Mail On Sunday Editor Tells Lindsay Hoyle He Was Right To Publish Rayner Article

The editor of the Mail On Sunday has declined Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle’s invitation to discuss the paper’s so-called misogynistic article about Labour’s Angel Rayner.

David Dillon and the newspaper’s political editor Glen Owen had been summoned to appear before Hoyle and explain Sunday’s piece, which contained allegations by a Tory MP, that Rayner had been crossing and uncrossing her legs at PMQ’s in a bid to distract Boris Johnson.

Dillon wrote to Hoyle last night, saying:

I and The Mail on Sunday have the greatest possible respect both for your Office and for Parliament. Along with a free Press they are the foundation stones of British democracy. For that reason – and on the understanding that the intention was to draw a line under matters – yesterday I and The Mail on Sunday’s Political Editor Glen Owen accepted your invitation to meet to discuss last Sunday’s story about Angela Rayner.

However, since then two things have happened. Firstly, and regrettably, in your statement in the House yesterday you said: ‘I share the views expressed by a wide range of members, including I believe the Prime Minister, that yesterday’s article was reporting unsubstantiated claims – and misogynistic and offensive.’

This indicated that you had passed judgment on our article without being in possession of the facts surrounding how it came to be reported.
Secondly, following investigations by the Conservative Party, three other MPs who were part of the group on the House of Commons terrace, one of them a woman, have come forward to corroborate the account of Angela Rayner’s remarks given to us by the MP who was the source of last Sunday’s story.

The Mail on Sunday deplores sexism and misogyny in all its forms. However, journalists must be free to report what they are told by MPs about conversations which take place in the House of Commons, however unpalatable some may find them.

Britain rightly prides itself on its free Press. That freedom will not last if journalists have to take instruction from officials of the House of Commons, however august they may be, on what they can report and not report. I am afraid I and Glen Owen must now decline your invitation.

David Dillon, Editor, The Mail on Sunday.




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Brings a new dimension to the term LEGacy media, now doesn’t it.

Very distracting indeed.

And predictably convenient… just like everything else they use to manipulate and control public perception.


So at last! The Labour Party’s opposition has legs!!

Simon Blanchard

Teweetie Pie is still in shock. He tawt he taw a puddy tat


All the focus is on none stories such as this, yet there is no coverage on the endless new regulations that the government has snook in that are destroying SME all over the UK.

The latest ones that came in this April being the removal of red diesel from the construction industry. Our company has already had £20,000 worth of diesel stolen since the change. This is after we have paid double the price it was the month before as red diesel (Gas Oil).

But hey, Rayners fee fees might have been hurt!


On the face of it this is little more than a summer squall in a teacup.
However, it is part of a larger trend that we have seen in recent years – especially the last two years – of the Press being effectively banned from challenging politicians.
And it is not just with lockdowns, mask mandates and vaccines.
Matt Hancock largely silenced the Press when he stated clearly that Vallance holding large shares in GSK wasn’t a conflict of interest. Javid has slapped down journalists who have asked him inconvenient questions. Sunak has claimed ‘foul play’ by the Press after they reported his wife’s connections to InfoSys and that company’s continued dealings with Moscow.
Additionally, none of the Press have really reported on any corporate connections with Labour Party members, or Starmer’s membership of the Trilateral Commission.
And, of course, the Press haven’t drawn much of any attention to the legislation the government is seeking to enact that could see any journalist who ’embarasses the government’ being jailed for up to fourteen years.

At this point the misogyny allegations are just that – allegations. But had there been similar allegations that a male politician had been ‘manspreading’ in a suggestive manner, we can all be damned sure that those accusations would have been taken seriously and gained huge support from the Twitter mob.

In my opinion it should be clear by now that truth and facts have been well and truly replaced by propaganda and ‘the cause’, irregardless of the actual harm it does.
And all it requires to work and be effective are ‘useful idiots’, for which, it seems, there is a plentiful supply.


The Mail On Sunday should do their job and publish lots of articles on vaccine injuries.

Forget about Boris, headlines about a woman crossing and uncrossing her legs in Parliament are designed to distract us.

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