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fab nocivelli

ciao tutti

Moronic MEMES (2).png

FFS lol where can one get sectioned?..Surreal indeed

David Keen

Richie I seen a video that Gareth icke posted,it was a 23 minute video with all the top doctors and solicitors in Germany starting the nuremberg trials 2,do you believe it or have you seen it ❤

chris morrell

i was just thinking how pretty and engaging those GREY squirrels are

AL Bassninja

If they jab the grey ones, wont that kill them letting the reds go for it?

Patrizia O

Hello Richie

Hope you are well

I had a run in with someone demanding to see my papers today for mask exemption – as you can imagine it did not go well for the person asking – and to be honest it left me rather upset – what mask wearers do not understand is – how hard it is to walk into a shop etc maskless in a sea of full mask wearers it takes a certain strength to do so x

Richard Kelly

well done,its not easy out there at the moment , they feel like they have mask super powers lol


Not had any problems; but then I am a 6’5″ looming goth… =)

Bruce Botrel

they live in pine forests, of which scotland has the most


Is this squirrelicide?

AL Bassninja

I always think of Black Adder when I hear Squirrels.. The Highway Man.

Neil James

Evening all…


The theme tune puts a smile on my face.

Colin G

good evening Richie and fellow unwashed

AL Bassninja

Breaking: Rod Stewart Rerecords one of his 1970’s hits, with a new title.
Maggie Myocharditis

AL Bassninja

Evening Richie & all listening in.

Richard Kelly

Stew is on simmer should be ready 7 ,hey Richie


hello from toronto Richie!!!!!!!!


Good evening Richie & all you lovely listeners🥰 just read your piece on the yellow lines the council painted UNDER the cars! Is that because the naughty plebs wouldn’t get their jibby jabs? 😜

Diane Hughes

Good eveening Richie and my fellow listeners.

Colin G

good evening Diane

Lawrence wilmot

wonder what they are cooking up next?, a special kind of hell awaits them. stay in your truth, i will NEVER accept a jab, (x medical professional) it’ll be catch me if you can, 
im thinking they will probably stop people on benefits receiving unless they get the lethal injection…just saying …

Lawrence wilmot

Thank you for your relentless work Richie, iv been talking about this for years, people would laugh at me, call me “woo woo” (they are not laughing now) im wondering if apart from al the ingredients in the lethal injections , may be something to keep the jabbed dumber down, as i fail to understand how people haven’t worked it out yet , the lies, just another this, just another that….. i left nursing after 26 years as i refused to administer flu vaccines to elderly people who did not have capacity to consent, let alone understand the contraindications, {this was after the swine flu scam).. i would rather take my own life than become subhuman and living daily as to when is my last day, heart attack stroke as we have no idea of the medium to long term effects, hopefully there will be a shift in consciousness…..and the worm will turn, blessings Gillian
i met you at IOW at Davids tour Miderna theater,


Another excellent show packed with useful information and knowledgeable guests

#Omicron #DrPeterMcCullough #DrPaulThomas

(Live at 19.00 UK Time and usually runs for 2 to 3 hours. Also available to watch later)


Richie, I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist but is there any chance you are being targeted in some way (your breathing problem)? Have you checked your house for emfs? Just sayin’….


I think it’s more likely to be due to the fact that Richie is soooo passionate about the cause that all the yelling he does is placing way too much stress on his body and therefore damaging his immune system. Before you ask, No I am not a doctor but I, like millions others at the moment, suffer anxiety and I can, and do read about self care and taking steps to improve my immune system as best I can. If you remember, early on in the pandemic, they were talking about providing everyone with Vitamin D tablets, and yet that never happened. Why, because there wasn’t much profit to be made.

Tim in Brazil

The thought had crossed my mind too. I wouldn’t put it past them.


While we all distracted the government slips this out. Obviously it has so far been completely ignored by the mainstream media.

