Unconditional Love is inside all of us. It is found in our heart centre and when we access it, we realise that Unconditional Love is everything.  It changes our energetic field too, supporting us, nourishing and welcoming us with the unconditional love of infinite consciousness.

In our everyday communications with people it’s easy to tell by their energy that they are not operating from their heart centre of Unconditional Love. Instead their mind is dominant over their heart and handles nearly every energetic exchange – their heart centre doesn’t get a look in!

A person who operates from Unconditional Love takes in all energetic communication through their heart centre, not their mind. Their minds are subservient to their hearts. The heart doesn’t need to think, it operates on Universal Love and all exchanges are true. There is no deceit, fear, injustice etc as these are created by the mind. The heart is and manifests only Unconditional Love and Unconditional Love is all there is.

When we operate from Unconditional Love we touch the infinite consciousness of the One.

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