LBC Jock: “You Don’t Have The Right To Rely On Your Immune System

Earlier today, LBC radio host Nick Ferrari told a caller he was selfish and that he didn’t have the right to rely on his own immune system to fight off covid-19. Ferrari told Richard from Nottingham that he should have the jab to protect the NHS.

Caller Richard, said he had been doing Yoga for 21 years. He said he was very healthy and had a very robust immune system. During the conversation, Richard asked presenter Ferrari; “Why can’t I rely on my own immune system?”

Ferrari replied; “Because you don’t have the right, to use up NHS resources by simply refusing to have a jab that millions of others are clamouring to get….How do you know you’re not going to get covid?”

Richard then said; “It’s my life, can I not take my own chances?”

Ferrari countered with; “Not in this case you can’t, no, because you’re jeopardising others actually.”

It’s everywhere this morning. BBC radio 5 Live presenter Rachel Burden, discussing vaccine hesitancy on the breakfast show said; “We’re not at the point yet where (vaccine hesitant) people will be marched to a vaccination centre and have their sleeve rolled up BUT should there be some kind of greater drive to make sure people get out there and do their public duty?”

We’re really here now aren’t we?

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Sick of hearing the NHS under pressure, most of it has been effectively closed down and the ill have been making fewer demands – covid has been the only game in town. Its only a tiny minority of staff that have been working under extreme and relentless duress. The constant carefully choreographed bombardment with images of this theatre in the media to present an illusion and for a NHS reset imperative is pitiful.
The same consultants bleating on about the unmanageable waiting lists, have been in receipt of full NHS pay for doing nowt while in many instances double-jobbing. Many have shortly after this plandemic commenced began extracting contacts from their NHS referrals/waiting lists and targeting those deemed financially sound in persuading many to undergo treatment and procedures with THEM privately. The same consultants deem it unsafe for NHS treatment yet miraculously the identical treatment becomes imminently safe in the private sector.
Even for those reticent patients, they are being chargrd for the consultation/ assessment even where the patient choses not to proceed. All the above requires multiple private PCR tests for attendance. An entire side industry has been created. If this results in a significant dent in waiting lists the NHS turns a blind eye to this iniquitous practice.
In Northern Ireland, the health minister Robin Swann, returned ยฃ300m to Westminster at the end of the last financial year claiming they didn’t have any health programme to allocate it to – all while wholesale withdrawal of services is ongoing -disgraceful! For a start it could have been funding compensation for those compelled to go private. They may regret not placing it in a holding fund as I can imagine many ‘wilful neglect/harm lawsuits’ will arise as a result of the NHS intentionally being placed in crisis. Neglect can be proven as consultants in most cases made no effort to check up on patients’ ongoing health concerns over the phone (unless for conversion to the private sector). Eagerly awaiting their cleverly concocted defence for this once realisation dawns on the sick. I can already see the ambulance- chasing lawyers rubbing their hands together. The result of this could of itself effectively bankrupt the NHS.

Hermione Granger

Total whores the radio hosts on MSM

Harry Derriere

Fat old blubbering bag of shit.

Tony K

That’s what I was trying to say. You penned it perfectly my friend.

No substitute for proper education.


In the rush to mock Ferrari, we all overlooked O’Brien’s behaviour towards his female caller (the mechanic jibe towards a complementary therapist).
By the standards that O’Brien claims to hold so dear he was, essentially, guilty of a misogynist hate crime for inferring that a woman could not fix her own car.


Well l๐Ÿ‘€ky here!!

And here’s the interview referenced for prosperity!!

A unique and legendary ‘POS’ in a league all on his own!!
(But completely unbeknownst to him!!)


Dare I say it…

Was he squeezing one out here too???



He looks like he’s got his todger stuck n a mechanical mincer.๐Ÿ˜จ



Tony K

Seriously guys, we all know that this gurning turd isn’t just a woke twat.

He’s been leading the program for many years via London prime time media.

He’s a modern day Goebbels.

For sure 7/7 since long time.

Some crazy fella I met the other day told me that if he met James he would “smash his head against the nearest piece of concrete, if he didn’t have his hatchet on him”

I don’t condone violence.
But I did understand why he felt that way.


Ah sure look… You could phone an ambulance for him if you just so happened to be walking past when the action was going down.
But you’d be best to stay well back, as a man in that heightened state of anxiety and wielding an axe, isn’t one for discrimination.

