Kids Warned That Old Tweets Could “Ruin Their Lives”

A certain balding (OK bald then), curmudgeonly Irishman has been saying for years, what the UK media is saying today. Your Tweets and social media posts of yore, could come back to haunt you one day soon.

Today’s harmless Tweet could be dug up by someone who misinterprets it, and it could conceivably cost you your career. The Daily Telegraph has learned that the police are recording and keeping thousands of non-crime hate incidents. The majority of these incidents take place online.

In fact, UK police forces have recorded more than 2,000 such incidents against under-16’s in the past seven years. A non-crime hate incident is where someone reports you for hostility against them or someone else, because of their race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

The alleged hostility isn’t a crime, but police forces are making records of every such allegation and keeping them on file. The police can keep these records for six years. If someone does a DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) check on you and you’ve previously been reported for hostility, it could very well show up.

It doesn’t matter that you were neither cautioned, charged, nor found guilty of anything. It could put your career in jeopardy. I mean nobody wants a hatemonger working for them right?

Tory MP Sir John Hayes told The Telegraph that he was disturbed to hear that this was going on. He said;

“I think it is a really unfortunate, dangerous road for the police to go down. Nobody should be condemned for every quip, joke or comment they have made through their young or adult lives.”

Self-censorship is the most insidious form of censorship there is and that’s what this boils down to. Future generations won’t dare to venture an opinion on anything, lest it land them in hot water.



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Maybe this will have a good effect. Maybe social media will go away. People will see how awful and toxic it is.

Danny Warden

I will never have any of these jabs. I fell out with an old cousin of mine who had the jab and is well into her eighties.
I gave her loads of info on Pfizer and telling her how dangerous these jabs were but she still had it 😢.
It seems to me that the elderly are ready to roll up their sleeves whereas I know of nobody in their fifties or younger who will have it.
I live in militant France and most of us are anti jab.


The majority of people seem to live soulless, meaningless lives, and the only way to engage in life is to follow the mob and accuse ‘the other’.
Bumping into someone and having a genuine conversation is rare indeed. Usually they’ll want to talk about Meghan, Piers Morgan or how sad it is about Garraway’s husband – not an original thought or idea. Twitter is perfect for these cretins.
Where I work, if your opinion differs from the norm, you can see how uncomfortable people become. They call you ‘wacky or ‘awkward’.
We’ve de-evolved. It must be what happens when a generation doesn’t experience a war.


Everyone says things they don’t really mean in the heat of the moment, it’s part of life, but also dealing with receiving them is part of life too. If life is a totally sanitised experience we never learn and never grow.

Web Ferrett

I have NEVER done social media – not Facebook, Twitter or any of those platforms, I won’t even have an app on my phone (just used for text and calls). I recognised very early on that putting your ‘life’ online was not a great thing to do. My friends all thought I was paranoid but now they see why.


The simple rule should be: don’t say anything online that you would not say in person.
Unfortunately, the rules of social media have now infected the real world. Now, that’s the mutating virus we should be worried about.

Caroline Fealy

People have lost jobs because they said something online. I have always realized that putting anything online is there for good. I have a love hate relationship with the internet.
But still it all comes down to choice.
I do ok mostly except after a few beers, then i have to switch off as my ‘ you should not say that’ is in full swing. Foot in mouth ha ha ha. Never mean any harm though :). I say it as i see it.


It’s not just online. Comments made in the real world can now be deliberately misrepresented by anyone who wants to be offended. Jobs are being lost as a result of this. No internet needed.

Web Ferrett

Ain’t that true

Caroline Fealy

Hi Craig, yes indeed they are. 🙂

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