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fab nocivelli

Moronic MEMES (53).jpg
Gavin Ledermann

What a bloody disgrace caring people like that lady are just discarded for not wanting a lethal injection.

Richard Kelly

im late


Unfortunately my partner’s sister had a stroke 7 weeks ago and is still in hospital..

She had her first AZ jab back in April (‘priority’ as she has mental health problems) and was put in hospital for two days. Had the second jab – a hospital visit for a second time.

Then seven weeks ago.. Stroke.

When my partner was on the phone to the ward checking up on things they actually asked her (my partner) if it was OK to give her sister her booster jab! – this from a person in a stroke ward!! The jab was Moderna.

My partner said she didn’t think it was the right thing to do and they asked her ‘was it because she (her sister) had the AZ jabs?’

Words fail me.. No proof it was conclusively the jab – but not ONE doctor or nurse has even mentioned that the they may be the cause of the stroke..

No booster has been given – but they’re itching to do it, that’s for sure..

chris morrell

24 dead in the Pemberley House Care Home in Basingstoke in January …reported as “from Covid…”
but Care Home deaths as already reported by the undertaker, shot up as soon as the vaccines started to be rolled out…all Care Home Residents were vaccinated before Christmas … Doctors even got a BONUS of £30 a shot to get that done remember?


Most of the time these days, all I say is wtf
Wtf, wtf and wtf again
Repeating it now listening to the show
The whole world is mental
Fabulous dogs too

AL Bassninja

None of the people my mate looks after have died of Covid. One did due to lock down.

William Henderson

My local hospital has big staff shortages and so do 3 different schools that my children attend. Every big business in the area is struggling to get the numbers they need. All this in the past 6-9 months. Nothing to see here.


No coincidence Richie, as the same pattern hit every care home globally once the jabs started.

Urban Fox

The most obvious reason people dont die of covid.

Is because they didn’t get a fake positive, from the fake test. Which was not meant to be used as a diagnostic tool.

Aaron Brown

Evening everyone! Still wanna see if you’re up the Salford v Chesterfield in the FA Cup this Saturday Richie? (I’m a Chesterfield fan!). Recognise anyone in this pic?

seamus connolly

Richie can you re-post the links to Anna the lawyer from the 4th Nov show. any other info regards mask wearing would be appreciated. thanks


This lady is one of the scheduled speakers at North Unites at York on Saturday 1pm at the Minster. Gareth Icke also and hopefully many thousands of protesters.


I hope this helps

seamus connolly

already have that but many thanks.

Charlie Burton

Sorry BBG. Surely the people being threatened with sacking due to lack of vaccine should just walk out. Don’t bother trying to get exemptions. Just walk away IMHO. The dictate would change very quickly!


If they quit, they get nothing and the post is re-advertised with a new contract that states “mandatory to take the jab to get the job!”, whereas currently the workers are not contracted to take anything, or do any silly covid rules at all. They must stand ground and fight the employers, self exempt, then sue them for unfair or constructive dismissal. Otherwise demand full paid leave until the mandates are scrapped, or a full retirement severance package.


Well said.


Not sure how valid this is but its another potential method against Discrimination of this intended Medical Apartheid, be it masks, tests, jabs etc.

Human Rights Commission for Discrimination by Businesses.jpg

Hi Charlie, I’m due to be sacked in April, I’m a specialist nurse in the NHS. I won’t walk away, I want to look them in the eye when they sack me. Also, if, in the future, there is any legal redress then I wouldn’t get a thing if I resigned. The fact they are allowing me to work until April tells you this has nothing to do with health, if it was they would have sacked us immediately.


That wouldn’t be smart mate. People have to eat a support their families, many people are just one or two payslips away from being homeless. We HAVE to be way smarter than them in order to triumph.

AL Bassninja

My mate who works in Mental Health care is in a similiar position he took jibble 1. He told me like Janet said its the CQC dictating this shit.
I told him like I’d say to Janet let them sack you get a good employment lawyer. Constructive if not Unfair Dismissal.


This might just help your mate Al

AL Bassninja

Thanks I’ll pass it on

Scottish AL

This is what I plan to do AL if and when this happens to me. Make sure that they document everything that they are proposing/mandating and get it all in writing to use as evidence for future legal case. Dont just walk away or leave the job, let them sack you or make you redundant and take case for unfair dismissal or constructive dismissal.
Problem may be finding a good lawyer to represent your case.

AL Bassninja

Ask to see the Risk Assessment for the jab if its now part of your contract of employment. That has to take into account the ingredients, the positive effects versus the adverse reactions, based on your medical history which is confidential.