As the saying goes, rather him than you!! (Or me!!!)

Selfish I know, but sure hey… Your intentions were honest!!!

Yeh just can’t be too careful these days!!

Tis a mad and dangerous world out there!!


Last edited 27 days ago by Gerry
Tony K

Gerry, when I grew up in London in the 80s, we were full of e’s, acid, mushrooms, opioids, coke, crack and microdots.

As much as that fvcked us up, we were left with the ability to see exactly who people were. Whether through speech or text.

Do you know what I mean man?


I was never one for the harder stuff or experimentation, I generally avoided that scene, but hey ‘live and let live’ would be a mantra I follow!

Having said that… If this shit continues I’ll be out on the streets looking for the nearest available dealer to sell me whatever the f***s available!!!

Anything to get me the **** outta here for a bit!!!

Jeez mate..

You couldn’t make this shite up!!

You just couldn’t!!!


Tony K

Nice one Gerry, appreciate the reply.


No problem Tony.



I remember when the smoking ban came into effect in the UK in 2007. A lot of the rhetoric back then was the same as it is now.
How dare the life choices of smokers put others at risk!
Smokers should be banned from accessing NHS treatment!
Smokers clearly get too much benefit money!
And so much more.
I tried to tell people at that time that if they supported those views, eventually they too would be targetted by the same argument.
They didn’t listen then, just as they don’t listen now.
I tried to explain how our legal changes would drive hundreds of thousands into poverty, slavery and death.
They didn’t care then, just as they don’t care now.
I presented them with significant amounts of science based research that destroyed the anti smoking lobby arguments.
They refused to acknowledge it, just as they ignore the science now.
Belief then, as now, was far more powerful than fact.


F******s brought this into Ireland (aka Agendaland!) in 2004..
But it was already up and running in pubs way before this date!!

So what did I do!!??

Started smoking!!!

But primarily as a means to maintain conversation by way of going outside with said friend or colleague to continue it!!
(As if you didn’t, you generally never saw your buddy again for the remainder of that particular session!!)

I’ve since given them up..

Though, no doubts if opportunity knocks again…

The smoke and conversation will flow once more!!!

Oh hell yes!!



I know that sentiment. When the ban came into effect in Blighty I had been a non smoker for about 9 months.
When the ban got introduced I started up again.
I’m just one of those people who, when confronted with a big red button and instructions not to press, will press it to see what happens.


My motto too Craig.

‘Life is not tried, it is merely survived, if you’re standing outside the fire!’

Words from a Garth Brooks tune I believe.. but it always resonated with me.

You’ve got to risk being burned otherwise you’ll never feel truly alive!

We’re not here to be fearful sheep, otherwise that’s what we’d be!

So, the big red button or ‘big red pill’ it shall always be for me.. while I’m privileged enough to make that choice.

And I’ll do whatever it takes to preserve the freedom and rights to make these choices too!!

Oh yes.


Why are the ‘vaccinated’ at risk, didn’t they get the Jab Shot after being promised the so called ‘vaccine’ would protect them.

My stance on forced vaccination is the same as Richie’s, I will defend myself to the point of costing a life against being ‘vaccinated’ and it will be ME or THEM


Just wondering..

If anyone else here can spot the resemblance to Nick?


Or how about this wee chap?


I’m sure both of these cute little creatures will probably sue you for daring to suggest that they resemble the LBC bloke.


๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚


Couldn’t agree more Jenny!

It’s grounds for defamation of character alright..

Sacrilegious to compare these divine creatures to him in fact!!

But I’ll try indemnify myself by saying that those two guinea pigs are blessed with a higher IQ that ol Nick and wouldn’t allow themselves to be experimented on!!
(It’s plain to see, just look into their cute but clever little eyes!!)

I believe the second wee chap was only being administered a drink of water via the syringe…

So don’t be alarmed, as I assure you, he’s not taking the knee like ol fart face above!!


Last edited 28 days ago by Gerry

I’ll let you off then. Definitely higher IQ.


I’m reminded more of Hyacinth Bucket.


Yes there are similarities there too!!

Though ol Nick I would suggest is more closely related??

…and most definitely a more willing participant in offering his butt up for scientific experimentation!



That luminary (get it?) was considered a pretty boy (or girl) by modern standards. Just because they are Fallen does not imply they are outwardly ugly.


Unless you’re Nick Ferrari that is!!



Maybe Ferrari is like the clown in Spawn?