Myocarditis and pericarditis after COVID-19 vaccination: guidance for healthcare professionals


Wtaf!!! Excuse my language

Preston Ferguson

Mellisa talks about the Free Market. So is Amazon the conglomerate the free market? Big Pharma that is selling fake vaccines all over the world , is that the Free Market? Raytheon, Lockheed Martin selling weapons in manufactufed wars,is that the Free Market? Capitalism is Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Fionnuala Murphy You might enjoy this other interview that she did. Great for sharing with normies

Tim in Brazil

Free markets no longer exist. Jim Willie, Gerald Celente and even Peter Schiff will tell you that.


comment image?_nc_cat=100&_nc_rgb565=1&ccb=1-5&_nc_sid=730e14&_nc_ohc=uJ3Newau9KYAX8IRSvH&_nc_ht=scontent-lcy1-1.xx&oh=644c16715c2d0c445e5524bd0df11156&oe=61AD8B6C

OMG Richie!!! Look what our favourite Julia Hartley-Brewer has tweeted! Has she finally woken up to this bollox??? Probably not… but its a good start!!

Gerald Webb

This lady on the show today is critical of Maduro as some mad dog dictator..while describing the west as tyrannical softies!

What she says is this savegery that’s going on as far worse than what any dictatorship can do!

She’s incorrect about Venezuela. Venezuela is democratically elected government. The oil companies are controlled by Russia not the Venezuelan government. It’s not in disrepair. It’s severely Sanctioned.


Yet had they chosen to become isolationist they would have the resources and labour to be healthily self sufficient.
I have heard similar arguments that blamed the collapse of the Soviet Union on American led sanctions – an idea, when thought about rationally, is absurd.


This from the Ice Age Farmer about digital currencies:

Damien Joseph

any from mellisa? i cant find anything on her


Likewise. I’ve been searching. It would help if I knew how to spell her surname.


Thank you.


Thank you.


A quick one on the CBDC and Carbon Credit Cards

Damien Joseph

you have any done by mellisa?


i dont think it will ever be mandatory to get medical treatments in this country – not possible


The same was said about food rationing, terrorism on the mainland and the majority of the electorate scared into wearign a face mask for the common cold.


But they didnt have 900 years of law behind them


Or ‘right’ on their side.

Urban Fox

We are wasting our breath BB. Its like the last 20 months never happened. Iv tried to explain 100 times. I think now it must be a deliberate wide up. And this insane idea that the UK is different. When anyone on this site for the last year, should surely know, that the cabal running this do not see country’s and borders.


definitely on the wind up. Sell out.

Fionnuala Murphy

But look how they’re doing it in other developed countries. Its coming fast and furious, bit by bit

Damien Joseph

anyone got any good links to mellisa work?


I guess Richie will post some later.

Damien Joseph



What a smart lady Mellisa is. Though I wouldn’t be worrying about solar flares. Mellisa should have a look into flat earth when she gets some spare time, a break from Convid. Check out Dave Weiss’s interviews at:

Last edited 3 days ago by VivisectionIsScientificFraud
Mork & Mindy

double death rate in vaxxed from U.K. column

Paul Riley

If wee’d of jailed them bankers in 2008 they’d be no covid. And if wee’d jailed them bankers who sank the Titanic in 1912 they’d be no world war one, two, three, so it goes! (Good show 🙏)


Someone should have cut every one Rothchild brothers throats and the world would look very different today. I’m currently reading ‘The rise and fall of the third Reich’ by William L Shirer; and, even in the first few chapters the game plan of the National Socialists is eerily similar.


If only someone had cut the throats every Rothchild brother the world would look very different today. I’m currently reading ‘The rise and fall of the third Reich’ by William L Shirer; and, even in the first few chapters the game plan of the National Socialists is eerily similar.


A wonderful interview with Melissa, Richie – thanks to you both.

fab nocivelli



I remember the first tv we had when i was a bairn, it was from a company called Rediffusion , black and white TV with 2 channels BBC & ITV , the channel change was a switch on the wall next to the TV. We thought it was the bees knees.

Patricia Braunschweiler

Beautiful closing words to this fantastic Interview about what is truly important in our lives. Thank you, Richie and Melissa.

Urban Fox

Without money you cant have any of those things you just mentioned. Many will not be able to even live, after they lose there jobs and homes. Thats if they survive the poison Jabs that are killing tens of thousands.

A great time to be alive?


I “pray” for a solar flare and a real great reset x


Great interview and insights Melissa & Janet 🙂

Tom Moore

Great quests, especially Melissa, smart lady.
Nice to hear NI accent again too.
Thanks for the show Richie.

Mork & Mindy

Forced vaccination is not legal in the U.K. that would be wounding with intent under common law , human rights to be free from torture and loads of Acts and statute law in the U.K.

