LBC Host Says He Can No Longer Support “Irrational” Lockdown

I thought it was Americans who didn’t understand irony. It seems some of you Brits struggle with it too. Writing in today’s Telegraph, LBC radio host Iain Dale claims that he can no longer “support this irrational lockdown.”

Iain Dale is a Tory. He tried and failed several times to be a Tory MP. He wrote some books about Margaret Thatcher. I read one of them. I nearly coughed up my spleen laughing at his attempt to deify Maggie the paedophile protector. Dale is useless, therefore he’s perfect for LBC radio. Writing in today’s Telegraph he said:

I’ve strongly supported the Government’s various decisions on lockdown. People have accused me of being a lockdown hawk, and up to now they would have been right. However, we are now in a very different situation. Hospitals are in no danger of being overrun. The Delta variant may be leading to a rise in the number of cases, but given most adults have now had at least one dose of the vaccine, and half the population has had both, the danger of hospitalisation and/or death is a fraction of what it was before.

Dale is no journalist, therefore he doesn’t understand the primary tenet of journalism, which is objectivity. It shouldn’t matter that he stood for the Tories or idolised Thatcher. As a radio presenter, his job is to scrutinise the government of the day, to turn them upside down and shake them vigorously, to see what falls out.

His job is to see to it, that those who oppose the government and the SAGE scientists are platformed. He has a duty to his audience to acquaint them with all sides of the debate. It’s borderline criminal, for him to admit in a national newspaper that he was a “lockdown hawk.”

Yes, Iain Dale has no sense of irony. It takes a special kind of idiot to write a piece in The Telegraph, lamenting irrational lockdowns, when if he’d done his job last year, it might have been over a long time ago.




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Prime minister Boris Johnson announced the next phase of easing would go ahead as planned next week.


Last edited 1 month ago by Velma

Go walkies and resign then!!!

Hermione Granger

It’s illegal you just need to exercise your rights. Forced, coerced, and mandated vaccinations are in violation of the Nuremberg codes 1947, the Human rights act 1998, potentially the Equality Act 2010, Data protection act 2018,  The Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 specifically states that members of the public should not be compelled to undergo any mandatory medical treatment, including vaccinations. and ARTICLE 6 OF THE UNESCO 2005 STATEMENT ON BIOETHICS AND HUMAN RIGHTS 

Article 6, section 1: 
Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned

Article 6, section 3:
In no case should a collective community agreement or the consent of a community leader or other authority substitute for an individual’s informed consent


The Delta variant may be leading to a rise in the number of cases ?? !!


Agreed!! Headcases!!


LB Cshill doing a hitchen etc


I said some while ago that a time would come when the media would be given a bit of slack on their leashes to create the illusion of opposition. I also said it would happen just before a fresh wave of fear came along.


Spot on….

Is this the next thing that we have to contend with?

Last edited 1 month ago by Jacob

Without a doubt this fake pandemic is just round one, more hoaxes to follow.


Cyber attacks and famine. A couple of days ago, I posted up a recent Ice Age Farmer link. Take a look.
He’s been covering the artificially created food shortages for some time. And the cyber attack threats.


Real opposition gets censored and shut down.


Just received this info from AFD.

Censored by Big Tech

America’s Frontline Doctors website was deleted from the Internet by Amazon.

If you didn’t know, many top websites and services, such as Netflix, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and thousands of others, are hosted on Amazon’s Internet servers.

So it came as a surprise when AFLDS received notice from Amazon that they were deleting our website–and that they were giving us less than 4 days to get it off of their server before deleting it from the Internet forever.

Our team frantically worked around the clock to rebuild our website from scratch while utilizing servers around the world at great expense to our AFLDS team.

We were forced to take immediate action because we will never allow Jeff Bezos and Amazon to censor us from speaking freely about medical treatments, medical studies, individual liberty, or challenging the government narrative surrounding COVID-19 vaccines.

This adds to the list of reasons Why I Do Not Use Amazon!!


Well I never buy anything from Amazon but I had no idea that they controlled Internet servers. They are taking over the world even more than I thought.


Me as well but it does not suprise me.


80% of Amazon’s profits come from the servers they own, and the server space they rent out.
It’s why Parler got pulled down last year – they were operating on Amazon servers.
So, by all means, don’t give Amazon any of your money. It makes no difference. The chances are, you regularly access content hosted by Amazon.
I wouldn’t be surprised (because I haven’t taken the time to look into it) if all the world’s servers are owned by a half dozen or so companies, including Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

Hermione Granger

you can find theAFLD on bitchute see back to the light channel for their latest
Dallas conference

Last edited 1 month ago by Hermione Granger

Thanks for the info

Hermione Granger

You’re welcome its a good conference some inspiring speakers and Simone Gold is there she is a great warrior

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