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Wiley e Coyote

In defence of John, do you think he lived with his mum or has ever had a job?


There is so much evidence, with people coming forward about tunnels underneath Windsor about children that haven’t even seen sunlight, born for abuse. Why on earth are the might police force not going in to investigate?

Urban Fox

Whilst your on the subject of the royals. I wonder if Boris Johnson the descendent of King George the 2nd, when he gets dethroned will have a couple of drinks with David Cameron the queens 4th cousin. As they raise a jar to the next PM Jeromy Hunt, the queens 5th cousin. I could be wrong but I’m sensing a theme here.

PandoraChaser Yeah and that was a peasant family, so imagine the Royals!

Urban Fox

Hi Pan, time for a brew. Richie just made me giggle saying boil the water not the kettle.


Enjoy, mate.

Urban Fox

Hi Adam, good to hear from you, where you been.?


We’ve had a family bereavement, Urban. I also spend a great deal of time at work. On a brighter note: no work until Monday.


Condolences Adam πŸ™ May they rest in peace happily πŸ™‚

Urban Fox

Sorry to hear that. Have a good break.

John Spargo

Come on everyone! We’re the good guys here. Please support the show.
As Joni once sang: “You don’t what you’ve got til it’s gone!”

Richard Kelly

No power here this evening for some reason and I did pay the bill lol ,I can’t manage to listen and comment at the same time ,one closed opening the other


I continue to support this programme! I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t even give a little bit! If you listen, it’s only fair to contribute!

Martyn in Spain.

After special john,try listening to the song Special Ed . Sung by an American guy with guitar…You tube ‘Special Ed ‘ . John should change his name to Ed.


European Royals Allegedly Killing Children in Human Hunting Parties β€” 4 Eyewitnesses Testify …


What a feckin retard John is…instils you with so much confidence in your fellow man.


anyone heard Van Morrisons new album, recommended and for the support to one of the few speaking/singing about this madness

fab nocivelli

Our dad was a big fan of padre pio. Went to Lourdes often. Even built a shrine to him in the garden . Rip pops


Sky is nothing but state propaganda


Reporting from Pall (Mall-Function) all those flag waving loons, it’ll be a demonstration of a national Mall-Function


For bozos like John, the state is God. Its from the ‘crown’ that they draw their spiritual identity. Sad, really.


sadly off the C*nttube prince Andrew is a sweaty nonce



Paul Le Wulnatz

Imagine living a life that is so wretched that your only source of joy is camping out on the Mall hoping to catch a glimpse of that freak show family.


can you imagine the amount of royal paraphernalia he has at home.


Ever see that episode of Alan Partridge and his maniac fan…?

Brambo of Salopia

The only reason I support this anachronistic toxic Ruritarian farce is that I hope Elizabeth lives for a few more years to protect us from the thick globalist pawn twat Charles from ascending to the throne. Otherwise feck ’em all!

Last edited 1 month ago by Brambo of Salopia

Arrest her !

September 23, 2018 …

Last edited 1 month ago by Steve.T

What about the children?

Queen of England and the Missing Children

Saturday, July 3, 2010
Breaking News: This weekend, protestors in Winnipeg and Toronto will confront Elizabeth Windsor, aka “Queen of England”, with an unanswered letter asking that she identify the fate of aboriginal children under her care:


A Candle in the Blind!

David Keen

Absolutely on fire gammon,you are fucking brilliant,thinking the exact same β€πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ˜πŸ˜·πŸ€£πŸ€£


I hate the focus on the royals! At work someone kept saying “god bless the queen”. I just cut in and said I’m not a royalist’. They stopped saying it.

I used to like the public (before i realised that i was surrounded by morons at the beginning of the lockdown).
I hate the song ‘god save the Queen ‘. I hate her being described as ‘highness’ and ‘majesty’. It makes me sick.
I wish they’d change it to ‘land and hope and glory’. I wish that the people wanted freedom from these entitled dole dossers.


God save the queen
and her fascist regime…

Colin G

Sadly Johnny rotten has now become the establishment


In the furor over reparations, it seems forgotten that, as abhorrent as we find it today, slavery was a widespread global trade a few hundred years ago and was intrinsically linked to the laws of North America – laws that the people had no vote on (the 17th, passed in the 1910s, gave people the vote).
It is also worth remembering that there are many stories of freed black people themselves owning black slaves. So, in those situations, who is paying who?

But, it could be argued that more than anything else, reparations is a great excuse to raise taxes.


Check out Simon Webb on youtube on Africa! There are currently around 250,000 Pygmy slaves in the Congo alone TODAY! BLM?……crickets! πŸ˜‰


There is no political angle with stories like that.


I am mixed race. I keep saying it sorry but without you knowing my next comment will not make sense.

I am part white and part black. Would i be eligible to get 75% payment? Would i have to make 25% payment?
It would be funny to find out how many black people who descended from slave owners would need to pay a tax.

It’ll also be funny to see how many white/native americans would get payments.

This os ridiculous


I agree.

Scottish AL

I think John needs to lay off the helium, and the crack pipe for that matter πŸ™‚




He leads a very sad life


California can’t fund its state employee pension liabilities etc going forward, never mind paying reparations. Some people have the hypothesis that the US will go bankrupt one state at a time and California plus Ohio are among the likely first candidates.