Tom Moore

No offence, but do they (judges) really care for the law&justice? Had to had that precious experience in the Sco. Only I can say it was cabala in its on way.
All court systems have been rigged decades ago.
If one cannot rely on them in simplier cases hardly one can trust to win a case with global importance.

Mork & Mindy

You have to stick up for yourself mate and use the law no one will do it For you


Correct the unassertive and gullible need to wise up


I got my first flu jab in 2017. I’d gone to see the nurse about something else and she just jabbed me with the shot without seeking my consent.
It will happen because it’s already been happening.
Laws have been broken all over the place for 20 months and there is little to no kickback. Yet you still hold on to the false hope that ‘the law’ will save us.

Mork & Mindy

Anne de buisseret – senior lawyer “No one can give informed consent due to the Military grade psychological warfare thats been carried out on them”

Last edited 3 days ago by Mork & Mindy

Yes i watch her interviews I’m not worried

Neil inthekitchenatpartys

Anyone else bricking it 😔

Gary McMahon

Me. Only because I can’t see what my response should be.

Richard Kelly

no im not anymore , i see life having meaning these days, time for us to suck it up and see what can we do to make life better than it has bein since shop till you drop started

Mork & Mindy

The depopulation seems to be to sort out the pension and social care budget ?


Only the old and very chronically ill would be targeted. Instead we have 100s of young and athletes and all ages and birth defects, babies dying and far far more. Its indiscriminate as its a full on cull in its early stages. Survivors will be enslaved in the new system.

Mork & Mindy

i dont wear a mask ever nor stale jabs nor vax – still great health 18months now immune system intact


Non compliance only way


They want to reduce the world’s population by around 2 billion by 2025, and continue the genocide thereafter. The NWO marching orders are written in stone on the Georgia Guidestones, not least to: “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”

Annie Murtagh

Richie, if you get a chance to ask Melissa advice on what to do with savings? I have almost 30,000 saved as I was looking at buying a house, but now the property market has gone crazy in Ireland. I am really worried about my savings and the bale ins you have mentioned previously.

Colin G

im no financial expert buy money sitting in the bank is doing nothing zero interest , i would look into investing it maybe talk to a financial advisor

Scottish AL

Im in a similar situation myself Annie, recently sold my flat and was intending to buy another property but unsure what to do. Have money for deposit from sale of my flat sitting in my bank account but worried about possibility of bail in happening . I was seriously thinking of buying a motorhome or camper van and taking to the road.

Colin G

i had a similar idea Al it would do the job and not be tied down with a mortgage but then again with “climate change” how would we afford keeping it on the road 🙂

Scottish AL

You could always retrofit it with a heat pump and solar panels 🙂

Colin G

thats a fair point my friend, beats the rat race and being part of the system

Scottish AL

I was only joking about the heat pump and solar panels.
Although having no mortgage and no council tax or utility bills does sound good. Dont know if I could handle living in a mobile home on a full time basis though.

Colin G

be a few cold nights living in a camper up in scotland alright 🙂

Joe Public

There are now these wonderful things called tog rated sleeping bags…


Not if it’s got a little potbelly stove.


A mobile home on a full time basis sounds like bliss. Unfortunately, with rising fuel prices and increasing laws targetting ‘van lifers’ such a lifestyle is being slowly crushed.

Anne Talbot

Invest in a narrow boat instead 😊Not quite living off grid but almost, if done wisely.


She has said in similar broadcasts that precious metals are the thing, not as an investment but as a way of protecting what you have. If you google her and look at the recent interview conducted on the Irish Inquirer she goes into this more comprehensively. (the same interview was taken down by YouTube). When I found it it was about nine down the list on google.

Damien Joseph

can you post any links to her work please? cheers

Wes Baker

The EU will not be fiscally around in 2 years. Maybe not even one year. That’s one glimmer of hope.


Richie Mellisa is talking great sense this is what it’s all about social credit system I have been following her for some time some call it a vaxx passport some call it A green pass but she is right it is a data pass & she is right about Mastercard I got notification about & switched to Visa & this roll out is correct the roll out in NI with all your details its scary


2028. That’s the year in the UK when the new EPC standards come in for homes (extra insulation, heat pumps, etc).

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