Kwarteng: “We Need To Push Kids More Dynamically To Take Covid Jab”

Speaking about the low uptake of covid jabs by 12-15 year-olds this morning, Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng said that; “we need to push them more dynamically.”

Kwarteng was speaking to SKY News presenter Kay Burley. It was a very interesting exchange.

Burley: “12 to 15 year-olds. 90 per cent of them are unvaccinated. Why is that not working? 200,000 children off school last week with covid?

Kwarteng: “I think it is working. We just need a faster roll-out. It’s easy to say that things aren’t working when they’ve just started and we need to push them more..”

Burley: “Well it’s been going on for weeks now..”

Kwarteng: “We need to push them more dynamically, but it is working..”

Burley: “So you acknowledge that it’s not been pushed dynamically at this stage.

Kwarteng: “Well what I am saying is that we can always do better, we can always improve Kay, you know that, er, we, nothing you know is ever going to be perfect, but we can be more dynamic in pushing it…”

Burley: “Cos 10 per cent uptake is not enough is it?”

Kwarteng: “No, no and we need to increase that.”

Burley didn’t think to ask him how his government would be more dynamic in pushing the jabs on the nation’s children. I said on yesterday’s radio show, that they’ll terrify them with warnings of killing Granny and mum and dad. It’s sick.

Kwarteng ruled out a move to Plan B to respond to the increase in covid cases and deaths. Burley reminded him that this time last year, the government assured us that there would be no Winter lockdowns before locking down the country twice.

Kwarteng said that things are different now and that because of the successful vaccine programme, he could rule out lockdowns this Winter. He’s lying. But then, what else is new?

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Marissa Oatley

Parents watch out. I can already see them vaccinating all the children that are on the vaccination list without consent. my father went through it when he was a child in the 60’s and they have done it again and again… scare, manipulate, suppress, scare, force without consent… I would think more parents I know in my age group would be standing up for their children I guess they probably believe that the system would never do that to their children?… I’m not falling for their bullshit no way no how, no sir…. I rather be prepared and not have to be then need to be prepared and not be……


“we need to push them more dynamically.” is that new speak for take it or else? Imagine in the past the likes of hitler – “yes well, I think we need to push the jews more dynamically at this stage”


Burley is a useless idiot. Everybody with three brain cells knows that if they stopped testing the kids NOW there would be none at home with ‘Covid’. These kids are perfectly healthy and yet are bumming around at home bored out of their skulls. Also Burley and her Masters are lying when they say that 200,000 kids were off school with ‘Covid’. They are counting every single absence as ‘Covid’ related, but i know that at my granddaughter’s school there was a real bad cold outbreak with dozens of kids sick. I don’t know if that cold bug was nationwide but the gangsters are using it to inflate the figures. As the useless testing regime cannot isolate ‘Covid’ it is probably picking up the effects of the cold bug instead!
This will never end because the stupid parents are fully on board with the lunacy.

Tony K

What a cnut.


I agree

Steve Shipe

A quotation from a 20-year-old Kwarteng returning home from college on Spring break: “Hey Mom, hey Dad! I passed my Milgram experiment! We killed that sucker dead!”




The Flu “Shot” bring used in the UK School drive.
Virus produced using a Canine Kidney Culture. (Injecting foreign DNA into a human body is not a good idea)

Flucelvax Tetra – suspension for injection in pre-filled syringe.


At least they’re describing the poison in this instance!

Not the same in the mRNA clot shots as far as I’m aware.. ?

As all inserts were blank!

Or at least that’s the evidence I’ve seen thus far.





As mainstream media pushes “Twin-demic” panic, claiming the only answer is the flu shot, Dr. Jim Meehan, MD, sits down with Del to thoroughly look at science behind the flu shot’s effectiveness and safety, providing everything you need to know to make an informed decision on whether to inject yourself and your kids this fall.


The Flu “Shot” bring used in the UK School drive.
Virus produced using a Canine Kidney Culture. (Injecting foreign DNA into a human body is not a good idea)

Flucelvax Tetra – suspension for injection in pre-filled syringe.

As mainstream media pushes “Twin-demic” panic, claiming the only answer is the flu shot, Dr. Jim Meehan, MD, sits down with Del to thoroughly look at science behind the flu shot’s effectiveness and safety, providing everything you need to know to make an informed decision on whether to inject yourself and your kids this fall.
Alex Romero

Who the fuck is Kwarteng? Where did this creature eminate from?

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

One thing is for sure…he’s a *Quasi*-englishman man. Yeah. ‘quasi…quacking’…brown-knowser(a person who tries to please (esp. one’s boss) so much that their nose turns brown from kissing their ass. ).
i.e. he takes his orders from the ‘city of london’ banksters.
Repulsive is repulsive, regardless of…their place of origin.
I’d love to say more, but, growin’ up near NYC, I don’t wanna be called…rayssist or anti-termit.
🙂 Cheers Chris
Wonder if Gilad Atzom would appreciate my…NYC-humor alá *Dangerfield’s* just a 5-minute walk from the Plaza Hotel would say?

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

Gilad Atzmon (Hebrew: גלעד עצמון ‎, [ɡiˈlad at͡sˈmon]; born 9 June 1963) is a British jazz saxophonist, novelist, political activist, and writer..


Occasionally guest on the RAS.

