Long Covid Sufferers To Be Taught Opera & Lullaby’s During Recovery

“Go Compare!

Go Compare!
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When you go online to Go Compare!”

What the hell is that baldy? That my friend, is a prescription for Long Covid. People suffering from long Covid will be taught breathing techniques by opera singers to help them recover from breathlessness and anxiety. All together now.. “Just a one Cornetto, give it to me…delicious ice-cream from Italy.” It’s the brainchild of Imperial College London and the National Opera and has been developed to help those who have gotten over coronavirus, but are afflicted with lingering symptoms like anxiety and breathlessness.

The project is called ENO Breathe and will see long covid sufferers appointed a mentor, who will teach them to breathe like opera singers. Those taking part, will also be taught lullaby’s to help keep them calm when the long covid kicks in and they start feeling anxious. I swear by almighty God and Sonny Jesus, that I am not making this up. I told you a thousand times, somewhere, someplace, there’s a room full of scriptwriters, who are laughing their arses off at what they can get the public to swallow.

The ENO Breathe website declares: “Lullabies will be used as a way into exercises throughout the six weeks on the programme. Lullabies are expressly designed to calm and soothe, and have the benefit of being short, memorable and accessible to all.” Marvellous. By the way, laugh yer ass off at this while you still can, because soon it’ll be a hate crime against the long covid community.

Long covid is a fantasy. When the government and SAGE realised last year, that the public was wising up to the fact that covid is harmless for the vast majority of us, they had to get inventive and fast. This scam is all about the vaccine and long covid was invented with mass vaccination in mind. It’s not at all uncommon for someone, who has had flu or pneumonia, to feel weak, tired and run down for weeks, even months afterwards. Where will all of this end eh?

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As I have pointed out elsewhere, this is about viewing us – and, therefore, treating us – as children.
Lullabies? How obvious do they want to make it?
It is worth pointing out that lockdowns are another way of telling us we are grounded – as naughty children must be.

Wes Baker

Is there one, single redeeming feature about Imperial College London? One?

When the pitchforks come out over there, I would suggest that sh*thole be the first stop. Then Westminister.

Richie B

Long Covid = 5G

But no-one is talking about this?
I have long suffered with sickness from smartphones and the like. I can feel the radiation coming off a phone when I try to use one. I’ve gotten seriously sick from this in the past.

Naturally, since last year when 5G started to become widely implemented, the symptoms have hugely increased.

When the media describe the symptoms of ‘long covid’ they are EXACTLY the symptoms I’ve been experiencing for years due to EMF radiation.

Dy Duncalf

The level of brainwashing has reached an absurd level now. So many MSM worshipers will be pointing there arses to the sky soon for the rectal test.
It’s deeply disturbing living amongst this new alien race.
At least we can still laugh along with you for now which helps.

Joanne Doyle

Funny as Richie 不不不不不…. they really do think were totally thick. Cant they see their the thick ones cos weve seen the light?? ME is not awarded points on sickness benefits even when ur under the hospital for it. Will Long Covid be considered the level of sickness they suggest when it comes to PIP benefits???

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