Scottish AL

It would also be a change in the terms and conditions of the contract that I have with them if they tried to mandate the jabs. I am fully expecting this to happen and am going to get everything in writing from them. Dont just accept anything verbally as there is no evidence to use, It would just be your word against theirs.
I work for a local authority so know only too well how liars operate.


CACUK Lawful Surgery – Asser your Vaccine Exemption From a lawyers group in UK. Very useful.


Self exemption is PERMANENT and as long as employer accepts your reason to satisfy clause 54b and 43e then they cannot fire you!


Melissa Ciummei is an amazingly good presenter of the truth. Heard her twice already on The Irish Inquiry which is an interesting website.


Good evening Richie ,, loving the show every week thanks,, looking forward to the
‘North Unites’ gathering in York on Saturday to hear Gareth Icke and Anna De-Buisseret and many more ,,please give us a shout 🙂


Well promoted Daz. We’ll be there along with the anticipated thousands. 1pm at the Minster.


Hallo humans and two beautiful canines.


God help us.

Scottish AL

The principal of bodily autonomy seems to have been forgotten by these tyrants.
These very same people proposing mandatory jabs were the ones saying Assad must go a few years ago as he was accused of supposedly killing his own people
Oh how things have changed.

AL Bassninja

The UK Health & Safety Executive recommended last April, that if Masks are not part of your normal day to day work PPE. Then there is no need to wear them due to the risk to persons due to rebreathing what we exhale, if ppl are forced to wear them for prolonged periods.

Last edited 3 days ago by AL Bassninja
Colin G

for the most part i try not to at work but you still get the ones who stand back from you when they see your not wearing

Paul Le Wulnatz

Evening, all!

Imagine living in a world where a mainstream presenter continually ignores all the information about the negative events that have been linked to these jabs but instead cheerleads for mandatory vaccination?

Oh, shit! I don’t need to imagine it! I hope there comes a day where the likes of Ferrari, Whale and O’Brien are arrested and banged-up for this. Could you imagine your state of fervour if you only got your news from these people?


My sister applied for a job in a warehouse, she was asked was she vaccinated and when she said no he said, ” ah it’s okay the unvaccinated work separately.” Welcome to Ireland 2021!

Last edited 3 days ago by Amy

Greetings Richie from county down. I’m sitting in Connolly station Dublin waiting to get back up to god’s country…90% mask compliance in Dublin and it’s very sad to see… Mike rowcock

David Keen



Im thinking if they make these jabs mandatory and fine us for not taking them if you wont or cant pay will they then try & take your property
Remember their saying
You will owe nothing & own nothing & be happy just A thought

Patricia Braunschweiler

good thought


Yes they will Davy. Covid Act stated infected properties could be seized by Crown and dwellings knocked down. In addition Australia and I think Canada recently froze bank accounts of unjabbed and seized properties or business asset, if they could not pay fines. Each bizarre thing we see of here and there, will soon be global.


Melissa talks a great lot of sense I have been following her for some time but it’s the sheep that is rail rolling us into this nightmare she is right what is being rolled out in NIreland this is scary


Sorry pandora chaser was meant for richie

Patricia Braunschweiler

Whoever this woman is, she is so full of shite it makes me sick! Griesz-Brisson Dr. Margarite Griesz-Brisson MD, PhD is a Consultant Neurologist and Neurophysiologist with a PhD in Pharmacology, with special interest in neurotoxicology, environmental medicine, neuroregeneration and neuroplasticity.”To deprive a child’s or an adolescent’s brain from oxygen, or to restrict it in any way, is not only dangerous to their health, it is absolutely criminal. Oxygen deficiency inhibits the development of the brain, and the damage that has taken place as a result CANNOT be reversed.The child needs the brain to learn, and the brain needs oxygen to function. We don’t need a clinical study for that. This is simple, indisputable physiology. Consciously and purposely induced oxygen deficiency is an absolutely deliberate health hazard, and an absolute medical contraindication.”


German Neurologist Warns Against Wearing Facemasks: ‘Oxygen Deprivation Causes Permanent Neurological Damage’ (and it’s worse for kids) – Dr Margarite Griesz-Brisson.

AL Bassninja

There is a line for everyone that needs to be crossed. For me was lockdown 1 & onwards.
Mask wearing in a non sterile environment is about as useful as pissing into the wind.

Patricia Braunschweiler

Governments all over the world are in Lock Step with anything that is the Control/Fear Du Jour. Anyone who hasn’t seen that by now seriously needs to wake the Hell Up.


Join to avoid mandatory vaccinations!

Charlie Stevenson

You know maintaining this level of ambivolence is exhausting.


