The Labour Party is ashamed to say 'England' for fear of appealing to racists. That's according to a damning party report which was set up to look at championing patriotism. The English Labour Network, which was founded last year, found that Labour is too scared to mention England, or even celebrate St George's Day. The report states: 'Labour's biggest single problem is we often don't mention England even when talking about England.' It also reveals that "Some activists are uncertain about celebrating St George's Day or reflecting English identity in campaigning" 

Happy St. Georges day by the way! I had a lovely time at a St. Georges Day parade in Nottingham back in 2010. Twas like Paddy's day with different flags. And of course it goes without saying that the English are lightweights when it comes to all-day drinking, God love them! I thought it strange at the time, that it wasn't a national holiday here. Even stranger still (at the time I was less well-informed), the organisers of the Nottingham parade told me that many people were reluctant to get involved in the festivities, for fear of being branded nationalistic or right-wing. After hearing that, I made it my business to ask as many people as I could what they thought of St. Georges Day and if they had any objections to it being designated as a national holiday with parades in every city. Nobody objected. I asked Sikh's, Muslims, European migrants, in fact anyone whom I believed wasn't English. They were all up for a national holiday, getting out the bunting and firing up the barbecues.

So how has the notion that patriotism is akin to xenophobic nationalism worked its way into our collective consciousness? The answer can be found in the dominance of Progressive Cultural Marxist thinking/teaching through the latter half of the 20th century (it endures today) and in the promotion of ideologies like multiculturalism and political correctness at the expense of traditional values like the family, patriotism and marriage. Cultural Marxism simply stated is the idea that traditional culture is the main source of oppression in the modern world. It wasn't so much of a philosophy as it was (is) an agenda to get Western cultures to reject traditional values and replace them with more progressive ideals. This resulted in an imbalance in criticism and led to overt cultural sensitivity. In terms of an imbalance of criticism it's readily accepted that critical attitudes towards men, whites and even Christians is fine and dandy, but conversely criticism of women, minorities, other religions and homosexuals is labelled as hate speech. Of course the media played (still does) a major role in enforcing these new norms.

To put it very simply, I've believed for a long time now, that Cultural Marxism (see The Frankfurt School for more) is a key component of the plan to create a world without borders, a world with no sovereign nation states. It is far easier to control the people of super-states like the EU, than it is to control 50 individual sovereign states whose leaders act in the best interests of its citizens. The West's funding of terrorists and starting illegal wars in the Middle East has resulted in tens of millions of migrants entering Europe. It's plain old divide and conquer. It's a tactic as old as time itself and those who ask questions are marginalised by the progressive mainstream media or are called racist. Migrants fleeing Syria are not the enemy. They are the immediate victims of this planned chaos. They've lost everything, their families their homes and their land. The true enemy is that which is behind the agenda to then promote the values of minority cultures at the expense of traditional cultures for the purpose of dividing us along racial lines.

There is something gravely wrong when a senior politician mocks a family for draping an England flag outside their house as then Shadow Attorney General Emily Thornberry did in 2014. She was subsequently sacked by Ed Miliband, but she's now Jeremy Corbyn's Shadow Foreign Secretary. Corbyn of course, is being held hostage by Momentum, which is a collection of Ultra-progressive Cultural Marxists, who abuse and troll anyone who disagrees with them. These are the folks responsible for (among many other things) allowing self-identifying trans-women compete in all female election campaigns. These are the very same folks too, who de-platform speakers at universities, lest someone be offended by their ideas. These people are effectively the champions of Newspeak. They are fascists whose agenda is to take control of language and decide what is and isn't acceptable to say or even think. They are the systems greatest servants.

Anyway Happy St. Georges Day if it matters to you. Don't allow yourself to be drowned in a tidal wave of progressive induced self-censorship. Don't be ashamed to put up a flag or wear your England rugby top if that's what you really want to do.



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