Media City Salford – An Industrial Estate Of Fake News

Douglas Murray, writing in today’s Telegraph, claims that the failure of the broadcast media and the BBC in particular, to challenge the government on the legitimacy or necessity of the lockdown, is a scandal. Bravo Douglas. It’s a scandal alright but it’s also far far worse than that. Murray writes:

“…the BBC’s reporting has filled that narrow gap between what the proponents of lockdowns are demanding and what fresh restrictions the Government is prepared to accept. The broadcasters have joined in the denunciations of the public as irresponsible. They report on the scale of the health crisis, but almost never on the scale of the sacrifices in liberties lost, educations trashed, businesses driven to bankruptcy, and futures ruined by the corresponding lockdown measures.”

He’s right. The media has never demanded of the government, any proof that lockdowns won’t cost more lives in the long run, than they save. He’s also right in claiming that all the media does is demand more lockdowns or harangue ministers for not locking down sooner. It’s a disgrace. I struggle with it daily. When running around Media City Salford as I do on occasion, I look at the BBC and ITV buildings and think to myself, this place is an industrial estate of fake news factories.

Let me share with you some facts that are well known to the producers, editors and presenters at the BBC. Game-changing facts. Life-changing facts. But at the beeb, they close their eyes and place their fingers in their ears. See no evil, hear no evil I suppose. By refusing to report on and debate these facts (God I’m beginning to sound like Rafa Benitez), journalists are failing utterly in their responsibility to you and me, that is to hold power to account. This government is committing crimes against its own people. The BBC is an accessory after the fact.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) last week issued an astonishing directive. It said that when an asymptomatic person tests positive for Covid after taking a PCR test, the result should not be trusted and the person should be retested. The WHO document also said that lab technicians should NOT use a PCR cycle threshold of more than 30. The NHS uses a PCR cycle threshold of 40. In essence the WHO said don’t trust the tests and reduce the cycle threshold. This alone destroys the claim that we are in the grip of a pandemic and proves what we have known all along, that most people who test positive after a PCR test, do not have Covid-19! The BBC ignored it. Don’t think or imagine that they are unaware of the WHO decree. They are complicit in hiding it from you.

Every morning, BBC TV and radio shows report on the imminent collapse of the NHS, overflowing hospitals and a shortage of ICU beds. Interviewees who say we should obey the rules to protect the sacred NHS are never challenged. The BBC is well aware (and I have reported this on the radio show), that in the last thirty years NHS bed capacity has been halved due to repeated cuts, and that the numbers of doctors and nurses has decreased too. Worse still, thousands of medical staff are sent home to isolate, when they produce a positive PCR test, even though there is nothing wrong with them. The BBC knows this. It knows that Covid has nothing to do with the pressure on hospitals this Winter. It happens every Winter.

And finally the BBC knows that there are thousands of doctors, epidemiologists, virologists and biologists, who have claimed that lockdowns do far more harm than good and should be ended immediately. Some of them have appeared on my radio show. Sucharit Bhakdi, Martin Kulldorff and Professor Dolores Cahill to name three. That the BBC knows of the existence of these preeminent scientists, yet bars them from the airwaves isn’t a scandal. It’s a crime. And the great irony is of course that the BBC appointed its first ever “disinformation reporter” last year. Her name is Marianna Spring. She never has to leave the office.



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I used to freelance for the BBC world service, back in the days when it was a great place. Late 80’s I’m not sure when the change happened for everyone else, but for me is was when a new producer arrived. I gave her a list of my ideas for new radio packages and she took it, dismissed me without further ado, used my ideas, and I never heard from anyone from the BBC again. There was no sense that she should not have done that. No basic right or wrong.
Forward in time the 2005 school reunion. Met an old pal who works for BBC news. When he realized that I no longer had a TV and no longer listened to news/radio/etc, he acted like I had insulted him on a deeply personal level. And went “on” at me rather alot, demanding to know why I had decided to live “like that”. Unwilling to share my personal thoughts with him, I shuffled off as quickly as I could. I felt like he saw me as a person who had left the only true religion. Perhaps he had a point.

ian heaver

Great article Richie. I think there should be a National day of celebration when the dreaded wretched BBC is finally defunded . It can’t come soon enough !

