Lives At Risk As NHS Loses 25,000 Beds In A Decade

Britain has fewer hospital beds than all European Union nations apart from Sweden and has lost 25,000 beds in the last decade alone. That’s according to analysis by the Royal College of Emergency Medicine.

It claims that hospitals are “fit to bursting” and that this is putting patients lives at risk.

According to The Times:

A damning report found that Britain has fewer hospital beds than all European Union nations apart from Sweden. Owing to staffing shortages there are 2.42 beds per 1,000 people in Britain, compared with 8 per 1,000 in Germany and 5.9 in France.

Analysis by the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM) found there were 163,000 hospital beds in the UK: 24,863 fewer than in 2010. This meant that thousands of patients a month ended up waiting in overwhelmed A&E units or ambulances.

Last month a record 24,000 patients in England were stuck on trolleys in A&Es for more than 12 hours before being admitted, a 45-fold increase compared with April last year.

The RCEM said an extra 4,500 beds, staffed by new nurses and doctors, were needed in the next six months to ensure safe care this winter, and 13,000 were needed in the next five years.

The NHS has pursued a policy of shutting hospital beds as medical advances meant fewer patients needed an overnight stay. However, medical leaders have warned that this policy will backfire as hospitals face greater demand from an ageing population

The report said that the UK has fewer intensive care beds than most European nations, which risks “unnecessary deaths due to bottlenecks”.

Elective surgery such as hip replacements is being cancelled because of a lack of beds, making it impossible to reduce a record waiting list of 6.4 million.

Last month the government introduced a health and social care levy to help clear the Covid backlog, but NHS leaders say that the money will not be sufficient unless there is a workforce plan.

There are 110,000 vacancies in the NHS, including shortages of 40,000 nurses and 8,000 doctors.

The number of NHS hospital beds in the UK has more than halved in the last 30 years, from around 299,000 in 1988 to 141,000 in 2020.

In that time, the population has grown from 56.8 million to 68.2 million people.

You don’t need to be a genius to understand that this is unsustainable.

Covid lockdowns were justified by the need to protect the NHS from being overwhelmed.

Nobody in the media thought it worth mentioning to Boris Johnson at the relentless Downing Street Covid press conferences, that if you reduce bed capacity by half over three decades, you can’t credibly claim that Covid (or anything else) is overwhelming the NHS.

What a scam.


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Absolutely BANG ON Richie! Here is the END of all mask debates aswell
Lockdown science pre covid was also BANG ON! Never do such!
The whole scam relies on a FLIP of ALL KNOW SCIENCE!
PCR aswell, even though it was always known, that such is NOT A TEST, so a TESTDEMIC is all we really had as an issue.


Thanks PandoraChaser,
Watching it just now.


Thank you for the very good information video.


I was in an NHS hospital last week & I’ve never known it so quiet. Only two of us in a 7 bed ward.
They gave me every test available in 24 hours including CT scan, Xray’s & ultrasound.
I also had 9 different blood tests. The staff were all brilliant even though I’m not jabbed.
The Dr told everyone to take their masks off as the staff were wearing them & we didn’t need to.
It’s all highly unusual. I still can’t see my own GP though.


Anyone notice how ‘medical care’ (the primary purpose of doctors and hospitals) has been replaced by ‘health care’?
While there is some overlap, the two are distinctly different.
Medical care is largely about fixing up, patching up, and in some cases curing, after the event.
Health care takes us into the realm of prevention. A pre-emptive strike, if you like.
And that is dangerous territory, for pretty much everything comes under the purview of health care. Diet, alcohol consumption, smoking, drug use, exercise regimes, sexual activity, ‘wellbeing’, travel, pollution – the list goes on.
With the preventative healthcare model there is almost no need for hospitals.


I’ve been waiting for a hospital referral since March. In that time, I’ve obviously had a lot of time to research my problem and have decided against the (possible) surgery option. I’m now looking at more natural ways to heal myself. Whether I’ll be successful though, is another thing entirely.

I’m actually afraid to be admitted to hospital anyway, even though I’m now in chronic pain on a daily basis.


Well, I’m shocked..SHOCKED I tell you!

The NHS is a basket case. Intentionally hamstrung to suit several agendas, most notably privatisation-by-the-back-door.

Last edited 28 days ago by Ian
Urban Fox

It is entirely correct that hospital beds were disappearing long before the covid scam. Additionally in some hospitals more beds were taken out in 2020 , to increase the space between the few beds they did have. Due to the risk of contamination from the phantom plague. I was in hospital in 2019, and the space between beds on our ward was at least 6 feet. How much more space do they need. If the dance routines that staff had time to film whilst they should have been looking after people was anything to go by, they need all the space they can find. Maybe that was the real reason they removed more beds. Because they needed the space , for the ”NHS frontline choir” to practice. This is the choir appearing on Britain’s got talent.

