Keir Starmer Is Self-Isolating Now. I Call Bullshit

Labour Party leader Keir Starmer has gone home to self-isolate this afternoon. The media has been told that one of his children has tested positive for covid.

According to the BBC:

A statement from his office said one of his children tested positive at lunchtime, but Sir Keir was doing daily tests and tested negative this morning.

Sir Keir was in the House of Commons for PMQs earlier. The PM and chancellor are also self-isolating after contact with the health secretary who tested positive.

This is the fourth time Sir Keir has had to self-isolate since the pandemic began. His spokesman said his family will also be self-isolating.

I’ve no proof whatsoever, but I call bullshit. The media has spent much of the past 48 hours discussing the NHS app and “pingdemic.” Millions of people have been pinged by the app and told to go home and isolate. It’s led to total chaos.

Business owners are tearing their hair out as staff shortages threaten the post-lockdown economic bounce. There are widespread reports that millions of younger people are deleting the app from their phones. Nobody wants to be forced into isolation, especially at this time of year.

The managers of the scamdemic, the entire political class and the media, are horrified that so many are deleting the wretched app. Maybe Johnson, Health Secretary Sajid Javid and Labour leader Keir Starmer have been sent to self-isolate to set an example.

You’d be well within your rights to ask me why. Because chaos is their desired outcome. They want to destroy the economy and cause a shortage of food and other products. They want to bankrupt businesses. They want to bankrupt you. Chaos is the plan.

Ordo Ab Chao. Order out of chaos. All roads lead to The World Economic Forum’s Great Reset. The people will only accept it when their worlds are turned upside-down.

The public is being manipulated 24/7 by the political class and the media working in tandem. They want you in a perpetual state of agitation and confusion. You become even more suggestible while in that low vibrational state.

There’s no covid now. There’s no threat if there ever was one. People should not be taking instructions from their phones to drop everything and rush home to isolate. It’s tyranny. People seem to be wising up to it and ditching the app. It’s about bloody time.

How convenient then, that the PM and the leader of the opposition party should be pinged and sent home, while at the same time the media is attacking anyone who suggests it’s time to move on and get on with our lives.




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Great article Richie, these fuckers think we all sailed up the River Clyde in a big banana boat. If anyone is not realising by now it’s a big Club and us plebs are not in it, then God help them, pushback from the public about the pingdemic, cue them fuckers getting pinged & sent home, how convenient and precisely well timed, nothing to see hear though lol.


Keeping up the pretence of ‘were all in it together’ – the ‘Cosy Covid Club’ !!


“CCC Baroni!” – Swab strokes his cat, as he croaks of the ‘Greta Reset’ and reaches for the RED “Internets Off” button! Meanwhile in a London MoD RedPillared Box, Penfold visits about his mums injections and explains in simple terms, and squints, why his ‘Mix & Match’ FrankenScience VaxxSchemes, are apparently “Safe & Effective!”, using an ‘Etch A Sketch’ that Whitty shook earlier, for the scientific spoof! “Next picture please”…..”Oh…shit!”


On the bright side, he’s now living up to his name – Sicker Starmer.
Basically, they are all ‘pulling sickies’ to add a few extra days to their holidays. Not the best example to set, but then anyone who looks to politicians to set examples is a fool.


As he doesn’t actually have a real job or contribute anything of any fucking use to the general wellbeing let him isolate for the rest of his natural life. And it might be worthwhile reducing that allocation when he supports the government over passports, as he surely will, avoiding a defeat, and destroying freedom, such as it was, in our country. He has opposed nothing. He just wants more lockdown and make it fucking snappy this time, and lots more money for everyone. ‘Sir’ generally tells you all you need to know.

M T Hadi

The poor darling needs to self isolate forever…


if only

Bruce Botrel

If we keep focusing and commenting on this shit, as in whitty said this and Boris said that, and the latest figures show, blaa blaa blaa, are we not giving power to the illusion? its one thing exposing the narrative but its another feeding it, its time to imagine a new life.

Urban fox

Total propaganda non of them have anything. And funny there’s a child involved,just in time for the kids poison push. Very convenient.

Good phone in Richie and thanks for letting me posses you to have a rant. Saved me calling in. Yes folks it was really the fox😊😊


With the way they are abusing the PCR test I think the rare ones are those that test negative. Haven’t heard tonight’s show yet, were you on it? Do we have a celebrity in our midst?

Urban fox

No but when he lost it,he was saying my words. I was last caller May 19th. Are you going to the demo on Saturday? Been trying to get to London one.


Going to the one in Dublin, a number of us have hired a bus.

Urban fox

That’s amazing stuff. Hope go’s well.Went Dublin once on first trip over,many years ago.One of my sister’s married Irish guy.


No matter how loose their tongues or how many times those governing our countries are caught out lying, nothing will change.

Last edited 2 months ago by Brenda
Keith matthews

Has anybody ever added up the amount of new cases from the start of all this. I’m sure by now we have exceeded the population of the UK.


