Matt Hancock Says Immune System Is More Effective Than Vaccines

Speaking to SKY News this morning, Health Secretary Matt Hancock confirmed that your immune system is more effective than vaccines, when it comes to fighting off covid-19.

He didn’t mean to say that of course, but he did. Speaking to Stephen Dixon, Hancock said that having both doses of a covid vaccine reduces your chances of dying from the virus, by 97 per cent.

Fair enough, but if I come down with coronavirus tomorrow, my risk of dying is 0.0034 per cent. How do I know this? I used the QCovid calculator, developed by Oxford University and used by the NHS.

I’ve more chance of being pelted to death by squirrels chucking chestnuts at me, while walking in my local park, than dying from covid-19. It’s important to always keep in mind, that the treatments Hancock referred to this morning, are not vaccines. They don’t prevent illness.

The claim is that the vaccinated are less likely to get severely ill from covid-19. It’s nonsense, all of it, but the media (as usual), is absent.

In the meantime, more and more evidence is emerging that the jabs, which have emergency use authorisation remember, are causing real harm. If you get your news from the UK press, you won’t know this.

The excellent journalist Sally Beck has been speaking to the relatives of seniors who have died shortly after vaccination. The families Sally met, are convinced that the jabs played a big part in ending the lives of their loved ones.

Writing in The Conservative Woman, Sally says:

At the time I’d spoken to three families who had lost elderly relatives after vaccination and they all said they felt vaccination had played a big part in ending their relatives’ lives. One man in his 80s who had Parkinson’s and diabetes, received his second Pfizer vaccination and ten hours later was in a life-threatening situation. He later died. He received the jab early January, began vomiting and developed diarrhoea as a side-effect. He also had a duodenal ulcer which was aggravated by the vomiting and he began throwing up blood. He’d been prescribed blood thinners, medication contraindicated for vaccination, but the nurse had not picked this up. Because of the vomiting and diarrhoea, he became weak and then suffered a pulmonary embolism – a blockage of an artery in the lungs – which killed him….

If a patient dies within 28 days of receiving a Covid vaccine, regardless of whether or not they had underlying health conditions – remember that anyone with comorbidities who tested positive for Covid and died was said to have died with Covid – you would expect a major investigation, but it is passive. The MHRA said: ‘We actively follow up all fatalities where permission has been provided to do so for further information including post-mortem details if available.’

Most families do not know they should fill in a Yellow Card, like Dave Ward, whose former partner Trisha, aged 43 died of a cardiac arrest hours after receiving the Pfizer vaccine. ‘I had to search online to find the information. I wasn’t told by any of the paramedics or professionals involved.’ 

Having found it he said: ‘The Yellow Card Scheme is quite a hard site to navigate, and I can imagine some people would give up.’ Dave’s father has since died, three weeks after he got his covid vaccine.

Sally goes on to make a very important point and something which I was previously unaware of. She writes:

The most compelling information comes from the World Health Organisation who in their Global Manual on Surveillance of Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI) say that a full investigation should be mounted if two or more cases of the same adverse event are related in time, place or vaccine administration as well as AEFI occurring in similar age groups and populations.

Sally has repeatedly asked the MHRA why an investigation hasn’t been launched as per the WHO guidelines. They haven’t yet replied. In the United States, thousands of deaths following vaccination have been reported through VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System).

FOX News presenter Tucker Carlson is covering the story. He’s asked why the vaccine roll-out hasn’t been suspended. He made the point that a swine-flu vaccine programme was suspended in the 1970’s after 50 deaths were reported.

I say again. You’d have to mad to take a risk with one of these jabs. The evidence is overwhelming that they are dangerous and that the media and the MHRA are covering it up.

Put that alongside the fact that you have at least a 99.7 per cent chance of surviving covid-19 and it’s a no-brainer.

Read Sally Beck in The Conservative Woman here:




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NNT vs NNH (plus ARR vs RRR in thread)
Data from NEJM Israeli study and Pfizer trial published by UK Gov MHRA.
(References and data summary pic in tweet link below, see thread for ARR vs RRR):

Ronald Templeman

I work to keep my immune system as good as I can and never will this lot get near me with this body altering injection.

Hermione Granger

I guess the puppets are now starting to worry as nuemberg 2 is coming and they will have to explain their contradictions and abuse of mankind

Hermione Granger

contradicts himself again as we all know the shots harm your immune system. As expolained by Dr Geet vanden bossche these RNA treatments are like “going into a war when we don’t understand the strategy of our enemy and we don’t understand how our new weapon works. It’s likely the new antibodies will continue to outcompete ones natural antibodies which would provide you with broad protection over all variants. Suppressing these what will happen cannot just erase the new RNA operating system are losing your inate immune system”

Zac Baled


Life long member and the master of the secret 5 knuck shuffle society the 42 year old virgin matt handsonhisdirtycock mad handcock finally lets it slip through his slimy mouth that your own strong immune system (or a natural herd immunity) is the best cure for this convid scamdemic plandemic bs. I feel so sorry for those who have taken the experimental mrna gene therapy thinking they will be safe from the seasonal flu which was/is guised as a deadly disease.

Listening to Dr Sherry Tenpenny last night on BNT it really is not looking good for (upto) 70% of the people who have taken the poison. She read out a small statement circulated by UK’s SAGE committee where they say they expect more than an average admission to the hospitals with serious illnesses this coming winter which will be coincided with more than an average number of deaths particularly effected will be those who have taken the trial gene therapy’s.

She further advised people who have not taken the twisted jabs to try to stay away from those who have rolled up their sleeves and (try) not to have skin to skin contact. She also mentioned the possible connection between women having irregular monthly cycle and men having enlarged testicles etc to the mrna gene therapy.
I dont know what to make out of her advice as part of me believes she is onto something and is sincere in what she says whilst part of me is saying I should not treat the the ones who have taken the jabs as lepers.