The left are the proponents of all the race debate. They are obsessed with 3 things, genitalia, gender and skin colour. These are their sticks to beat the rest of us with, they dont want solutions to their made up problems


They are insane.


Happy Jubilee weekend, I suppose..? When HM is gone I’ll be a full blown republican, no two ways about it


Loving the show!
Just my opinion but payouts are part of divide and conquer. Subdue with money to the elements of society whe will first feel financial hardship and encourage submitting to the existing beaurocracy by filling in forms and proving your distant relative you never met suffered horrendously as a slave? Like you said reinforce victim mentality too. UK gov will increase benefits to pacify those with least to lose by rebellion and reinforce division between benefits claimants and hard working folk. All this just my opinion πŸ˜‰


when I visited Ghana, a tour guide around the slave castle explained the history from The Dutch to the Brits. I was living in Holland at the time and being British he gave me a hard time…. I explained I wasn’t alive then so how can I be blamed!


Richie, if you want a genuine conversation about slavery, you should get Laurence Westgaph on the show. He is a black scouser who does tours around Liverpool, giving historical facts about the cities connections to slavery and the war of independence.

He is a top bloke, who loves a proper conversation.


You could even get a Slave on credit, paid over 3 years… “Mr Levin….”

Last edited 1 month ago by PodSaveEngland

What about the mixed race people? Do they have to pay a little and then get a little?

Angela Lambert

It’s nuts to have to pay for anyone’s past misdeeds. Who knows, we may have all been slaves in past lives if such things exist. Conversely, black or others may have been slavers in past lives ….


We’re all slaves to the system in one way or another.
Shackles don’t define slavery.
There will always be a ruling class.


willing they are slaves, look at how many wearing the muzzle….. sad to say


I feel like a slave daily having to go to work to pay taxes.
It’s a scam

chris and emma

There are still 40 million slaves today not a peep about these poor bastards!


They owned the ships, the crews, the auctions and the slaves.

Paul Le Wulnatz

Lisa Nandy, LOL. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones – to say that the rot comes down from the top in the conservative party with a straight face and without a hint of irony when her own party is presided over by the man who failed to bring about the prosecution of Jimmy Savile?!


78% of Slave owners were Jewish…

Jason williamson

when these pricks goto Eaton, All there taught, is how to drag out a bullshit story, A+ for Boris pissed stain Johnson, for effort.


What is it with Johnson saying ‘T’ rather than ‘to’. His least irritating feature, perhaps, but winds me up


I dip bread in oil ha ha


” The World is going to get angrier ” Klaus Schwab


look at what happened, is happening in Venezuela….. coming to a country near you


Evening all. There will of course be personal limits to everything soon enough, not just flying. You’ve had too many calories this month, so your CBDC is now limited to greens for the remainder of the month…etc


do you think the reason a staff shortages are due to ill health? from a certain thing nobody is allowed to talk about?


Evenin’ all, would love to travel but still can’t trust the travel restrictions…


loads traveling here in Portugal.


Good evening all you beautiful peeps

Craigy B

At the gym Richie listening live, hope everybody has had a good day


I’m going to keep repeating myself until at least one member can see the real problem we have. If you are paying fines, council tax and concerned about your credit score, you are part of the problem. You have to understand that by not understanding how legislation has decieved us for centuries you will never see the change you want to see. The legislators have us by the short and curlies, if you let them. We are not “persons” this is a trick to trap you into thinking you are a name on a piece of paper. People go to prison because they play this game, if you kept your mouth shut in court and never said a word, you would walk free. If you never turned up you would be free. Civil matters are not police matters and even the police don’t know this information, they think they are the police but they are not, they are legislation enforcers working for the legal system, which is unlawful!! The police are breaking the law every single day, stealing peoples cars,property and liberty.


Yes GazBob! Even without FMOTL or Birth Registration arguments as Fraud, the very system itself is THE FRAUD and all of its machinations! COPS put on a false uniform every morning and enforce a parasite system of crap! A House of Cards that itself is aware of how to avoid by using its own rules, safe in knowledge that Brute Force is the only thing it actually functions on! Sadly for them, we outnumber them totally and even the naive ones, will find that out soon if they carry on the masquerade much longer!


Hi Richie, hope you are well. I contacted via a form but have messaged here so you might have more chance of seeing it.

There’s somebody I think you will really want to talk with on your show.

He (and others)believe there is a “Culebra Event” happening between now and 2023, most likely around September this year.

Earthquakes around the world in recent months /years have slowled down and almost stopped in their frequency and it is because of plate blocking near the Phillipines. All the plates are stuck and its predicted that the world will experience a 10+ quake which will affect all major economies via destruction from worldwide aftershocks and Tsunamis from said megaquake.

These happen every 12,000 or so years and we are well overdue.

@mxdondevivo is this person’s twitter handle and his website is

Ive contacted him advising him to contact you as more people need to hear this because as we are all distracted by everything in our faces we are not being told of this mega event coming.

I hope you check him out and get in touch.


Last edited 1 month ago by Quango
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