, then he’s in it for the media appearances and the Twitter followers. I’d say it’s the latter. As I said, he’s a useless attention whore.

Speaking to Talk Radio’s James Max this morning, Butterworth called for those of us sensible enough to decline the jabs, to be forced into lockdown.

Some weeks back, I did say on The Richie Allen Show, that the media would devote more and more time to discussions around what should happen to the unjabbed. It’s relentless now.

Incidentally, everything Butterworth said to James Max this morning is erroneous. Hospitals are not being overwhelmed by unvaccinated people. Guy Kelly, writing in today’s Telegraph says:

Just a fortnight ago, Boris Johnson stood at a Downing Street press conference and said he thought we “need to have a national conversation” about people who are unvaccinated. The very idea jolted a nation’s newspaper columnists into life, but in reality, the conversation had already been going on for months.

This, we’ve been told in roundabout ways since the majority of the population received their second jab over the summer, is fast becoming a pandemic for the unvaccinated. Two days before that press conference, Lorraine Kelly and ITV’s GP-on-call, Dr Hilary Jones, told their viewers that “90 per cent of people in hospital are unvaccinated right now with Covid”. The next day, Spandau Ballet’s Martin Kemp repeated that statistic.

It wasn’t strictly true – analysis by Full Fact found the true figure at the time was “more like 36 per cent” – and data surrounding the vaccination status of those currently occupying NHS beds is frequently misinterpreted. But ask most people what they’ve heard, and they’ll likely tell you it’s anti-vaxxers clogging the system.

Two weeks ago, two-thirds of hospital beds were occupied by the vaccinated. There’s no reason to assume that figure has changed much.

Here’s what I know for a fact. The jabs are dangerous. They are killing people. They neither prevent the recipient contracting covid or passing it on. The unvaccinated are not a danger to anyone.


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It amazes me that there will be no shortage of devils to take the unvaxxed to the gas chambers, and more disturbing is they would not be following orders, they would do it off their own bat.


I couldn’t help but notice Benji seems to have a Billy Gates theme going on with his fashion sense.

Enough said.


Well spotted Gerry 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Part of a look to make them look more trusted to the public.

Last edited 1 month ago by Jake

He probably has posters of Billy on his wall.. and ‘butters’ up for all he’s ‘worth’ while fantasising about him.


Probably saving his butter now for stuffing a Turkey🙄




If I am not sick, then how am I dangerous? Someone please explain that to me. For the record I keep a 9mm and an SKS rifle near enough that I could be dangerous if I chose to. To quote our amazingly intelligent president here in the USA, my patience is wearing thin. I will only excuse so much stupidity because after a while they should have caught on.


So perhaps Benji can answer me this – how can a healthy person give an illness to someone who has been jabbed against this illness? Absolute BS. This is all a complete scam and has been planned for years. Can’t wait for the day this all comes out and the jabbed realise they’ve been had!


one of this days soon some people who are vaxed are going to turn up at A&E demanding treatment and people be like “soz, no staff, the unvaxxed have been fired or forced to isolate” and people like Benjamin Butterworth will be crying blue murder but this is what they have advocated for.

Scott Murphy

What utter nonsense. Most people who “have it” are vaccinated. I can only advise people, that when asked why they haven’t succumbed, to offer up a simple reply, “because I’m an anti-vaxxer”. Perhaps feeding these peoples their own pre-conceptions will make them self-combust. I also haven’t “done my bit” because “I’m selfish” and put my own body first. Sorry Benji.

lynsey west

Right so the gist of the little pink squids argument is the unvaxxed are a burden while the vaxxed arent.
Despite suffering from the same { alleged} disease, and obviously the same severity to be admitted to hospital in the first place. One is more entitled to treatment than the other.
He should be forced to explain why that is.
Since it contradicts his mindless sentence 10 seconds earlier,, where he tries to signal his fairness and right on ways by saying everyone should be entitled to treatment whether they’re a smoker, pisshead or….mumble…mumble ..or refuse the vaccine.

But the presenter is obviously trained in word salad too.
“The vaccine is not without risk”..No, you’re right there it comes with a great deal of risk.
” and I’m not defending them”. We don’t need you to defend anyone, but a chance to defend ourselves wouldn’t go amiss though,,
instead you bring someone on that belongs in the laughing house and let him to spout flow nonsense.
And these people get paid for this rubbish.


