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Richie Allen

Heads up folks. I have some bad news. You’ll have to wait another day for the return of the RA Show, due to an issue arising out of yesterday morning’s show. Paul has been here working on it this morning. It will hopefully be fixed by tomorrow. The company which designed the mixer can sort it remotely once we connect the blasted thing to the internet. Paul’s been speaking to them this lunchtime. It is a gigantic pain in the arse, but look, we’ve waited three weeks right? Another day or two (tops) won’t make much difference. Apologies if you’re disappointed. I know how you feel.
Check back here for updates.


Tomorrow it is then 👍 (hopefully)

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Lawrence wilmot

No I couldn’t get on , it’s disappointing but can’t imagine Richie’s frustration 🙏

Paul Paranoid

We’re here when you’re ready sir

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Fiery Jack



Rome wasn’t built in a day 🙂

Debbie G

Richie this little hiccup should make us all appreciate you more than ever and realise what we would miss if you weren’t still doing the show. This too shall pass. All loyal supporters now need to support you more than ever. Enjoy your holiday, we’ll all be here when you return fresh as a daisy
Just block the numpties xxxxx

Paul Donaldson

I’ll be continuing my Patreon, small as it is, because even if you never broadcast again, all the free information, laughs, drama, thought provoking, outrageous, paddy-whackery and feckin genius you’ve brought to me is priceless. Your worth is not in what you do next, but in everything you’ve done so far. I look forward to your return. All the best Richie.PS: I cut and pasted this from my last comment to add my encouragement and gratitude to the others, without blowing smoke up your arse, of course.

Keith matthews

OK, before I start, I have no radio show or broadcasting experience, but. Technical issues are imminent in a technical world. So 9nce your up and running again and your brain has got back to normal. Get a laptop, audio interface, budget mic, create a tiny portable studio, it would be adequate for monologues and short stand alone shows, odviously phone ins, quests and so on would not be viable but it would maintain a media presence. And a plan B would also be good for your peace of mind, this would come in handy for maintenance and upgrades in the future, I do support the show , EL frogs switch on the backup system.


Can’t get the show on Podomatic or the RA website.

Message to the web-master. Please make the type face on the messages darker. Try bleak instead of light grey.

Terrence Henley

Not to be “that guy”, but I couldn’t help noticing after your broadcast on the new setup the other Friday the audio is sounding extremely muffled, and severly lacking in the upper mid frequencies. I ran the episode through my audio workstation and compared to to a previous show (on your old desk) and sure enough up around 7.5 K there seems to be a fairly significant cut. I notice through comparing the 2 waveforms there’s a bit less compression being used on the new audio too. Might just want to ease up on the EQ cuts in the upper mid range, it’s making your audio sound quite lifeless. Look forward to hearing you back up and running. Cheers.

Dave the Nurse

Richie I hope things get worked out soon. I know this is not very constructive but maybe you should have got some advice from a sound engineer before you got rid of the old stuff. have use of both so to speak. Hindsight a wonderful thing)

Fiery Jack


Alas BBG Towers still down, hopefully it’ll be sorted before monkeypox kills us all.

Last edited 6 days ago by VivisectionIsScientificFraud

It looks like Wednesday is a No-Go. So sorry, Richie, but you know we will all be here when this all gets sorted out.

Hope you manage to get it all sorted soon , how frustrating it all must be for you . I thought my phones had gone demic on me lol , hope to hear you soon x

PS , your Sunday morning music is always a pleasure to listen to


I take it still nothing today (Weds)?


Not looking like it…

Urban Fox

I will 3rd that remark.


Anyone know if the glorious, most balded blessed, BBG and Divine Paul Alien Free Ripley, have managed to sort a hornets nest of cabling at the towers lately, ready for today? If not, aww bless and all the best as we shall remain awaiting patiently and duty free, to our masters voice, we all miss, so dearly 😉


I miss the informative guests.


Hope all is going well Richie we know it’s out of your hands, it will happen soon, all the best worth the wait always, and the guests.

Erin P

Crossing my fingers, and my toes and my eyes, that today is the day. We love you, Richie!


Is it today?


No worries 👍


It Will be great when your back Richie when ever that is !!! Hang in there!


Such a shame Richie – you’re missing all the juicy news..


Jan yes there’s some interesting things going on .


Hope all is ok finding it hard to even log 9n to web page


Whose taking the bets. Richie Allen to come back on stream or another lockdown. Looking pretty even at the moment.

Nick Lewis

No show again then?

chris and emma

We are looking forward to sunday morning melodies.
It’s what Sunday’s mornings were made for.
Thankyou richie.

I was about to say that my gadgets seem to be working against me, but I see you’re still having problems. My phone, and my Roku streatming stick don’t allow me to connect. Obviously, I know why now. I’ll keep trying when you’re sorted.


Was going digital worth the pain in the arse, Richie?!


It’s like coming across the crowd who are waiting for Brian to appear at the window.

Tim in Brazil

No connection Tuesday.

Kian Wong

Look forward to catching up with you Richie. All the best


Not looking good for today then; fingers crossed for tomorrow…

Welsh Gregg

Hey guys, I suspect its the worst pantomime since Michael Barrymore starred with Frank Bruno in Jack and the beanstalk (Bristol 1993 I think) , but there has been loads of military aircraft flying around the east coast of China today.

How come the tunes are still on from last Friday

Not here…just Error 404


Hi Richie..Have you seen this..

Orwellian Gates/Soros-Funded Think Tank Is Targeting and Monitoring Irish Citizens Who Speak Out for Freedom

All the best


………………….Is it today?