Never saw that one Craig..

But just duck duck go’d it!!!


Another good representation!!


Tony K

Looking at the thumbnail for the piece I thought it was an article about Ronnie Corbett’s soulless fat brother.



The more I look at the little guinea pig reading the book… Then back to Ferrari, the more I’m starting to ‘believe’ (that Nick’s a ‘human guinea pig!!’)

But… I do like the other analogies here, as I’m always open to newer explorative considerations!!

With this in mind, could he have been ‘letting one go’ (noxious gas!) while that snap was taken??

Shoving the cheeks from side to side (on his chair!) to set it free???


And as an afterthought, just what kind of shite is ‘actually’ coming out of him now???



The pair of them could do a sideline in satisfying the fart fetishism market as featured on This Mornig recently. A lady makes ยฃ3k per month on her site !!!




This whole division between jabbed vs unjabbed is about asymptomatic spread. The jabbed now think (thanks to the govt) that asymptomatic spread drives pandemics. They also think that a jabbed person’s asymptomatic virus is safer than an unjabbed person’s. Here’s the thing, most unjabbed people would take precautions not to infect people if they started with symptoms because they understand how disease spreads. The jabbed, however, think that their vaccinated sneezes and mucus contain magical inate fairy glitter covering all ills. That’s how my mum died, her nursing home carer came into work bogging with the snots and said “it’s OK, we’ve all had the flu jab”

Tony K

Disgusting fucker
Nick Ford Escort.

O’Brien is worse though. Amazingly that’s actually possible.


I have to disagree. Ford Escorts are a classic.

Tony K

Fair point Craig, fair point. Maybe I should have added 1.3l Ghia.


Every time I hear this jackass on the Richie Allen Show I want to send him to meet Jesus.


And what good will that do? Jesus will just forgive him.

Richard O'Leary

He looks as despicable as he sounds. There isn’t a team of mechanics in the world that could fix that Ferrari. I’d say when the rear end on that thing blows there would be some heap of steaming shit!


The ONLY part of the Richie Allen Show that i ever object to ….well, i actually HATE- is listening to these complete utter arseholes. Their ignorance and arrogance is intolerable to me. And, by the way, i’ve never seen the body or face of this particular ”host” before. What a vision of health he is….i see how people would trust him. [NOT in a million years]


The hypocritical lump of lard! Iโ€™d say that he is putting the NHS at risk more so than I ever have, or will. Slimfast is on offer at Tesco at the moment, Mr Ferrari.


Such a disgrace to the name Ferrari!

It should be Fatarsi!!!

A big pile of


Last edited 28 days ago by Gerry

Fatarsi!! ๐Ÿคฃ. Thatโ€™s much more suitable. Heโ€™s not cool enough for his current surname. Itโ€™s probably not even his real surname anyway.


Most likely Jo!!
(He probably thinks he’s a petrol head — so… We must burst that bubble!!)

FATARSI it is!!

Yes YES!!!

A useless pile of blabbering SCUTTER!!

(Just like all his mainstream cohorts!!)




Ridiculously patronising too. I couldnโ€™t listen to his show. Just the clips that Richie plays, drives me insane. The way heโ€™s constantly talking over people and interrupting them. It infuriates me!


And likewise to his colleague J O’ Brien.
(Or worse!!)

Par for the course!




Yes! Equally annoying man! Although I do think that Fatarsi pips him at the post!



You’re giving too much credence to O’Brien…

Thus risking reinstating Fatarsi to performance car status (but that’s gone forever more now!!).

O’Brien sucks it from Nick’s exhaust pipe!!

And vice versa!!!

So, it just keeps going round and round!!!

Pure unadulterated horror!!!!


Last edited 28 days ago by Gerry

โ€˜Oโ€™Brien sucks it from Nickโ€™s exhaust pipe!!โ€™

Pmsl ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ. Ok I agree, theyโ€™re equally horrific.




What a sanctimonious lard bucket that Ferrari is,bloke needs too book himself into a health farm.

Tom M

If that patronising lard arse Ferrari is so genuinely concerned about โ€œprotecting the NHSโ€ then perhaps he ought to shed a few pounds himself.

Clearly he hasnโ€™t seen the BBC report from today which stated more than a million hospital admissions for obesity-related treatment in England in the year leading up to the pandemic.

Folks like him are a far bigger burden on the health service than any so-called โ€˜vaccine refuseniksโ€™ will ever be.


