Labour's Jess Phillips claims that she has "lost count" of the number of abusive messages she has received online. The Birmingham Yardley MP said that in one night she received 600 rape threats and was threatened with violence and aggression every day. As a result of her personal experience, she wants people to have to disclose their real identity to providers like Facebook and Twitter. If she gets her way and their is a lot of weight behind this particular campaign, your days of anonymity online are over.

600 rape threats in one day, that must be terrifying right?  Well no actually. Phillips told the BBC: "I don't feel I am physically in any danger and I don't think my children are in any danger. However, where it does worry me, and I think we have to do something about, is when it affects our democracy. I personally have come to the viewpoint that I don't think people should be allowed to be completely anonymous online anymore." So she says that she's not in any physical danger but that her real worry is for democracy. Pleeease. Pull the other one.

This is deadly serious. Last week the Security Minister Ben Wallace said that digital IDs should be brought in to end online anonymity that permits bullying and grooming. They're not really after the bullies and the groomers. They're not after the bed-wetting bedroom dwellers who hide behind stupid user names and make abusive comments either. They are after whistle-blowers and those who put information in the public domain that is suppressed by the mass media, people whose lives would be in danger should their identity be revealed. Look behind the headlines and the hyperbole, the real story is always well within your grasp.

I don't find it funny that morons using Twitter handles like "bigdaddytruther2018" call female politicians sluts and threaten them with physical violence and rape. But as Phillips herself said to the BBC, there are easy ways to deal with such nonsense and such idiots if they are real. I say if, because who knows how much of it is generated by bots and how much is genuine and coming from a guy who masturbates into his mothers slippers and hates the world and women to boot. Phillips said yesterday that police had issued harassment orders against two people for "constantly emailing me with bile and abuse". Job done then. We do in fact have existing laws to deal with poison pen letters and that's what trolling is, latter day poison pen letters. It takes but a second to block or mute a troll.

There is another aspect to this though, one that never gets mentioned. I've never known a time when there was as much revulsion for politicians as there is now and with good reason. Take Phillips herself. She's a member of Labour Friends of Israel. She herself isn't Jewish but she's an unapologetic supporter of Zionism and featured prominently (along with her LFI colleagues) in the anti-Semitism witch hunt in her own party. She led calls for the expulsion from Labour of former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone after Ken had spoken of the Haavara agreement between the Nazi party and Zionists in Germany.

People are sick to death of the likes of Jess Phillips and her kind. Who is she really working for? That's a legitimate question. How could anyone with a conscience align themselves with the most vile and racist regime in the world today? Friend of Israel....really? Show me who your friends are and I'll tell you what you are eh? Phillips is another one who works tirelessly to subvert the 2016 EU referendum result, defying her own party last year and voting for the UK to stay in the single market after Brexit. People are increasingly angry and are starting to see the bigger picture. They are confused, frightened and so they lash out at politicians. I understand them even though I disagree with the way they choose to express their feelings.

Jess Phillips is a politician. She represents the interests of globalism and Zionism, certainly not those of her constituents. She is to be vigorously challenged certainly, but not threatened or harassed, even if she should just simply block and ignore. What happened to sticks and stones and all that? Don't be fooled, these calls to end online anonymity have nothing to do with ending trolling or even cleaning up political debate. It's the Totalitarian Tiptoe, though these days it's more of a stampede. The agenda is to criminalise dissent and to eliminate whistle-blowing and real journalism in the guise of protecting people from abuse. This cannot be allowed to happen. Don't stand for it.

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