I wonder if Butterworth recognises the irony?
There was a time when gay people (gay men in particular) were seen as a threat to society and had to remain hidden or face the prospect of prison for the sin of personal choice.
It happened to Oscar Wilde, and it happened to Alan Turing (who also, irony atop irony, was required to take drugs to suppress his inclinations of personal choice).

Marty Hopkirk

Reminds me very much of that Edwina Currie creature as well; an avid proponent of vaccine passports and discrimination against the unvaccinated, despite that fact she comes from an Orthodox Jewish background, and the persecution they endured at the hands of a certain chap with a little square moustache.


benji butterfuck can do one, imagine that wee prick trying to tell anyone to stay in their house.


Brilliant 😂


Well said Richie. I’m going to ask the same question as I’ve been asking for months, how is not having an untested, unsafe and unnecessary substance put into your body for a virus that has never been proven to exist selfish? And how is just going along with it so you can go on holiday, as most people I know who’ve been jabbed have done, somehow virtuous?


aww Benny boy, your such a wee daftie, maybe he would change his tune if he watched Dr. Peter A McCullough on the Joe Rogan Show, bloody fantastic 🙂


Did you watch it Jennie? Omg I was on the edge of my seat, it was a bloody fantastic podcast 🙂


Not yet, I’ve got such a backlog to catch up with but I have it bookmarked.


He heavily promotes the existence of the ” virus ” , he might be right, in my opinion there never was a virus, why bother with a virus when it is plain to see they never needed one. Have a look into aids, it’s the exact same playbook they are using.


I agree with you, I’ve never believed this virus exists but I think we have to support people who are fighting against the agenda even if we don’t agree 100% with what they are saying.


Yes absolutely, this Doctor is good, he is fighting this tyranny but its the flu rebranded. The whole flu has disappeared, give me a break, honestly Jennie I laughed so much at that, they must have thought we would believe anything, well not all of us thank God lol 😆


Jennie to be honest I would not say I could be 100% sure there was no virus, bio- weapon or whatever, but I have my reasons for thinking there wasn’t one. Jennie if you get time have a look at this on Jon Rappaports site from last week, think Richie had this lawyer on the other night, you might know most of which is in the article, but worth a read, not too long, 5 minute read


That is beyond shocking. How can anyone believe that any of this is about health? Jon Rappoport has been on this from day one, he’s been a critic of the pharmaceutical industry for well over 30 years. A good man.

I feel certain in my own mind that there is no novel virus nor variants thereof but I will support anyone who is fighting the agenda even if I don’t fully agree with them. Thanks for sharing the article even though it is grim reading.


I agree, I think it was flu rebranded, some of the other stuff he was coming out with was good, but the existence of a virus, not convinced on that at all. Your right they didn’t need one, they just needed to frighten the people with the illusion of one and bang they are in, the compliance is the virus. The Aids virus is an interesting one, they were obviously up to their dirty tricks back then as well, they are such lying conniving bastards, what ever they say or have said, it will be the exact opposite for sure 🤥🤥🤥


Yep agree Layla. I think the fear of the ” virus ” has done it for them, the chinese were in with the globalists from the start, remember people falling dead in the street ? guys walking down streets in hazmat suits spraying everything in sight ? the lockdown that the chinese said they imposed, total nonsense, they could never have done it without the chinese propaganda, they are all in it together sad to say.


*Angelseal, speaking in the third person and presumptuously on behalf of the non injected.

“F right orf you absolute tool” 😉


The fact that this entitled little prick gets a Christmas card from Tony Blair tells you all you need to know!


More than a Christmas card off the psychopath b-liar would be my guess.

lynsey west

And how would we know this unless the little ego’d prick twatted it.



Anne Talbot

They keep wheeling them out don’t they ! I imagine there’s a roll call somewhere and all those with a damaging form of superior complex and desperate for the glory and pay Cheques are holed up in some plush hotel somewhere near the studios waiting to be called… Next !!
I shouldn’t really be laughing here, this is serious stuff but some of these people are just asking to be laughed outa school.

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