Liverpool Boss Blames Match Postponement On False Positive Tests

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has blamed false positive test results for the cancellation of the club’s League Cup semi-final game at Arsenal last week.

Klopp was speaking after his side knocked Shrewsbury out of the FA Cup yesterday afternoon. He told BBC Sport:

“We had last week a proper outbreak and it showed up that we had a lot of false positives but the rules are like they are so all these players who are false positives couldn’t play.

The only real positive came from Trent Alexander-Arnold and all the rest were false positives.”

Last week Liverpool asked the EFL to postpone the first leg of their League Cup semi-final at Arsenal, citing a “severe covid outbreak” as the reason for requesting the cancellation. The EFL and Arsenal agreed and the game was rescheduled.

Klopp clearly stated yesterday, that there was no outbreak, let alone a severe one. He said that there were “a lot of false positives” and that only one player actually had covid.

As it stands, players are required to take two PCR tests a week. I won’t waste your time outlining the many problems with PCR testing. I’ve done that a hundred times or more on these pages.

Klopp has previously said that vaccines should be mandated from a “moral point of view” and that he wouldn’t sign an unvaccinated player. He’s also called anti-vaxxers “aggressive” and “dangerous.”

He’s not very bright.

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Steven James

Bio-Transnumanism In a new technocratic era to replace the old Casino capitalist system that was failing anyway.
Pre-planned decades ago Richie.

Steven James

The Aussie government are really nit picking in detail to beat Jokovic.
It’s not exactly cricket is it,or tennis even 🤷🏻‍♂️🙄😡


Every time I hear that name I think of the German officer in ‘Allo, Allo’ who would half-heartedly flip his hand up in the required salute and utter, ‘Klopp!’

Marty Hopkirk

But wait! Didn’t Klopp recently say that his Liverpool squad were 99% fully jabbed? Surely if that’s the case, then they should be immune from all future Covid outbreaks and match postponements, no? (hint sarcasm)

I wonder how quick Klopp would be to blame the outbreak on ‘false positive’ tests if the vaccine uptake in his team was much lower?

Welsh Gregg

as lfc fan, im dissapointed with klopp, but hes not the only one. Maybe he will realise that stopping the world for nothing is not a good thing.


He should change his name to Jurgen Klapptrap


How about Jurgen Opff instead?


Klopp is following those ancestors who claimed to be good Germans and merely following orders.

fab nocivelli

Cue false + becoming DELTACRON !


What a muppet this bloke is He is Pro FAKE VAX but calls out the fake tests that have been the driver to this 2yrs long SCAM


What is the difference between the 2 positives and how is that difference known? +=- -=+ x=/ /=x


Ask Neil “1+1= 1,000,000” Ferguson.
He is really good with numbers


funny how he changes his tune when he does not agree with something


He says that one was a true positive. This probably just means that this particular player who tested positive had the sniffles or some flu-like symptoms. Flu and pneumonia seem to have disappeared for a second year. Everything is now covid.

I’m just getting to the end of a cold, no different to what I’ve had at any other time, but you can bet if I took a test I’d be positive for covid.

Urban Fox

All very true Jennie

Anne Talbot

No doubt about it Jennie. I want to scream every time I hear someone say “ have you had a test”


sons girlfriend went and tested herself last week and it was positive. We were furious as she lives with us. We carried on with our lives (she stayed upstairs out of the way, that was her choice) because hubby and I didn’t even have a sniffle, mind you there was that initial panic because of all the fear it has engendered. Not because we were ill but because of anyone knowing and seeing us out. Two days after result she was feeling better and wished she hadn’t done the test as she realised it was really just a cold! ffsk. The testing has got to stop!

Last edited 6 months ago by Clare

People don’t realise that by getting tested they are prolonging this as the the tests will be fixed so they get a lot of positives. Sometimes people feel under the weather in the winter, it’s normal, but in previous times they would have some honey and lemon, a day or two off work if necessary and then just soldiered on. Perhaps get your son’s girlfriend to have a look at the mass of evidence from leading doctors and scientists that are not allowed on the mainstream media.


Yes i totally agree and she is realising that its ridiculous because she really didn’t feel that ill (actually pointed out she has been ill everytime she returned to uni and wearing a mask all day). Son has being doing the softly softly pointing out the data and details but her family are very invested in it all and she is loyal to them, which is fair. she gets it now though, I hope 🙂

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