Khan Cancels London’s New Years Fireworks Show Again

What an odious little weasel Sadiq Khan is. And in other earth-shattering news, today is Wednesday. Khan, London’s Mayor, said last night that the world famous New Year’s fireworks display was cancelled again. He said it’s due to “uncertainties over covid.”

Around 100,000 people gather on the banks of the Thames each New Years Eve to ring in the new year and witness the incredible fireworks show. A spokesman for Khan said last night:

“Due to the uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, our world-famous New Year’s Eve display will not be held on the banks of the Thames this year.

Last year’s successful show took place in a slightly different way due to the pandemic, and this year a number of exciting new options are being considered as part of our New Year’s Eve celebrations in London.”

Reclaim Party deputy-leader Martin Daubney said on Twitter:

Utterly absurd, Sadiq Khan has cancelled London’s New Year’s Eve fireworks again, due to “uncertainties caused by COVID” – even though London buses & Tubes are packed, the London Marathon went ahead, football grounds are open, etc, etc…

Khan is determined that life never returns to normal. He rarely misses an opportunity to moan about bus and rail passengers not wearing face coverings.

He’s repeatedly demanded that the UK government make masks compulsory on public transport. He’s also fully behind vaccine mandates. In short, Sadiq Khan is a Nazi.

Rather than whinge about nonsensical arbitrary rulings from idiots like Khan, Londoners should simply ignore him. Gather on the banks of the Thames on New Years Eve. Set up a thousand barbeques. Get a few bands out on the water. Bring your own fireworks and send a loud clear message to pipsqueak tyrants like Sadiq Khan.



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Totally agree with such plans you suggest Richie! Feck those in charge off totally and just do ya own thing and ignore the trumped up little tyrant bastards!


I remember going to trafalger square in the 90’s and the police taking our beer off us, no countdown and no fireworks. As Richie said we don’t need these fuckers to have a good time.

lynsey west

Sad khan does this for no other reason than he can. Odious little runt just loves the power and the sound of his own voice. There’s only one way to treat people like him and that is to ignore them, he needs to know how irrelevant he really is.


This is why school bullies should be allowed to follow through with their work, who knows, if this little turd was given a regular pasting he might have turned out a little more human.


Handy with his fists. His brother runs a boxing gym.


Even the great Tyson Fury has been dropped. I could probably fart on this little heap of excrement and blow him away.


So basically what they are saying is that no-one can get to enjoy their lives in case they get sick and die. Well we all die and there is not much point in being alive if we can’t live a full life while we are here.

Urban Fox

Well said Jenni


Well said..Jennie BRAVO!!!! We need to learn and REALISE that our happiness is NOT in the gift of others.


have the jab and life gets back to normal, ha, lol

If Sadiq Khan is worried about catching something, there’s really no need for him to attend the New Years firework display. In fact, it’ll probably be a bigger celebration without him.


Great idea.


It’s all piss & wind! Just ignore the prick with no balls!

Urban Fox

These Nazis are determined that things will never go back to how they were before. Part of what they have been doing, is deliberately keeping people apart and isolated. But this never had anything to do with protecting us from a killer virus. Which was really the flue rebranded.

This was and is, about sucking the joy out of life and destroying everything that it means to be human. Whilst furthering the aims of Agenda 30, slavery and depopulation.

Last Xmas, i like others did. Found myself alone for the first time ever . Because of a family to terrified to mix. Deciding to have Xmas on Zoom instead, of which i wanted no part. I would like to think that things will be different this Xmas. And that the people will take to the streets en mass, this New year. As for the former i dont hold much hope. Regarding the latter, there will certainly be some. Regrettably this will mainly be the awakened ones. With all those who are still plugged into The Matrix, cowering in there homes, due to fear of whatever they are told is the latest mutant strain.

Italians Fight Back Against Violent Police While Protesting Fascist Vaccine Mandates As Massive Crowds Gather – David Icke

I hope like the freedom fighters in Italy did the other day, as shown on the above link. That the people take to the streets in tens of thousands this New Years Eve. And show once and for all, they will no longer live there lives in fear under fascist rule. For as a friend of mine said last Christmas, ‘ Life is not meant to be a screen or computer monitor ‘.

‘ We will not go quietly into the night. We will not lie down and die without a fight, we must go on. We must survive.’


Possibly I’m wrong, but this does seem to tie Covid to the climate change agenda.
All that smoke; all that noise – tut, tut, it’s not good for the environment, don’t you know.


Possible a digital version with “Low Carbon Footprint” (Waffle Technology at its best as it means nothing)


I’ve posted up a link on another comments section regarding the introduction of digital driving licences over the next couple of years – and, yes, reducing ‘carbon footprint’ comes up in the article.


Thanks C

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