Great, l sleep with a vaccinated husband. Maybe a divorce is due!


If you fancy a bit of a husband upgrade Bill is now available Melinda having thrown him out of the family mansion in Seattle. He’s now having to sleep on the sofa at his golf club in California. Just look him up on Tinder 🤣🤣🤣🤣


😆 😂 😆 😂 I’ll give that a miss ta. I’m trying to make light of this shedding business and hope I’m not vaccinated through design. Literally apart from my sister everyone we know are taken the poison. It’s soul destroying, especially as some of them think they’re so superior. Bloody fools.


Kafla I’m in pretty much the same situation. Even the people who were initially on side have now meekly caved in.


😔 😔 😔 😔

Alex Romero

Treat the jabbed as shedders, which is exactly what they are, and distance yourself where possible. That way you’re safe from the virus and also the virtue signalling bullshit.


I posted recently that there had been no new graves in the local cemetery during this fake pandemic and then, shortly after the big vaccine roll-out here in March, 3 new graves appeared and two days later it had gone up to 6. I went in the other day and there are now 22 new graves. As I said on my previous post I’ve absolutely no proof that the two things are related but it does seem a bit odd

Under international law no-one should be forced to have medical procedures against their will which includes both the vaccines (genetic engineering) and the masks. Neither of them prevent illness but why let facts and evidence get in the way.

Aren’t you all glad in the UK that you have someone as competent and informed as Matt Hancock telling you what to do? We have exactly the same level of competence in the government here in Ireland.

Last edited 6 months ago by Jennie

He needs to be tried & executed, maybe that’s happening now 🤞
We know that the jabs were created for genocide & it’s a shame that so many twats have had it.


I think most people realise the Jabs are a con,but are desperate too get back too some sort of normality,ie Holidays etc.No Jabs no Holidays abroad,will have too wait and see how that one pans out wont we?At the end of the day the vaccines are very dangerous but folk are desperate to booze ,holidays abroad etc so are willing too play Russian Roulette with their lives.


Yes, and they have been conned. I posted an article last week that highlighted government discussions to impose PCR testing for anyone returning from a holiday abroad. Given that anyone going abroad must first have had their jabs, this should be an absurdity, but the groundwork has already been laid with the “well, jabs don’t actually stop you getting infected” line.
The proposed tests will cost each returning holidaymaker a minimum of £60, followed by the roughly £1500 per person if they have to go into quarantine.


Of course if they are making money out of the testing they will up the number of cycles and of course it will help them keep the whole thing going until the flu and pneumonia season comes round again. They’ll say you see we opened up and now we’ve got all these cases (for cases read people with nothing wrong with them that tested positive in a test which isn’t looking for any virus).


I actually think the majority who take the poison think it is saving them. They’re that deluded.


It is worth remembering that, as of the beginning of March (so a whole year of the rampaging of the demon Ko’ Vid and his legions), the official death toll percentage was 0.186%. This could only be defined as such after a positive test. Total positive cases at that point equated to just over 6% of the population. And that was determined by the number of tests rolled out equating to 133% of the population (as opposed to, say, China who had at that time done tests that equated to 11% of their population).
No country is testing at the same rate or in the same way, meaning that comparisons of cases/deaths is irrelevant.
By comparison, serious adverse reactions (including death) from the jabs stands at about 0.25% (and this we know is an under reported figure).
The media, of course, will tell you none of this.

Gene Hunt

I think Hancock, along with all the leading experts around the world, need to give us a clear & true definition of exactly what a “vaccine” is, and then we can see if they all tally up!


There are plenty of sources that provide a clear and true definition, and they most definitely do not tally up with these experimental drugs.

Gene Hunt

Just a crying shame that not a single “journalist” will nail Hancock and Johnson on this!……..


A journalist would. Unfortunately, our media is now represented by newsreaders, not news researchers.


There are a number of scientists out there explaining exactly what they are in detail and none of it sounds good. These scientists are also scathing about the PCR test and the way that tried and tested and safe methods of treatment (even if you believe that the virus is real) are being shunned in favour of a risky, experimental vaccine which didn’t work with flu and didn’t work with cancer.

They claim that the injection stays at the site where it is given whereas in animal experiments with mrna vaccines particles from the injections were found in every part of the body. All the animals died. They are just out and out lying to get this sinister brew inside of us.

Charlie Stevenson

Asymptomatic transmission is their reasoning of course. I shouted at the gantry sign on the M1 the other day, “Lies!”, as its dotty orange warning leered menacingly the words “1 in 3 people have Covid with no symptoms”. That false claim, in itself, is the crux of the argument for vaccinating the working well, and quarantining the healthy. Yet it is also the Achilles heel as it is not true, and has no peer reviewed science to support the claim.

How do we take control of this situation? Well, a massive victory, and David and Goliath type of battle, was just fought and won by a young girl and her family in the courts regarding the mandatory face mask rule in secondary schools.

This is a glowing example of how it’s done. To use a boxing metaphor, they are on the ropes. The pen is mightier than the sword.

We should be peppering the government, and medical institutions with FOI requests, letters, law suits.

This strategy, if surfaced well and in a structured and coordinated way would be the death of a thousand cuts needed to end this and bring those responsible to justice.

The courts are corrupt, of course, but the zeitgeist is such that the court of public opinion is swift to act, hasty to judge, and capricious in the extreme. This is how we try these people. At least to build a platform for bringing this to a supranational court.

A great example of surfacing their own lies and deceit into the court of public opinion is the fantastic new MHRA Yellow Card Scheme search tool, by the UK Column.


Thank you for sharing that. Can you imagine how long any other product would be left on the shelf with results like that.

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