Macy Gray: “Changing Your Parts Doesn’t Make You A Woman!”

R&B legend Macy Gray has said that she doesn’t believe that transgender athletes should be allowed to compete with real women. The singer was speaking to Piers Morgan on his Uncensored show.

She said: ‘Just because you go and change your parts doesn’t make you a woman, sorry.’ 

According to The Mail Online:

In an interview on Piers Morgan Uncensored, the 54-year-old acknowledged that people will ‘hate me for saying this’ but ‘I know that for a fact. If you want me to call you a ‘her’, I will, because that’s what you want but that doesn’t make you a woman just because I call you a ‘her’ and just because you got a surgery.’

Morgan said that most public figures were too terrified to say ‘what a woman is’.

The singer agreed, saying: ‘I know!.. I would say a human being with boobs. How about you start there? And a vagina.’

The duo discussed the issue of transgender women in sport as the host said: ‘I support all trans rights to fairness and equality’.

Morgan then went on to add how he doesn’t support transgender people with ‘physical superior bodies’ that thrash on women in their sports…

She (Gray) went on to say: ‘A woman goes through a completely unique experience and surgery and finding yourself doesn’t change that. Being a little girl is a whole epic book, you know? You can’t have that just because you want to be a woman.’

When Piers pointed out that Harry Potter author JK Rowling had been criticized for her views on trans women, Macy said: ‘But it’s the truth.’

Adding: ‘I don’t think you should be called transphobic just because you don’t agree… there is a lot of judgement and throwing stones at people for just saying what it is, do you know what I mean?’

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Brian stalker

Well that lasted 🤔


If you take a trifle and put a pastry top on it does it then become a pie?


If you drive a nissan micra, but cut the roof off, do you now own a convertible?

Have a read of this tragic tale. A young gay man was swayed into surgery. He’s been left with complications and unable to beget children. He described his experiencing as “lobotomising” his sex. He has since detransitioned & is suing the nhs:

I have heard detransitioners give interviews. They speak.of being lost, then captured by the ideology, and then they see the light. They were manipulated to be cannon fodder for an ideology which we will one day look back on as being as harmful as lobotomisations were.


If I had a Nissan Micra and put some Mercedes’ badges on it does it become a Mercedes’


Julia Hartley-Brewer can’t cover her Brummie roots no matter how hard she tries 🙂

Urban Fox

On last night’s show Richie posed the question: was any country truly independent from the cabal, the hidden hand. This is something that had been on my mind since the 4th of July was first mentioned on Sunday’s show. 

As far back as the early 1990 tis, i first read that British and French Royal blood ran through all the presidents of the United States. Showing that presidents were chosen because of blood. Several independent researches had stated this, and it was vehemently denied. By the authorities, Burks peerage and the American peerage associations. However in 2012 amazingly an American 12 year old school girl did her own research, showing without any doubt the Royal blood connection. The research was so impressive that it was published around the world by several news papers, including the UK Daily Mail. And i recall the girl being interviewed on UK morning television. I read somewhere that an employee of Burks peerage even helped with her research. Shortly after this story broke the inevitable denials started again. With the peerage organizations refusing to validate her findings. So i was surprised that the Daily Mail ran the story again this week, 10 years after it was originally published.

Their have been some minor disagreements over the years as regards some of the finer points of these connections. Previously it was stated that 34 of the presidents were direct descendants of Charlemagne the Eight century King. And it has been long known that many were descendants of King John, and 19 of them direct descendants of Edward the third, including Trump and Clinton. Latest research shows that all before Biden apart from the Eighth president were in fact descended from both King John and Charlemagne. The Eighth president is thought to be of Dutch origin and his Royal blood is disputed, and Biden’s origins are still being argued about. Though i have some suggestions of my own. 

There have been the expected online comments, saying such things as ” So what if you go back far enough everyone is connected, where’s the conspiracy.” But personally I think it preposterous to suggest that this is anything other than by design. 

I believe that no country is independent from the blood line network that has steered the worlds history for thousands of years, through the use of the secret society’s. And that the Royal bloodline, sometimes called the Merovingian dynasty, is the most powerful of these 13 interconnecting blood lines. Thereby meaning that not only are they not puppets, as some have suggested. But they are the very power driving the agenda. But they are choosing to go more out of the public spotlight as time go’s by. To coincide with the plan to destroy tradition as part of the great reset.

Over the century’s there may have been from time to time genuine disagreements between factions of this cabal, mainly vying for dominance. At other times these disagreements and wars were manufactured to centralize power, whilst hiding the agenda from the masses. And i believe its not possible to say for sure, where one ends and the other begins. However those days are long gone, with all of them now pulling together in ‘lock step’ ,singing from the same evil hymn sheet. Just as no country is independent from the puppeteers behind the scenes. The USA is not independent nor ever broke away from the united kingdom, any more than the UK broke away from the European union. These agreements are on paper only, but in practice the reality is something very different. 


