Justice Secretary: “Wear A Mask To Reduce Spread Of Common Cold”

Speaking to SKY News this morning, Justice Secretary Robert Buckland said that he’ll continue to wear a face covering after June 21st, to help reduce the spread of minor ailments like the common cold. Buckland told SKY’s Gillian Joseph:

“There will be a certain sense I think, for a lot of us, to carry on wearing masks. I for one think you know, if I’ve got a cold or a minor ailment, I think wearing a mask is the right thing to do because I don’t want to spread my cold to somebody else.”

The presenter asked him to confirm that after June 2st, when facemasks are expected to be scrapped that he would continue to wear one anyway. Buckland said:

“If I’ve got a runny nose and I’m still able to get out there and work, I think wearing a mask is not a bad idea to reduce the spread of even the common cold.”

Rather than challenge him, the presenter moved on to ask him about holiday’s and red and amber list countries.

The UK’s chief medical officer Chris Whitty and chief scientific adviser Patrick Vallance, have said on a number of occasions that wearing facemasks may very well become the norm during wintertime.

Psychologists and behavioural experts have been telling UK journalists for weeks, that restrictions to deal with covid-19 may lead to significant societal changes and that mask wearing could well become the norm.

Speaking to the BBC back in March, Mary Ramsay, the head of immunisation at Public Health England said that wearing face coverings and social distancing may be with us for years.

She said “people have got used to those lower-level restrictions now, and people can live with them, and the economy can still go on with those less severe restrictions in place”.

“So I think certainly for a few years, at least until other parts of the world are as well vaccinated as we are, and the numbers have come down everywhere, that is when we may be able to go very gradually back to a more normal situation,” she added.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said that he hopes people will continue to wear masks on public transport, even after all restrictions have been lifted.

It’s not about a virus. It’s the imposition of a new normal.




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“It’s not about a virus. It’s the imposition of a new normal”. This sentence from the posterboy for the incomplete thought Mr Hancock; says it all.


Good luck with the bacterial pneumonia you get through not breathing fresh air. What a moron!


Perhaps Darwin had a point; when he opined that in nature, the cream floats to the top?


Another fat fuck not worth pissing on.

I think, to be honest, our country and the majority of the population are gone. Our fight is no longer to ‘save the country’ but to survive in it. All my personal relationships are changed. How I look at people now is altered forever. We are no more ‘evolved’ than the collaborators of WWII.
To realise you are surrounded by such feeble, cowardly and valueless people has been stunning.
I will not fall into pessimism or depression. I’m alive, and I remain an individual. Now I just need to find my new place in the world. I hope I meet more people like me but so far no joy.
The past can’t be found and the future never arrives. There is only now and I can decide how to experience it. I choose gratitude.
Finding meaning comes next.

Alex Romero

Brother you are not alone, but the evil cabal would have you believe so.


Masks work perfectly in the population by ‘masking’ their true purpose!

Their mandated introduction is designed to incite social division, impair and kill.

They stunt the physical, emotional, cognitive, social, educational and speech development of children. Impacts disproportionately on those with existing vulnerabilities such as autism.

Undermines a person’s immunity by contributing to a constant state of hypervigillance and fear.

Induces other respiratory infections with regular prolonged exposure to this personalised bacterial petri dish.

Affects cognitive functioning by possible hypoxic effect and increased exposure to CO2 and other exhaled toxic waste. Endangers the life of the unborn.

Inhalation of carcinogenic mask constituents and microplastic particles being shed by the masks. Longer term may evidence an asbestosis-type phenomenon.

Induces new or exacerbates existing skin and respiratory conditions.

Part of the social compliance agenda- if you conform to any single practice then you are more likely to be amenable to any other irrational measures imposed.

Isolates by hindering effective social interaction and communication. Those reliant on lip reading are particularly marginalised.

Limits normal immune-boosting activities – exercise, singing and laughter.

Prevents low level conversations where you wish not to be overheard- so frustrating people’s ability to question any suspicions regarding this situation with others.

Lends an entitlement for social judgement on those not complying, often leading to abuse by direct confrontation.

Highlights the false virtue signalling narrative so prevalent today. A subversive camaraderie like that encountered in fascist states.

A fortune is being made by this perennial global buy and dispose culture. It places a financial burden on low income individuals and families.

Gross environmental pollution!!

The aforementioned analysis has also led me to further question the motivation of any Muslim woman normalising this behaviour as being in any way desirable.
This is a form of self-isolation and suppression which disenfranchises and mitigates against social integration. Covering one’s face is associated with concealment or a mark of shame.

God gave us a panoply of bare-faced expressions for openness and honest social engagement. We should not be suppressing this God-given gift and purpose.






One is also struck by these maskholes actually hiding their shame at being so weak as to accept such flawed science.


Anyone wearing a mask to avoid spreading and catching colds is participating in the depletion of the community immune system.

Anyone wearing a mask while they actively have symptoms of a cold is participating in the depletion of community IQ


Beautifully put.


