Manchester is under siege. The national and international press are here with their television cameras, their mobile studios and their microphones. The city has put on a day of remembrance to mark the first anniversary of the Manchester Arena attack. Twenty-two people were killed and hundreds injured when a bomb was detonated at the end of the Ariana Grande concert on 22 May 2017. I'm bewildered. I'm like 99.9999% of all Mancunians and everyone else in the UK in that I didn't know any of the victims (rest in peace) or their families. What exactly are we remembering? Why will there be a national minutes silence this afternoon? What the hell is going on? Who are the thousands of people who have come to Manchester today, to lay flowers and mope around in St. Ann's Square? What are they doing here? They probably couldn't tell you.

I laughed this morning when I switched on SKY News and the BBC. I got exactly what I expected. Both 24 hour news channels have sent their A list anchors to spend the day in Manchester armed with bucket-loads of pathos and a lorry-load of virtue signalling. It's sickening but oh so clever. This morning I've seen first-responder Richard, weeping as Sky presenter Sarah Jane Mee told him that the whole country was proud of him. He talked about crying at home and struggling to come to terms with what he saw. I thought people like Richard had stronger constitutions? After all, they recover bodies from house fires and mangled remains from car wrecks right? I thought that they were well trained. But make Richard part of the story, tell him that he is a hero and his emotions take over. For a few minutes he is a central character in a big widescreen production. So he acts accordingly. By the way, I don't blame him, he was being manipulated by a skilled host who knew exactly what response she wanted from him and how to evoke it. 

We met the leader of the survivors choir! No I am not kidding you. A young lady, who was there and heard the bomb, but neither she nor her friends were injured, formed a choir for the survivors. 51 survivors meet twice a month to sing and to take selfies and post pictures on Instagram and videos on YouTube to be told how brave they are and how virtuous, to stand up to evil the way they did. They'll perform at a service this afternoon. I bet there won't be a dry eye in the house. But I can top even that. 24/7 serial soap opera Sky News outshone themselves this morning. Incredibly, they flew Lydia Berkennou, a survivor of the Bataclan theatre massacre to Manchester, to meet Martin Hibbert, who lost his leg and suffered the horror of watching his daughter unconscious and bleeding in front of him. Thankfully she survived. I can't imagine what Martin goes through every day. It must be horrendous. But how terribly cynical that is by Sky, how dreadfully exploitative.

And of course Andy Burnham, the mayor of Manchester came on to tell the watching audience that Manchester is still in recovery, still coming to terms with it (really?) and that everyone in the city was profoundly affected by the terrorist attack, all the usual cliches. Burnham said that it has made us all stronger and brought us closer together. Can you guess what he said next? You got it in one. He said that this is what the terrorists hate. They loathe our togetherness and our shared values. Pass the vomit bucket please! This is mass mind control, not journalism. The political, media and financial elites use terrorist attacks to instil in the great unwashed, a faux sense of community spirit, while they covertly pursue an agenda of divide and conquer (progressive politics, identity politics, multiculturalism). It is very disturbing to see the effect this has on people, like those who have travelled hundreds of miles to the city today, to mourn people they never knew or never met. It's eerie in the extreme. 

The victims are completely forgotten. Oh yes, we see their pictures and we hear from their desperate grieving families, heaven help them. But they are forgotten in the sense that there is no real attempt by the media to do right by them and hold the UK intelligence agencies to account, to demand answers as to how this could have happened. The victims are merely props. We owe them more than that. We were told that Salman Abedi was responsible for the bombing. Several days after the attack, former Mi5 agent David Shayler told this programme exclusively, that Abedi's father Ramadan Abedi, had worked for Mi6 and had been paid £100,000 by the agency to lead an assassination attempt on Colonel Gaddafi in the 1990's. He was known as Agent Tunworth. David shared this information with the BBC, SKY, Channel 4 and ITN at the same time he sent it to me. To date no UK media outlet has mentioned the Manchester bombers father and his relationship with Mi6. Why? You know why! The media isn't there to investigate, to challenge or to report. It is a tool of mass mind control and manipulation. Today's "day of remembrance" is actually anything but. It's about programming the likes of you and me to believe that together we face an omnipresent enemy, a dark entity that is hell-bent on destroying our freedoms and our way of life. As I mentioned above, the real enemy, that which seeks to divide us along political, religious and racial lines, is in fact much closer to home than most realise.


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