Lloyd Webber – “I’m Opening My Theatres Even If I’m Arrested!”

Legendary composer Andrew Lloyd Webber has threatened to open his theatres on June 21st, even if the government decides to push back so-called Freedom Day by a few weeks. He even said that he is prepared to be arrested.

That’s commendable, but this is the same Andrew Lloyd Webber who told the BBC a few weeks ago that vaccine refuseniks were selfish. He even compared them to drunk drivers. He’s a bit of an eejit.

The composer said that he risks having to sell his six West End venues if covid restrictions are not ended. “We are going to open, come hell or high water,” Lloyd Webber told the Daily Telegraph.

Asked what he would do if the government postponed lifting lockdown, he said: “We will say, ‘come to the theatre and arrest us!”

Back in May, when Lloyd Webber told the BBC that he agreed with the Queen’s claim that anti-vaxxers were selfish, I understood him. He didn’t know any better. I can profoundly disagree with someone but understand where they are coming from.

He (wrongly) took the view that unlocking the country and his own industry was being held back by vaccine refuseniks. But tens of millions of people including all the so-called most vulnerable had been jabbed at that point.

Surely Lloyd Webber now realises that he’s been had? Health Secretary Matt Hancock told the nation that the country would “cry freedom” when the vulnerable were jabbed. He was lying. The vulnerable have had two jabs. The government isn’t budging.

Now, the nation’s business owners are staring into the abyss. It’s dawning on them that the government, or at least those who advise the government, have no intention of returning the country to normal anytime soon.

Is Lloyd Webber serious? Is he prepared to open up come hell or high water and risk being arrested? I hope so. It might be too late in any case. I wonder does he wish he’d had the courage to do it sooner?

This ends when we stop complying. It’s as simple as that. It ends when people burn the masks, return to work, refuse the tests and the injections and turn off their televisions.


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Harry Derriere

Just another blowhard.

Last edited 5 months ago by Harry Derriere

 Thanks to this article I can learn more. Expand my knowledge and abilities. Actually the article is very real.

Last edited 5 months ago by Velma
Joanne Boddington

He’ll lose his case as an example to us all for challenging the bollocks, no doubt. Also, the guy’s an utter plagiarist who nicked tunes right left and centre. I earned a tidy sum playing the flute part to Phantom in the early 90s though so can’t complain.


He will open and he will get arrested to set an example to others thinking of opening up. It will not be a real arrest though as Karras says below” its all theatre”.


It’s all theatre.


Lloyd Webber’s London West End Theatres (I believe he owns six) have had a great deal of public support/money. At the same time many provincial theatres have been left to wither on the vine. But of course he has lots of friends and connections in high places.


Lyin ass. We call it flu season for a reason. I haven’t heard as much as a sniffle. A few farts but nobody I know has been sick for a solid year now, yet most of the people I work around have taken both jabs. For all the shit that I had to take for smoking pot in the 80s I owe some ass beatings for the shitheads who don’t even question this untested jungle juice.

Hermione Granger

Give Webber a chance hes realised this is a con and he’s going to open up or go bust like all the other non trillionnaire businessmen


You don’t get to be Sir Andrew unless your a card-carrying Freemason, i.e. Satanist. Rest assured, his future is safe with his fortune and his palatial underground digs secured so that he can run to them along with all the rest of his sinking ship-deserting ratty members of the Brotherhood when it all goes ugly up here.

Hermione Granger

That’s ridiculous hes a talented musician man and hes wrote some classic musicals

Hermione Granger

He’s not Greta the muppet


Yes. Satanists can write plays and compose music.


They will take anyone as a sacrificial lamb for their cause. If they can make an example of him – who else will dare?
Or maybe a conspiracy to show what will happen if he dares? He’s in on it?

Tony K

Eejit, interesting way to spell cunt Richie.

Two faced shitbag, as you eloquently put in in the first few sentences.


He’s neither nowt nor summink.
In fact this confused thinking is actually promising that he’s human after all. Like as if he’s not totally in the loop with the plans and is genuinely perplexed. Maybe not, maybe he’s just trying to stay relevant and drum up business


All talk no action.


Lloyd Webber is expressing nothing more than fake courage. I haven’t see him or any other in-crowd Socialite coming forward to protest the damage being done to small businesses or the well being of children over the last year.
And given the current climate, just who will have the spare cash to afford one of his shows? Not the ‘everyman/woman’, that’s for sure.


Lloyd Webber is a fully fledged 100% vax-hole. He is now simply worried about his bottom line as he cannot make any money if social distancing rules are applied in his theatres the shows would become financial unviable.


Of course. The same would seem to apply to most of the population.

Hermione Granger

Mate we all need to Make a living


This could all be a set up for which he’s getting a big backhander

Darryl W

It’s obviously good he’s willing not to just roll over. But he just showed its in his self interest to get evey one else jabbed. So he doesn’t give a damn about any one else.


In other words, standard behaviour for society’s rich Socialites.


At least we can’t accuse him of having a ‘hidden’ agenda. Man oh Man, that is singularly unattractive visage.

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