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

Yeah. Richie neglects…’follow-up’-interviews.
IMHO, Richie ‘does his jewish freinds’ a huge…dis-service by…not addressing the…thing-regarding ‘uuews’.
Truly… a..dis-service.
Btw Everyone, I have absolutely no idea who Jake/Jacob is.
0-zero idea. However Jake-Jacob his…’truth’.
Respect Jacob & Regards.
ps. Gilad is honest. No-strings-attached.
pss. Maybe Richie should try the same ‘honesty approach’.
I’m 100% convinced it’s the best way to…go forward.
pss. James Corbett just released an analysis-
*The Bystander Effect – #SolutionsWatch*
psss. I’m highly convinced I went to school for many years with Stanley Milgram’s daughter. She liked Me alot. No Joke. I’m dead-serious.
pssss. ‘Milgram’ is an extremely unusual ‘surname’ in the 1960’s N.J.


He is another Puppetician groomed and prepped for his position years ago.
The bonus being that his nationality can be used to try to have people from his own “community” to take the “Experimental Gene Therapy”


A ‘quaaeer thing’ to be sure!!

Ar Ar!!



Indeed Gerry my friend


or a “Quasi Quaaeer Thing!!”


Sorry Jake…

But that mans name just keeps on giving!!



A queer name?


Kwasi Kwar Teng!!

Quasi Quare Thing!!

Quare is Irish slang for queer … (meaning strange or odd!!)

But it’s the pronunciation of Quare!!
(Think Irish lingo in Father Ted!!)

I was just having a mad Irishman moment!!

Don’t mind me!!



Here in West Oz our dictator has mandated the jab for 75% of the workforce, but I’m sure this is only a start. Some of the other states have got similar or even worse vax mandates. Yet our inept Prime Minister has repeatedly said that the jabs won’t be mandated as that’s not what democratic nations do, while all the time allowing these dictatorial premieres to breach the constitution in almost every way possible. The problem is that most of the population will capitulate and I suspect may eventually turn on the unvaxxed. The camps are already being built in most states and new laws are being made or existing laws amended to fit an agenda. I think I know how a minority of Germans felt in the late 1930s.


What’s been happening in Australia is absolutely unbelievable and not being covered at all by the mainstream media here in the UK. Most people over here are completely unaware of what’s going on and the emergence of these home grown little fascists down under. Where the hell did they all come from? Were they all waiting in some secret society for their activation order? I simply would never have believed this could happen in of all places Australia. The way things are going Australia’s best hope is to be invaded and liberated from fascism by the Chinese. Its beginning to look like the least worst option.


Not so sure about the Chinese Mark as it is being suggested that they are actively involved in it…

Max Igan has alluded to this in recent videos on his channel.

He stated that you cannot see the faces of the more hardcore militias as they’re completely covered (& eyes with sunglasses!)… Their protective clothing is branded with a ‘predator’ insignia also, as if to rub salt into the wounds of those who they have recently attacked, assaulted and even shot with plastic rounds.

Here’s a gentle reminder of just what the citizens of Australia are now being subjected to..

It’s absolutely horrendous and could very well be a sign of things to come for the rest of us globally if we don’t get our act together… And soon.



I agree with China being involved on the Convid Scam.


Enter the ‘Wuhan Virus!’


Like a rash Jake..

All over it like a rash!!





They aren’t police they are out and out thugs, disgusting behaviour.


Scumbags Jennie.
Absolute tyrants, thugs, bullies and low life scumbags.
A thundering disgrace to humanity on just about every conceivable level you could imagine.


Thanks for the reply Gerry. The Chinese comment was meant to be tongue in cheek but the rather inconvenient truth at the moment is that if you live in China you arguably now have more freedoms then these poor souls living in the fascist states of New South Wales or Victoria. There is after all no compulsory vaccination in China at the present time and you can go about your business without being accosted by fascist uniformed thugs. As for the Chinese being behind any of this who the hell knows? Its incredible is it not that after 18 months we still have no idea and have been continually gaslighted with these stories of Gain of Function research. If you listen to Tony Goslings radio show his regular guest is convinced this started out with a biological attack on China. I simply don’t know.


One big club and we’re not in it Mark.

I figured what you meant was tongue in cheek, but I’ve seen evidence that the Chinese government has long since infiltrated Australia.. (along with everywhere else!!)

This also makes sense when you consider that virtually everything is made in China, that social crediting originates from China (not to mention 5G) and they have long since beaten their citizens into total subservience (and then some!!).

China is the true Agenda power house for my money and I believe it’s here that it all stems from.

But, like you Mark..

I simply don’t know for certain.


I know that Australian politicians have made small fortunes out of selling water and mineral rights to the Chinese which were not theirs to sell. I wonder if some of the harsh measures over there are partly to cover up the corruption that is rife now in Australian politics.


Great points Jennie and I suspect you’re correct here.
I know they’ve infiltrated the education system through schools and colleges too.
(I’ve seen stuff on it, but it’s a while back now!)

I don’t blame the Chinese per se, but a one world order is most definitely going to be achieved through technological communism, which is something they’re only too familiar with.

Lots of high profile camaraderie to be seen between the Chinese and other globalist elites.

Trudeau (the ultimate 🤬x!) to name but one!!

Here’s a link I’ve recently seen on that topic from Greg Reese:

Last edited 1 month ago by Gerry
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