Manchester Mayor Urges Govt NOT To Mandate Jab For NHS Staff

The Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham said this morning that he’s not in favour of mandating covid -19 jabs for NHS staff. Burnham, a former Health Secretary, was speaking to LBC’s Nick Ferrari.

NHS staff in patient-facing roles must be double-jabbed by April 1st. The deadline for having the first jab is February 3rd. Ferrari put it to Burnham that if his mother (Ferrari’s) ended up in hospital, she shouldn’t be put in danger by unvaccinated hospital staff.

In reply, Burnham said that the vast majority of NHS workers have already had the jab and that he would continue to use lateral flow tests on staff to keep patients safe.

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lynsey west

Why do these people start every sentence with ” i personally agree with vaccination” and them attempt to argue that they dont agree with mandating vaccines,, and then fail to make any plausible distinction between the two.
If you think the vaccines are harmless and work, why wouldnt it be reasonable to mandate the bloody things.

And why does Ferrari believe his mother, if she were alive, would be treated by someone who has Covid.

If covid is that bad then the nurse would more than likely be in the bed next to his mother,, not wiping her arse,, so in that context wouldnt it be more helpful to have every patient vaxxed…..just in case


The vaccine watchman.
By W.D. Stokes.

“Poisons and minerals slay millions! Vaccination slays tens of thousands! Herbs are man’s natural medicines.”

Booklet advertising Stokes’ herbal medicines – campaigning against vaccination and listing money spent on this between 1845 and 1885.
An attack on Paracelsus and his use of mercury is on the back cover.

Urban Fox

Even if the virus was real and the fake vaccines worked. It is still not expectable to force people to have them. When this whole scam broke in 2020. I said that even if this is all real, and this thing is deadly. Fascism should never be justified on any grounds. And locking people up by law. Who have not been tried before a jury of there pears. And then forcing them to wear harmful masks, stand 6 feet apart and take medication that they dont want, stick things up there nose several times a week to go to work or school, is repulsive fascism. I dont know what else you can call it. Once people excepted this in March 2020, it was only ever going to end badly, once a president had been set.


Burnham, another WEF attendee and globalist puppet.

“Mr Burnham launched the report ahead of participating in the World Economic Forum, in Tianjin, where he was due to meet with global leaders and speak on a range of subjects, including smart cities, healthcare and green manufacturing”


Globalisation is not the answer to the world’s problems, the exact opposite is true.


👍🏼 Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing Everywhere!

Urban Fox

Exactly, that was the belief of the original anarchist movement. Which had nothing to do with the things that were deliberately associated with it. It was the Nialists who were violent, but had the same political beliefs. They wanted to go back to genuine local goverment, like the old tribal system. And for that goverment to vote on important issues. As they believed that the more power that is put in the hands of the few, the greater the danger. I have always believed this myself, and look where we are now.

Gavin Ledermann

My wife’s already looking for alternative employment. No way she’s having that toxic shit injected. The politicians and the NHS can go fuck themselves.



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