As Rothschild's merry men Trump and Macron plot their response to the unfounded allegations that Bashar al-Assad is using chemical weapons on his people, war criminal Theresa May (see Yemen) has instructed UK military chiefs to draw up plans to join in the carnage. She doesn't need parliamentary authority to do do either. Dodgy Dave Cameron did seek MP's backing for airstrikes on Syria back in 2013 after claims that the Syrian military had used chemical weapons then, but he wasn't legally required to do so. He lost that vote after hundreds of thousands of UK citizens phoned their MP's constituency offices and warned them that they would lose their vote if they supported Cameron. Will May risk recalling MP's from their Easter hols and trust that she'll succeed where Cameron failed? We'll see. 

Psychopaths like Conservative MP Priti Patel cannot wait to spill blood. Remember Priti? She took her holidays In Israel and met Netanyahu and members of his cabinet in total secrecy. She neglected to inform her own government, just a harmless memory lapse presumably. There was a time (God be with the days) when she'd have been arrested and charged with treason for that. Priti tweeted: "Syria has become a proxy battlefield with another act of barbarism by Assad sanctioned by his Russian and Iranian backers. World leaders can no longer say that strong action is needed unless they are prepared to act. Inaction has become a stain on our collective humanity." Good girl Priti, your Zionist masters are very pleased, there'll be an ice cream waiting for you when you get home. As I outlined on The RA Show yesterday, Russia predicted such an eventuality. On St. Patricks Day, Russian generals spoke to RT and other Russian media outlets and said that they had intelligence that the US was supplying the so called Syrian Rebels with Chlorine gas, to be used and blamed on the Assad government. The Russian military said that US warships were strategically placed in the Mediterranean to launch airstrikes in the wake of the false flag chemical attack.

Well what do ya know? The Daily Mail reports today that: Last night an American destroyer, the USS Donald Cook, was positioning itself in the eastern Mediterranean. It also has Tomahawks, the weapon used by Washington a year ago in a punitive strike on the Syrian regime following a gas attack on civilians. The war machine is revving up again. Nuttyyahoo, Chump, May, Macron, and the rest are the enemies of humanity, truth, justice, decency and reason, but we have a more dangerous enemy and it is within touching distance. There is no greater enemy of the people than the whoring corporate controlled mass media. Rather than tear down the flimsy web of lies and expose these criminals, media whores and talking heads dust down their pom poms, polish their batons and rush to the sidelines to perform their song and dance routines, while hundreds of thousands of innocent people are vaporised. How do they sleep?


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