Man Faces Federal Charges For Selling Fake Vaccine Cards

Those of you who said that you would attempt to acquire a fake vaccine passport in order to be able to avoid the jab and still be able to travel, might want to think again.

Amar Shabazz from Maryland in the US, faces federal charges for distributing as many as 600 fake vaccine cards.

According to FOX News:

Amar Shabazz, 23, allegedly bought the cards through a foreign online marketplace and advertised to sell them on several social media platforms. “Covid19 vaccination card who want one,” Shabazz wrote on one account according to the charges filed against him. “$75 a pop.”

He continued to promote the cards over the following month, commenting on articles about vaccine requirements and restrictions at bars and restaurants, according to a criminal complaint. He allegedly messaged individuals to tell them he was sold out on multiple occasions. 

The messages indicate that he ordered at least two batches of the cards – one batch of 300 and another of 500. 

Shabazz, who had served jail time for possession of child pornography, now faces a possible sentence of up to 20 years each for mail fraud and obstruction of justice if convicted in the vaccine cards case. 

Shabazz is obviously a dirtbag, as his criminal record would indicate.

Back in August, Politics Home reported that fraudsters were offering fake NHS covid passes online for £200:

After posing as an interested buyer, we were offered fake Covid vaccine certificates for £200-per-person by one administrator of the largest group identified.

They claimed they had NHS staff willing to alter medical records to ensure the certificates could be used for work or international travel.

The group we contacted has since been deleted. At least one further group we identified has also since been deleted. 

What times we live in.



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£200 was cheap back then as the price allegedly as gone up.


When most are vaxxed and just the anti vaxxers remain….I wonder what will be in the mix when mandated?


Not all of the unjabbed are anti vax, but we’re all pure bloods 🙂


Con artists like Shabazz are ‘two a penny’ and are only ever rolled out in the national press for political gain.

Other than the obvious, in this case, there is that ‘allegedly bought the cards through a foreign online marketplace’. Will Russia or China get the blame, I wonder?

And such stories can also prime people to accept digital currency because, with such a system, these (let’s face it) small cons won’t be possible.
Sold like that, people will lap it up without considering the broader implications.

Carl Smith


Several days ago, a GP gave a webinar urging people to get the jab.

He was saying how “safe and effect” the jabs are.

Basically, he was parroting what Big Pharma say.

He, also, wanted mandates for NHS staff.

He is due to give webinars to discuss the jabs in PREGNANT women and CHILDREN.

Here is the link for the webinars:



If you are in the right place it might be worth joining in to ask some pertinent questions.

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