Kids TV Show In Netherlands Is Accused Of Promoting Paedophilia

An ad for a Dutch children’s TV show, shows a bunch of adults disrobing before a group of kids aged between 10 and 12 years old. The show is entitled Simply Naked and will be aired by the national broadcaster NOS.

In the programme, children get to ask adults questions about their bodies. The shows producers have said that the show is entirely educational and sex is never discussed. However, critics have labelled it disgusting. One conservative politician claimed that the show is promoting child abuse.

FvD party leader Thierry Baudet said it “comes close to promoting paedophilia.” Left-wing MP Tunahan Kuzu called the programme ‘ridiculous’ and told his Twitter followers to write to the national broadcaster to complain.

In response, TV presenter Edson da Graça said; “The aim is to teach children that each and every body is different and that not all bodies are perfect.”

The public broadcaster NOS issued a statement saying;

“The children knew exactly what was going to happen and they could say how they felt during the programme at any time. We had expected a bit of a ruckus. Not everyone will think this is for children and that’s OK. It’s up to the parents to decide if their children can watch.”

Is it really necessary to teach 10 year-olds that all bodies are different, by putting them on television and exposing them to naked adults? Of course not. This is sick and I’m no conservative, believe me.


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Zander More

Jeffrey Epstein would have been first to sign up

Anne Bollywood

I live in the Netherlands. My children and I used to go to the nudist beach (when they were kids), I truly believe that naturism is a wonderful thing and our beach was a fabulous place for kids – kids are not the slightest bit interested about what’s in between a persons legs. This is something different – it sickens me what they are pushing on children now, I never watch tv myself but my daughter does and my grandchildren see the most revolting propaganda and twisted rubbish on tv. We must do our utmost to stop this – I don’t know whether you can sign this petition in UK/Ireland but maybe you can find it in English…. Remember all those shitty programmes like Big Brother came from the Netherlands and spread around the world


Kramer: Hey you know this is the first time we’ve ever seen each other naked?
Jerry: Believe me, I didn’t see anything.
Kramer: Oh, you didn’t sneak a peek?
Jerry: No, did you?
Kramer: Yeah, I snuck a peek.
Jerry: Why?
Kramer: Why not? Hey, what about you George?
George: Yeah, I … I snuck a peek. But it was so fast I didn’t see anything. It was just a blur.
Jerry: I made a conscious effort not to look. There’s certain information I just don’t want to have.

Wes Baker

Richie, et al.,

I challenge y’all to make up – out of whole cloth – any perverted scenario you can imagine and publish it as satire. Chances are some tv producer will find it and try it out on camera.

There only a faint, dusky glimmer of Christendom left.

Zander More

WTF is wrong with people

Wes Baker

Everyone’s on big pharma psychotropic drugs.

Oh, and ‘rona!


There is nothing in this world at the moment not touched by santic corruption.


Why they haven’t lined up 100 “genders”?

Wokes should take a notice that the producer is highly likely a racist and a genderphob with a hidden agenda of promoting 2 sexes represented by white specimens only and by doing so has offended the other 98 genders of various skin tones.
Do I have a case?


Quite the right catch there! So to speak. Whilst this attemts to normalise paedophilia as the usual agenda…it is indeed transphobic, racist and all gender phobic, whilst basically just wanting to get kids goggle some fiddlers bits. Sick bunch of twisted ones aren’t they!


Get your tits out for the kids!! …. Please don’t. This is fu#ked up


I have been staring at the screen in disbelief for the past five minutes. Even if you believe that schools should be promoting and teaching body confidence. It should be done in the classroom. Not in the tv studio where there every reaction is been filmed. It’s wicked. It’s child abuse. It makes me feel ashamed to be part of human race.

Marissa Oatley

If the kids have questions shouldn’t they just go talk to their parents/Guardians/someone they trust (common sense) This is beyond sick…. if they are to be taught every body is different, all that needs to happen is say it, and be a role model….


I wonder what Mary Whitehouse would have had to say about this disgusting twisted paedophilia promoting pornography dressed up as education. Which adult participant would want to take their cloths off and parade naked in front of young children. Were they really doing it for educational purposes or were they getting sexual gratification whilst doing it? The producer of this filth should be facing criminal charges.

Marissa Oatley

Im sure she would blast them out in a heart beat like our BBG has😉

As for Educational purposes, My daughter knows the male and female body, and she didn’t have to see people naked to comprehend that all life is beautiful… smh lol just sounds like a bunch of pedophiles want kids to look at them to me… which in my eyes is pretty sick.. I totally agree with they should be criminally charged for this.

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