I was forced to go to the vile Tesco earlier, my receipt has an offer to learn CPR for free. Nothing suspicious there then.

Dave the Nurse

is anything happening tonight ?

Dave the Nurse

Something up, i usually only a comment from some days back unless i enter comment

Martyn in Spain.

I found your voice level lower than before but music great . Is it me ? Wanted yo turn my phone up just a little but was on full volume..I don’t know ???

Steve Shipe

Don’t forget to define a default ip router.

I’m never ever going to listen to the BBG again !!! … on second thoughts, I’ll try again tomorrow, lol.


Hear you soon Richie better getting the bugs fixed now & thenhopefully full steam ahead

Colin G

no problem Richie see you then


What a bummer? Thank you Richie.

Welsh Gregg

Just listening to Fridays show. I don’t buy the climate change bs but will concede that the lockdowns considerably improved the air quality when I was staying in my wife’s home town of Anshan, china. That particular area though is responsible for producing a large proportion of Chinese steel.


What’s the physical geography like there? Are there lots of tall buildings that interfere with natural air currents? Is it surrounded by hills or mountains that circulate the air back towards the town?
Those kind of things, combined with industry, have an enormous impact on air quality.
We have to remember that the old London ‘pea soupers’ existed before the automobile and when the population of that city was significantly less. It wasn’t caused by property dwellers burning coal and wood: it was caused by industry and geography.


How did you manage to listen to the podcast from Friday? I have checked on the podcast site and there are no podcasts listed. Also the podcast place on Richie’s website is just a blank square.

Vinny Vincenzo

This link should work (from both PC & phone)

Enjoy (if it works)!

Nott Mee

Hiya Richie, the wait is over, my life can get back to the old normal now you’re back on air, thank you for all you do, the last month must have been so stressful for you judging by the video messages on your page.
I have listened to your Friday and Sunday broadcasts and as there will be some snagging to do can I point out one thing ? You sound output is much more dull sounding, a bit flat if you know what I mean ? Is there any way of making the broadcast sound brighter ? more trebble like we did in the old days, I’m in no way critisizing the output or you considerable effort in getting this far..
Thank you BBG..

Agent Orange

I agree, sound quality is not as good as it used to be. I listened to Fridays Programme via podcast on my iPhone and this morning’s melodies broadcast on my radio and sound quality was worse on both compared to previously.

Sounds muffled with less dynamic range…


I was going to post something about it, on Friday Richie’s voice sounded a little muffled to my also, or maybe too much bass and not enough higher frequencies, it will probably take him awhile to dial it in, as he said it’s like driving a new car 😎.


Oh dear. I tried to contact Richie via the contact form but I get ‘server error’ message. Not sure what to do now. Any advice anyone?


Try fb page he has email also, pm him.


Caught the tail 10 mins of the show BBG, as I am so religiously devout I sleep through Sundays. Now enjoying your chill stream, from your new digital desk and awaiting the replay, with a relaxed smile on my face and a cool iced cider, in the non el scorchio lacking heatwave that is Manchester 🙂 Peace & Love and Namaste BBG 🙂

Urban Fox

Morning Pan, Its pretty hot here at the moment, but very dull. Which always seems to me, like someone having a joke at our expense. Managed to listen live, but will probably do the repeat as well. Have a good Sunday, Fox


Bless ya Foxy Loxy I am just fine thanks and I agree on the clement weather experiment or whatever. Swear they mess with us in such ways for fun. Was a great Sunday melodies today and love BBG on Bin Laden telling it straight. Bin Deadun all along. No wonder they knew they could pull off covid, when they fooled the world for 10 years they were chasing a cave hopping boogeyman, via some dodgy Audio and Video tapes even the CIA gave up bothering to confirm as authentic! 🙂 You should come over to WTFR on DLive as another radio show stream to chill with too Fox. Take it easy 🙂

Urban Fox

Thankyou for the music.

This ones particularly for those over in Ireland.

Urban Fox

And for anybody Irish i should have said.


Runrig did the very best version of this my opinion.! x


Some lovely songs, thank you. Also thank you to everyone who gave tips about pain relief. All the best to George’s wife, hope she finds something to help. Nothing worse than chronic pain.

William Henderson

Many thanks. Enjoy the game🍻
Mon the Rayo

seamus connolly

Richie I think I’ve mentioned before that Jerry Reed’s version of Gordon Lightfoot’s ‘Early Morning Rain’ is a lovely track, from the Album Ko Ko Joe. Could be perfect for Autumn.


Glen campbell you did it again made my morning, memories of people gone sadly loving it Richie thanks for everything!


Me too Agnes, Glen Campbell songs bring back loving memories of late ones.


It certainly does so many good memories of lost ones Lucy have great bank holiday weekend.


——————Thank you for another great Sunday Morning Melodies!

Patricia Deakin

Enjoying the show, dull outside in Dublin but sunny inside lustenoti Sunday morning melodies


I’ve recently been reading about how the scholars and academics of the Classical Liberal era of the 1800s and early 1900s were warning against heightened emotional states (especially among the young). Emotional states that rejected deliberation and consideration and tolerance of other points of view, and which led to protests that demanded ‘we want action now!’
It was those emotive movements, unhappy with laisse faire capitalism and limited government (a system that had largely pulled the rug of power out from beneath the church and aristocracy) that essentially gave rise to the Socialist State, Keynesian Economics, and the Corporate Government (nationalisation).

Urban Fox

Morning Buddy, Sent you a reply in the early hours.

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