Robbie Williams sang whilst he was winning, ”the frontline choir” are singing whilst people are dying.

( Excellent video of Maajid Nawaz interviewing Jackie Deevoy and others, about the recent slaughter in our hospitals.)

Amazingly at the height of the made up pandemic, even with so few beds available. Hospitals were never overwhelmed, as they weren’t excepting customers. Not unless it was for people complaining of respiratory problems, in which case they seemed only to happy to oblige. As long as they could issue DNR notices, and pump them full of morphine and Midazolam at the first available opportunity. Thereby hastening there demise.

Many hospitals were filmed in 2020 showing empty wards, and around March / April some hospitals gave all the casual nursing staff 2 months leave. Meanwhile as wards and emergency field hospitals lay empty, people were dyeing through not being able to get treated. So that was the choice for most people. Stay at home in their own beds and maybe die, or try being one of the ‘ lucky ones ‘ to get a bed in hospital. In which case patients were gambling with the risk of dyeing at the hands of the state.

So in conclusion it would seem that though there is a genuine bed shortage. There has also been a reluctance to treat people, keep them alive and to use the beds that are available. Now we have a situation whereby we have ever increasing hospital waiting lists. But not down to a new virus, but because treatment for most things practically stopped over the last two years. And at a time where the way things are going we may need new hospitals to be built, just to house those suffering from Jab related injuries. Injuries no doubt that will be passed off as something else.

Last edited 28 days ago by Urban Fox

I think some of the jab injuries are being passed off as MonkeyPox. But that’s only my opinion.

Blessed Day Mr Fox 🦊

Urban Fox

Blessed day Joe, Thanks for reply good to hear from you. I agree about the Monkeys. I wrote about all things pox, under the iTunes article. I dont know if you saw it.


I did indeedy. Very good and very informative. I’m still here, lurking (😄). It’s just been difficult recently to find the time to post as often as I used to.

Urban Fox

I’m always lurking. Even if people cant see me.


Me too 🫢😂


Will catch up soon likkle one 🤗


Kaflaaaaa!! 👋🏻👋🏻😂


I’m lurking too 😆. I sent you an email. It might be in your junk/spam box. Xx

Urban Fox

Hi Kafla, i haven’t looked at my email or turned my mobile on for about 2 weeks. So no idea who has been trying to contact me. I need to look tonight really. So hopefully it will be there. Speak later.


I agree with you.
Other than chronic pain, how you doing?


I’m not too shabby, thanks. How are you doing?


Pretty good this end, thanks. It could be better, but that’s usually the way.


Yep. I hear ya. Much the same at my end too.

Dee Murph

It’s as bad here I’d imagine , increase the Irish population by 5% too for “refugees” and what is that going to do on our hospital waiting lists. Free fall into madness. Not only is is hospitals but our electric grid and our water supply. “Intermittent usage” coming down the pipe


Not to mention that the Irish government, despite endless promises, are not building any houses to accommodate all these people that they are letting in and rents and house prices are soaring. A lot of the rental stock is in poor condition and that will also contribute to ill health.


I love the way these fuckers say ‘lost beds’ as if they’ve misplaced them. They’ve fucking sold them off and given free reign to the private sector. It’s only going to get worse when they sell off the rest of the N.H.S. to the yanks.
Their style of medicine isn’t that special, most of the common ailments we get don’t need a certificated medical expert to cure. People should try avoid hospital at all times and rely more on natural health.


The way things are currently I’d have to be at death’s door to go near a hospital and maybe not even then.


I feel exactly the same.


A friend of mine holidayed in Cuba about ten years ago. They had a nationalised medical cars system. One doctor and one nurse per neighbourhood communities of thousands, with the doctors on the same income as the bin men.
Nationalised medical care in the UK (as well as other nationalisation programmes) began immediately after WW2, when we were broke. So where did the money for nationalisation come from? The banks. Money that, undoubtedly, would have come with a whole slew of contractual obligations (in much the same way that the IMF and World Bank operate).

Fabian literature from 2020 states quite clearly that, by the 1970s, it had been determined that nationalisation wasn’t working. It could be argued that, in true scientific experimentation, nationalisation was nothing more than a social experiment.
Curious, then, that the 1970s saw the beginning of the dismantling of nationalised systems (and Nationalism in general) in the UK – a trend that rippled outwards to encompass even the USSR.

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