I don’t know about that; but I do know that by March of this year, Covid tests had far exceeded the population size.


Richie just subscribed but been with yer for 5 years now.As Derek & Clive so succinctly put it ‘They’re all CUNTS out there !!! What else can sum it up in just 5 words.luv yer


Isolation is THE best treatment for scum such as politicians. Guy Fawkes had the right idea.


Returning control to the Monarchy?


I’m sure it was only a starting point for the big G. My Dad used to say that “every bit of trouble in history can be traced back to someone NOT doing their job”. What we’re experiencing now is an abandoning of morals and professionalism; from the Royal family all the way down to the most humble of civil servant.


What might be happening now is the ancient ruling bloodlines of Europe regaining control through layers of catspaws. After all, since the first Industrial Revolution it has been the working class (the bankers, merchants, inventors and labourers) who have, working together, made a right mess of things.
Just a thought.


Excellent interview.

Former ethics researcher at the W.H.O., Astrid Stuckelburger, PhD, sheds light on the behind-the-scenes at our Top wlWorld Health Agency, their conflicts of interests, and WHO’S really been pulling the strings in the #Covid19 pandemic response.

Ronald Templeman

If this was a killer virus we would have new leaders of the Tory and Labour party by now, so that tells you it’s bullshit from the start.


If the virus was real surely it would have taken Diane Abbott with all of her obvious health problems and obesity. Thankfully she’s still alive and well sucking off the public purse and adding to the gaiety of the nation.


She’s suffering from an oral infection as a result of talking eternal excrement. What a pig she is.


I was out and about today; visiting my physio and optician, the cognitive dissonance and she fear was very dispiriting.


Maybe they have all been summoned by Klaus anal swab and Dr. Fraudi to gather together so they can be programmed with the next stage of the masterplan. They are probably being cloned, each one less human than the previous one until eventually they have no human compassion or thoughts and see themselves as elite, rulers of the useless meat eaters……..oh hang on…..


Keir Starmer. Protector of J Saville in cahoots with Treason May. Playing the child card as a means to garner brownie points with the brainless masses still obeying the corona hoax.
Even this other site knows that he is a major —-.
The aforementioned sites uses bad language that may not be appropriate for polite company or minors.

Starmer’s political career went down the toilet when one of his goons assaulted a pub owner (Rod Humpries) and had the bare faced cheek and contempt to say to Rod “I don’t have time to listen to a lecture from the likes of you” (I may be paraphrasing or words to that effect.)
It just shows the utter disregard, contempt and lack of respect that Starmer has for the electorate. (Granted it could be argued that most or all of the lockdown loving and voting MPs have zero empathy for the electorate.)

Wonder if the child used orange juice or cola? Wonder what the amplification cycle was for the “test” as well.

Last edited 2 months ago by Aldo

“How convenient then, that the PM and the leader of the opposition party should be pinged and sent home”

Aye, that nails it for me.
Let’s not forget the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Savage Jabid, as well as the Vaccine Minister who are also both currently self isolating, my thoughts go out to them in this time of sheer stupidity.


Complete bollocks indeed.


self isolating ?? or going underground ???? something very big is happening, and it AIN’T covid…. Get right with God.
(or mock and scoff this comment…. makes no difference to me, but it may make ALL the difference to you….Please….time is running out…..hence all the tik tok videos…..remember they do it RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE….the hourglass is on it last grains of sand)


🙏 😘


Thank you……… It’s the truth……I don’t want it to be, but the Bible is not there for no reason. Worldwide deception in the last days…… wars and rumors of wars….. weather woes becoming more frequent and intense….. famines, floods, fires, volcanoes (currently at 45 erupting), earthquakes, meteors, everyone made take the mark(vax) (no German overtones there), so that no man may buy nor sell without the mark…… everyman will fight his kin…..nation against nation, and kingdom against kingdom… Christ, how many more signs do we need ????? This isn’t a joke….. May God bless you and your family.


The coming of the Dajjal /Anti Christ.


truth…… anti -maskers, anti-vaxxers….. anti-police….. anti-christ. This IS the time we all feared and never thought would happen….it’s happening. I’m not even religious, but I DO know the Bible was a guide…………


Other scriptures also state this.


It’s so sinister but I can’t undo the way I feel as I feel in my heart that we are in the right. God bless you and yours too Jen.


Stand strong in YOUR beliefs….use discernment…… prepare spiritually as best you can, and even if you don’t believe, trust God……. He IS real…… as is heaven, saints and angels…… (we’ve been lead to believe otherwise)


Thank you,

Bruce Botrel

Im not mocking or scoffing, but what if the power behind the present situation is the same force behind the 3 Abrahamic religions, controlling the narrative, then simply making history fit, the history of the past, as it is today is made up by the ruling class


In light of those comments, you may find this interesting:

AL Bassninja

Good article Richie. Valid points. It’s becoming more obvious day by day.

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