I would be very happy for you to wear a mask at all times Mr Buckland if you are that worried, please dont remove it on my behalf. You just keep re-inhaling your own excreted breath, suits me fine. More fresh air for the real oxygen supporters.
On another note, selling my house and recently a female viewer arrived after 3hours drive. Comes in house crossed legged, bursting for a pee. Told her where bathroom was and her reply, “oh, but we’re NOT ALLOWED”. Tried to keep the irritation out of my voice as I told her ‘well then, there are some bushes outside if you prefer”. Poor woman was terrified to use the toilet. The brain washing is strong in some. Which makes me wonder why some can see through this charade and some can’t? What is the deciding factor?



Just as well the oul bulldog himself was lurking about anywhere sniffin around….
(Ref my earlier synopsis!)

Could that have been a deciding factor perhaps??



Another viewer would’nt come in because I would not mask up (dont have one anyway). She then came back a few weeks’ later and shoved a note through calling me arrogant and hoped I never sell my house! Sums up mentality of mask wearers in a nutshell, nut being the operative word. There must be plenty of folk out there willing to keep Mr. Buckland company, who will continue to wear the ceremonial face nappy in honour of the covid god, probably till the end of their days.


All they have to do is look at all the tests and studies on mask wearing for the last 40 years and they will find that not one single one shows that they work. Not one.




Personally I wouldn’t sell my property to goons like these or even let them in the door to look!
(I know… I’m a little extreme me, so apologies for this!!)

I’d probably even try get that written into the contracts of sale!

“No masks or Covid subscribers allowed on site… Not now or Not ever!!


Get the **** outta here!!!”


Or something like that!!!



Masked up goons I can cope with πŸ€ͺ More worrying for me now is the vaccinated shedding who knows what ?


That’s where the bull dog might come in handy once more!!

(Though, just let him bark at them this time… No sniffin!!!)



I believe there to be a strong likelihood; that morons like this idiot would also so be amongst the jabbed.

Russell Jones

I recently had a surveyor to visit my house wearing a mask. I asked him to remove it as he was scaring me and my cat. He said he couldn’t cos it was company policy. I said sorry but you will have to leave my property. He was p’d off but left my property. My cat was delighted !


Again, the oul ‘nettle sniffin bulldog’ might have presented a problem here too!!



Good for you. I had a plumber come round last week, no mask, no social distancing and behaved like a normal human being, I could have hugged him. I did hug a man who came up to our weekly protest to offer his support. I said to him that I didn’t know if I’d given him covid or he’d given to me or we’d infected each other and we had a good laugh.

It is wonderful to meet a real human being among all the maskomania.




Your home; your choice.


Isn’t it telling that those who have “The Fear” threaten awful outcomes for us. They want us and our families to drop dead of coof, they want us to be locked up or live on an island (not a tropical one either), and your viewer went to the effort of writing a message wishing ill will on the sale of your house.

This behaviour would be like us wishing vaccine injuries on them, hoping their masked children get sick of pneumonia, and wishing general bad luck on them. I can’t think like that, it feels evil. And I don’t know many anti-vax/lockdown people who think like that either

Alex Romero

Spent last year saying β€˜exempt’ when confronted. This year I just ignore and if pestered I confront them. Stop playing the game, and it is a game. Come to think of it, I never could stand bullies.

Urban fox

Yesterday when the world was free.

Those that gave there lives,must be turning in there graves. With what these bastards have stolen from us,without a shot being fired.I was here with my sister 16 years ago. A beautiful moment in time. Will we see these times again. ?


Nice one Mr. Fox.

It reminds me of this…


Urban fox

Nice just listend. Just gonna cook and watch Enterprise. The episode where they in evil parallel universe. Very apt!


A class series that.
(And I remember the episode[s] you mention, very good! — a two parter if memory serves me correctly??)


Urban fox

Evil Hoshi looks hot.. Yes 2 parts




Yes indeed my friend!!!

And I remember that ‘vividly’ too!!



I love watching old films and TV series, I have quite a collection of them, but it is also sad because I can’t help but wonder if we will ever see those times again in my lifetime.

Urban fox

I’m working my way through about 20 years of Dallas on DVD. Love all the old classics. Watch most on the tv. Watching the champions at moment. So old I remember from childhood. I have been watching the classic British soaps from years back. Such as classic coronation street. Prefer now,to the present ones. For obvious reasons. (I was the last call on call in,by the way.)But it’s interesting Hollyoaks has almost ignored covid.Have you ever see the tomorrow people?


Sadly, the god times are gone forever. This doesn’t mean that good art will cease to be created though.


The face of an oul bulldog licking pee off a nettle..

Sure he needs the damn mask!!

The only way you’ll stop him sniffin (& lickin!!) around!!


Urban fox

Hi Gerry


Howdi big Fox!
How are you!


Hands up anyone who is surprised.
We all knew this was never about a virus.
It’s simply about control and manipulating more people into a blind, groupthink mentality.
A regression, in a way, to a more medieval mindset.

Urban fox

On the πŸ’°πŸ’°money. Is this the breakfast club?


Or how about…..breathe the oxygen we’re meant to, and keep our immune systems strong by actually coming into contact with germs.

Urban fox

Morning. Given you 6 ticks by mistake. Oh well.


I’ve just added no.7 πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Urban fox

Morning Mark


Good Morning Mr Fox


Cool, thanks πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸ»




You really did put in an effort to paint that white mask on your gorgeous wee
kitty. At least it can breathe happy


I’d not noticed that my little kitty looked like he has a mask on πŸ˜³πŸ˜„. No fear Brenda, he can definitely breathe free 😻

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