A fair analysis Foxy. It could reasonably be argued that the current mess in the world is due to one clan’s victory over the rest of slimy parasites who’ve been feeding off of humanity for generations. I read another theory the other day that the likes of Cameron, Trump, Blair etc are mud bloods or bastard relations sired by those families who’re too inbred to stay the course. It was even alleged that Hitler was a result of his great grandmother being knocked up by a Rothschild. In any event, the Apple seldom falls far from the tree.

Urban Fox

Thanks BB, cant recall Hitler’s tree or Blairs. Apart from the tree they both carved there names on. There’s some Royal blood in our political establishment. Most likely around the world as well. But insignificant compared to the presidential situation obviously. I checked up recently as couldn’t remember. But the following were written about in MSM, just like the presidents were. Cameron Queens fourth cousin, Johnson descendent of King George 2nd. This came out years ago on a ancestry documentary, and he pretended he didn’t know.!! And Jeromy Hunt, is the Queens fifth cousin. { All coincidence} I have a feeling Hunt may be being lined up as PM. But dont quote me unless I’m proved correct. In which case please tell everyone.


It makes absolutely ZERO difference who lives at number 10 Downing Street, the stage is already set – ironically by these bloodlines.


‘the plan to destroy tradition as part of the great reset.’
Have you considered that the chaos we are seeing is, in part, a deliberate promotion of extreme liberal ideas to generate a backlash in favour of traditional values?
Because what I see is largely a regression, not progression – but one operating under cover of the illusion of progressiveness.
The trouble with the notion of ‘traditonal values’ is that most people think in terms of more modern conservativism. But go back further and an awful lot of what we are seeing looks a lot more familiar.

The smart city with its restricted movement and speech – the medieval settlement.
Teaching sex to kids – they would have been exposed to graphic sex during the medieval period.
The promotion of paedophilia – before 1875, adulthood began with puberty (which tends to begin earlier in females). Coming of Age began at about 10 for females.
Same sex bathrooms and toilets – men and women once shared the same bushes and washing facilities.
The promotion of hirsute women (including ones with beards) and men – that was commonplace before the invention of razors.
Men in dresses and tights – change the words to smock/tunic and hose.
Flat Earth theory – a medieval trope.
Humans control the climate – we used to offer prayers and sacrifices for pretty much the same belief.
Teaching kids all sorts of things at a young age – under traditional Catholic lore the Age of Reason (the age at which a child is deemed capable of understanding issues and can be held accountable) is 7.

I could go on. And I could be wrong.


Fantastic Post Mr Fox 😉 Love the link too. I recall this back then vaguely and was also aware Obomba just happens to be Dick Cheney’s Cousin and referred in jest to him, as “the black sheep in the family!”

This further bolsters my suspicion that the USA was always secretly still under English Rule, as the Founding Fathers were Esquires when signing the Declaration of Independence, so were really 1 step off Knighthoods all along. The English could simply have have offered a truce, with illusion of freedom, whilst continuing secret taxation to the Crown, or the serious threat, that they would return with a truly massive armada and just wipe out the resistance totally. Theory only though of course.

Urban Fox

Thanks Pan, Dont have a strong opinion whether it started out as a genuine conflict{ Not contrived} to begin with. Or whether it was planned to go the way it did from the beginning. Similar question with 2nd world war. Only on a world wide scale. Were the Nazis meant to win and take over the world outright in 45 on behalf of the cabal. Or as David Icke and some others believe, was it just a ruse to rewrite the map and set up the European Union. On this i do have the opinion that it was the former. I think that people within the cabal may have been secretly working against there masters. Also its known within occult circles, that white magicians and witches regularly held ceremonies all over the UK. Including sending out energy to calm the weather for the D Day landings. Also i believe that it was no coincidence that open tyranny being declared,{ as i call it } in 2020 was not random. I believe everything was planned years ago in detail. 2020 was 75th anniversary of the end of the war. Its my belief that the date was chosen in revenge, as well as the canceling of the commemorations that year.

Urban Fox

This assault on free speech started around 30 years ago, with certain laws that started to come into being. I clearly recall an argument, where i said, ” We dont have freedom of speech, we have freedom to say certain things.” I was told ” Its hardly like it is in China.” Fast forward to 2022 and look where we are now, and all that’s happened since March 2020.

I’m in agreement with Macy, and on the subject of throwing stones and phobias. In 1995 whilst studying counselling, we were sat in class discussing sexuality and gender. As part of the discussion i dared to suggest that a difference of opinion was not necessarily down to a phobia. And was someone not entitled to their opinion, whether it be for religious or any other reason. Suffice to say, this comment was as popular as a request for an English breakfast at a bedsit in Glastonbury. Or the time i ate a ham sandwich whilst doing Tarot readings at a green fare. I think if someone was brave or stupid enough to suggest this now, they could be literally stoned. Or at least have text books thrown at them.


We have to protect free speech, as it’s the last bastion of liberty. Slaves weren’t allowed to speak unless spoken to; surely we’re better than that?

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