Hey Nick, using your logic, I need to tell you to lay off the shitty food, I don’t want the diabetes, you fat asshole.

message me for cannabis oil recipe that is easy and effective! Cheers

Michael Benjamin

Look at the state of him, I can guarantee that he is on blood pressure tablets, cholesterol tablets and is possibly a diabetic too. He’s deep into big pharma and should be prime to get sick if he’s taken both jabs. he will probably lie and not even mention that he got sick in the now extinct flu season. No jab can stop the body from cleansing itself and expelling mucus, the flu is a natural process and drugs suppressing symptoms of cleansing are dangerous. I have not had a flu for over 10 years, but then again I do not eat mucus forming cooked foods. The hoax that just keeps giving will roll on and on, just as planned

Zac Baled

Fukeen ell Fire! 😁😊😆😃😁😊😆😃

Just listening to Richie live on the radio a charlatan by the name of Mathew son is being played.

Just listen to Richie’s show today (18 May) its proper hilarious…. what a complete freak this Mathew character is. I bet youll be doing double somersaults and belly flips listening to uncle Mathew. 😃😆😁😃😆😊😁

God! Are we really living thru this freak convid (vax) show?

#Always look on the bright side of life#
#Always look on the bright side of life#
#Always look on the bright side of life#

Thanks Richie for a great comedy show today….. not laughed so much (on my own) for a while. Nice one Richie-lad!!!👍🤣

Last edited 29 days ago by Zac Baled
Karen nicholl

How dare the fat pig that is Ferrari talk over his guests and insult their intelligence

Johnny Dollar

Dick Ferrari


Per CDC VAER Stats..

Covid vaccines are 52 times more dangerous than all other ‘vaccine products combined!’ 👀

Go get it Nick!!

You the man!!


Last edited 28 days ago by Gerry

This is reminiscent of the women who went around handing out white flags to conscientious objectors during the First World War. Of course as most people realised afterwards WW1 was another con job based on lies to benefit the rich and powerful.

Gail no need for a vaccination loads of treatments for the Rona ๐Ÿ˜˜

Danny Warden

I tell you what Richie , that fat condescending patronising bastard Ferrari should practice what he preaches as regards to protecting the nhs. Look at the state of him.
Heโ€™s morbidly obese which costs the nhs far more than covid.
By the way the nhs is there to protect the us , not the other way around.
Inversions everywhere!


I’ve said this for a while now; it makes more sense for me to opt out of my NI payments as I’ve had private medical insurance for years. Let someone else have my bed; perhasp MrFerrari could use it after he has his first coronary?


They’d better have a giant bed for that big old lump. He’d require a team of Sherpas and a jumbulance to move him to hospital.

Tim in Brazil

This is all just one big virtue signalling exercise. “Look at how good I am, helping save the world” “For king and country!” “I am saving my gran.”Oh dear!

Alex Romero

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.


Ferrari is very much overweight and, from the look of his beetroot face, probably has high blood pressure problems.
This is something he has done to himself and will put an unnecessary strain on the NHS in the future.
What a selfish person.
I am, of course, being sarcastic – but this is the trend and people like Ferrari are furthering their own destruction (though I’m certain they will be outraged when the trend finally reaches them).


I am doing my civic duty. I am freeing up a jab for someone who wants it.
How selfless am I?๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜†


Well said Craig.

Karen nicholl

Same ๐Ÿ˜€


None of these fuckers really mean it, they’re just paid mouth pieces. They’re soulless creatures who say what they are told and should simply be ignored.
I’m still waiting for one of these paid pricks to explain why I need a ‘vaccine that only suppresses symptoms but doesn’t prevent my catching or spreading a virus. Utter bollocks!
It’s clear this ‘vax’ is something else and our country has been designated Ground Zero for social experimentation because, and it was a surprise to me, all the Bulldogs have been replaced by Pussies.
Rue Britannia!


If I had a ยฃ1.6bn propaganda budget, the BofE would be surrounded and the legislation for a Golden Jubilee and Sound Money would be flying through parliament. In the meantime, these treacherous and cowardly politicians will continue to concoct evermore implausible ways of concealing the devastation caused by the currency pyramid scheme of created debts and systematic debasement.

Alex Romero

Proper arse licking slug Ferrari isnโ€™t he? These are the real scum we have to share the same air as.


Those arses must contain a LOT of calories ๐Ÿ™‚

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