Mandate an injection which provides no immunity or stops the transmission of anything…

How can they explain or justify this insanity?

seamus connolly

Ferrari plagiarised bullet the blue sky? one hundred, two hundred…..

Patrizia O

Hey Richie

I was banned for a week on twits who said my comment was hateful I was also forced to delete it –

The comment was made about Susan The Comi Michie who is putting her nose further in to the trough of jabs and masks

This was my tweet

All of that tainted money all of that corrupt power and the old jag hag #wef shill puppet still sports whiskers – The old hag blocked me I wonder why – Sue Michie the ugliest heart in town !

I stand by every word !

Patricia Braunschweiler

Truth is no longer welcome on Social Media.

Patrizia O

Richie this was Anna Bees bigging herself up from one of her many other accounts but she forget to log out –

There re so many grifters on twitter those pretending to push back against the narrative while making money on the side by selling masks and ppe out the back door I know of 6 on there doing the same revolting devils

Aaron Brown


Urban Fox

Translation, We are in the process of doing some deliberately dodgy computer modeling.

And in the process of mocking up some new variants, by fiddling further with the original computer generated non existent virus.

Whilst testing as many as we can to cover up the vaccine injuries and deaths.


Yes Mein Ferrari! Paperz az requested!


Hi Richie, I know you’re not on twitter anymore but thought you should know, I took screen shots of Anna brees tweets today. She forgot to log in to her ‘ other account’ and she was bigging herself up. “Anna you’re so amazing and I admire you so much”. Apparently she has done this before. She has now deleted these tweets and blocked me after following me for a year 😂

Patrizia O

I have got them too – I think she has lost the plot retweeting about herself pretending she is a fan of herself there are so many grifters on twitter those pushing the narrative and those pretending to push back but selling masks out the back door revolting


OMG thats effing hilarious! She was from outset at best a dipshit and at worst a deliberately slow acting shill to delay peoples suspicions and personal actions!

Patrizia O

This is the tweet

AL Bassninja


Colin G

good evening Richie and fellow listeners

AL Bassninja

Evening Colin

Scottish AL

Evening Colin

AL Bassninja

Good evening people & our Big Maann Richie.
Nobody challenged me re masks. Not that I want that IMO its looking like ppl are apathetic towards the masks.

Scottish AL

Evening AL


Good evening Richie & everyone, a funny thing happened today, I met a few of my local Stand In The Park group in a cafe which we do every 2 weeks for a coffee & chat, this week there were 12 of us sat there when 8 policemen in uniform turned up & sat down for lunch! There we are just a few feet from them & they had no idea! It just cracked me up laughing🤣

Richie Allen

Looking forward to today’s show. Here’s a pic of Bobbi-Jean and Leia.

1 (1).jpg

Do you understand these lyrics?

Urban Fox

Hi Richie, Great photo, beutiful dogs and that sofa looks comfy. : )


Awwwww, what a pair of cuties ❤️❤️ 🐶 🐶 x


Beautiful dogs ..My best friend also.


Love my dogs also they’ve kept me sane

Colin G

fabulous looking dogs glad they are getting on so well

fab nocivelli

Baggins says yo!

Neil James

One day I will have a doggo like one of those… also, outstanding show as usual!

Charlie Burton

loved the pics BBG of your 2 wonderful dogs

Diane Hughes

Good evening resisters!


Evening and too everyone else


Who in their right F’ing mind who take the ‘Experimental Gene Therapy’ toxic shots when the know about this:

mRNA Vaccines Put You at Risk for Acute Coronary Syndrome.

Sudden Surge in Stillbirths and Menstrual Changes.

November 11, 2021, a rally formed outside of Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver, British Columbia (BC). The group was there to call attention to an unthinkable tragedy: 13 babies were reportedly stillborn at the hospital in a period of 24 hours. All of their mothers had received a COVID-19 injection….


Re the graphene oxide in the jabs ie magnets sticking to the arms of people
I have found this video from
Richado Delgrado
explaning how to get this out of your body
Its in spanish but with english sublitles well worth a watch if your loved ones or friends have woken up
Hope this helps someone


dr Andreas Noack spoke about the graphene. It is graphene hydroxide (he was a chemist and worked with graphene since its inception) watch video where he explains why it cannot be found in bodies, he calls them razer blades cutting through the veins. Died 2 days after his video.

Steve Shipe

Under Care contains it.


Richie this is surely backwards on Podbean? Just alerting you.


It is definitely backwards.
I have been following Dr Paul for a few years and that statement is the wrong way around.
Sure that is an error or could have been tampered with.

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