Kids As Young As 12 To Receive Covid Vaccines By September

The Sun newspaper is claiming this morning that it has seen “core planning documents,” which lay out plans to vaccinate children from September, in a bid to prevent a third wave of coronavirus.

A government source told The Sun that vaccinating children as young as five years-old is also being considered. The source told the newspaper that;

“Plans are in place to vaccinate children aged 12 upwards, and senior government officials have been briefed. Though controversial, it is deemed necessary to stop the UK regressing in its remarkable fight against Covid.”

The core planning documents also suggest that everyone over 50 should be offered a booster jab in the Autumn.

Children are virtually unaffected by coronavirus, but government scientists believe that they can pass it on to elderly relatives or vulnerable people. There is absolutely no evidence to support this claim.

Transmission rates did not increase when schools were reopened last Autumn, nor when they were reopened last month. There is zero evidence to back up the claim that asymptomatic people can spread the virus.

Why is the government hell-bent on vaccinating children for an illness that doesn’t affect them? Where are the paediatricians? The silence is deafening. The media, typically, is absent.


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Who are these parents that would do this to their children?

Welsh Gregg in china

there is one thing in life i am sure about. my boy and girl wont be getting that vaccine. i may never see my mam and dad again, and they may never see their grandkids again, but no way man. ive been offered the Chinese vaccine (which apparently is the old style vax), am still staying miles away from that though. i would do a test, but my line has been drawn. i will go and live with the untouchables instead.

Tim in Brazil

This is all part of the plan. The unvaccinated and kids are going to be blamed for the next wave, increasing the pressure to vaccinate everybody. Remember, it is all in the script.


Without a doubt there is something really sinister in these vaccines. There has never been a case of medical treatment being forced on the whole population by threats, bullying and non-stop fear mongering. Now they are coming for the children. This is just pure evil.


That issue is discussed here along with other stuff. Very informative news programme and worth watching.

In “This Week” with Mary Holland, Children’s Health Defense president, and Polly Tommey, co-producer of “Vaxxed,” Mary and Polly discuss the latest COVID vaccine news.

Last edited 16 days ago by Jacob

Excellent discussion there Jabob!

Great site for visiting also.



Yes it is and a great way to catch up on “Vax” related news..


Definitely Jacob!
Worth bookmarking and going back to.


Not sure if you have seen “False Flag Weekly News” with Dr Kevin Barrett who is a regular guest on the RAS? Good watching indeed on Saturdays.


I haven’t Jacob!
But it’s now ear and bookmarked!

Cheers for the tip.



You are welcome.


Thank you for sharing, it’s a good site. Robert Kennedy Jnr has been doing excellent work on big pharma and Bill Gates for some years now but he is being very heavily censored these days.


Yes, he is one of the “Gang Of 12” Conspiracy pushers according to the MSM.
Hermione Granger

Sometimes like you i just think let the idiots have their shot but i dont want the consequences of narrziipapers coming near me

Hermione Granger

Parents need to refuse its quite simple if they want their children to live and to have grandchildren /!!


As a granny, I have never stopped seeing my grandsons during these lockdowns. I’ve had them at mine every weekend and all the school holidays and we didn’t even pass the common cold to each other. I didn’t have a flu jab last year and have already declined the covid jab. I won’t be taking any more jabs and nor will my grandsons.


Very happy to hear that you are spending time with your Grandchildren. If only all the people had the common sense to do this.


Me too Jacob…..One of the saddest statements I’ve heard this year was from a lady who lives not too far from me saying “I got it (the jab) for my grandkids.”


That is sad..


These jabs have NOTHING whatsoever to do with health, but EVERYTHING to do with changing the human genome and what better way to start than with the children and at the same time wiping out as many of the elderly as possible… WAKE UP PEOPLE!


It’s mind blowing!

And there’s no stopping the insanity it would appear…

How could any reasonable parent even consider allowing this poison to be plunged into their child??

How can any supposedly ‘qualified’ nurse or doctor who might administer it, sleep at night???

Anyway… Here’s an excellent and family friendly video which no doubt many of you have seen before, but worth sharing again..

ChrisCrutch.. ‘The one about Vackseenz’

(Note: this one comes straight from Max Igan’s Odysee channel!! 👍)—The-One-About-Vackseenz:e


Seeing as how both my children, under 14s, have an at worst 99.997% chance of survival, I’m going to give this some careful consideration…….nah, sorry not sorry, im already thinking about something else! This is just pure evil from the tyrannical leaders!!! And all without basis!!

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