Last edited 11 months ago by ian heaver

You are 100% spot on Richie it’s not a scandal it’s a crime what the bbc and others are doing. What kind of person could do what these so called journalists, producers, researchers are doing, lie after lie putting the fear of God in people, old people, young kids, mothers and fathers, telling kids they could kill their grandparents. If we get out of this and the traitors are held to account those in the media should be in the dock with the rest of them.


The WHO started the scare last year and have been quietly driving policy since – at the behest of private financial interests. That’s the largely unreported story.
In the meantime they trickle out bits of real science and, I suspect, when the time is deemed ‘right’ they will point at all the individual nations who are failing to follow the science and say, “look at how your governments have failed you. If they had listened to us, your lives would be so much better”. The gullible masses would then be fully on board with a transfer of power to a centralised source.
Of course, this is just a theory.

Caroline Fealy

Back in the late eighties i watched a film called ‘Good Morning Vietnam’. With the late Robin Williams. Very sad funny and for me interesting film and great sound track. Stopped watching the news after that. Life is much happier 🙂


Excellent film. Loved the ginger twins.

Nick Lewis

Great website Ritchie, The bbc are despicable organisation. Funny story myself and my Mrs and a few mates were at a new years eve party in Manchester at The Old Nags Head, I think that was the venue, having traveled up from Warwickshire. Anyway I was outside on a roof top smoking area and I got chatting to young couple who asked where I was from. It transpired that they both lived in the town I grew up in and did their teacher training at the Infant/junior school I attended. After me telling them about the history etc I asked them if they still lived there and what they were doing now. They said they were both living in Manchester and were both training at the bbc in media studies. ” Are you both insane?” I asked them. Why would they even consider working for the bbc?Then I began tearing the bbc apart quoting stuff about Saville and their propaganda machine news 24. The atmosphere had changed somewhat and they wanted to go back inside, fortunately they were saved by my wife, who had been searching for me for ages. She did tell me off even though she agrees with me.


It is possible that their experience of teacher training, gave them a certain mind set which would mean that the BBC would be pleased to hear from them.

Jane Brooks

Thank you Richie for yet another great article. I love the new website and am a regular listener to all your shows, really enjoying the new ‘Sunday Melodies’.

I live in the south west of Turkey, here is a bit of what life is like…

We have been in lockdown for months, briefly opened up to allow tourism in the summer. We are forced to wear masks whenever we leave our houses and the elderly and under 18s are only allowed out for 3 hours a day, nobody is allowed out at weekends apart from going to a local shop…. Car journeys prohibited! Restaurants and bars are closed, only take away or delivery allowed. We have to obey the rules or get fined massive amounts by local living stands. Recently a friend of mine’s Son who is 20 and his 3 young friends were stopped in a car. They were fined over 25,000 lira (about 2,500 quid), no masks, out after curfew etc. etc. What harm were they doing, in a private car at 7.30pm on a public road… None that I can see. I follow UK news and honestly think, if they can get away with this in good old blighty, what chance do we have in a country like Turkey.

Keep up the great work, love your shows, thank you again,


Leigh Mullen

I absolutely agree, I no longer watch the TV, read a newspaper and turn off the radio in my car. I do however listen to your show avidly. Keep up the stellar work Richie and hopefully the tide will turn soon. Then we can get back to the old normal 😁


The People’s Republic of Mike Graham on Talk Radio is pretty good. Apart from that, I feel … when I listen to Radio Four… that it is a constant nag about Climate Change, Racism, Brexit, Climate Change, Racism, Brexit. There doesn’t seem to be anything else. Radio Four used to be brilliant. It is so sad.

Gaynor Morris

Thank you! For me, this dots the ‘I’s’ and crosses the ‘T’s’. The media appear to control what information we have easy access to. We desparately need change.

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