"The poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia looks like "state-sponsored attempted murder," says the chairman of the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, Tom Tugendhat. Tom is funny. He's been saying this every single day since last Monday and the UK's media reports it every single time as "breaking news." It's hilarious. A flash of yellow across the TV screen and the anchor says "We've got some breaking news. Tom Tugendhat has said that he is almost certain the Russian government was behind the poisoning." Good man Tom. You seem more desperate than anyone else, for the public to believe Putin was behind it. Why Tom? There's no evidence to support that. The police are still relatively clueless, nobody knows exactly what nerve agent was used or where it came from. I've a tip for you though Tom, why not try Porton Down, also known as the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory? It's just a few miles away from where Skripal was poisoned. It is where much of the UK's top-secret military research is concentrated Tom. They develop chemical weapons there and stockpile shed-loads of them. A clue maybe? I dunno.....

Who the hell is Tom Tugendhat? Sadly the answer is all too predictable. Not to put too fine a point on it, Tugendhat is a Zionist shill. Officially, Tom Graduated from Cambridge University with a masters in Islamic studies, went to officer training school, graduated there, spent time in Iraq and Afghanistan, eventually achieving the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. In 2015 he was elected MP for Tonbridge & Malling. He was re-elected last year. So he's a relatively inexperienced MP. But Tom has been very very busy in the last three years. In July last year, he stood against Crispin Blunt, then chair of the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee. Eyebrows were raised when Tugendhat put himself forward for such a prestigious appointment, after all he was a very inexperienced politician. So how did it come about? I'll tell ya. His predecessor Crispin Blunt was a marked man. Blunt was responsible for the report into the UK's military involvement in the Libyan conflict. Blunt's report found that lies were told about Gaddafi's plans to kill civilians and that the radical Islamist element of the so called rebel forces had been ignored. Blunt concluded that the government had always wanted regime change in Libya. That report in itself was enough to do for Blunt, but then he stuck his nose into Israels affairs. He wanted the Foreign Affairs Committee to examine the UK’s role in the Israel-Palestine conflict in the year of the centenary of the Balfour declaration. 

He also wanted to investigate the activities of the Israeli diplomat who tried to recruit British supporters in a botched plot to “take down” the Deputy Foreign Secretary Sir Alan Duncan. Blunt said; “The Government may have formally closed the issue of Shai Masot, but one of our terms of reference invites consideration of the way that foreign states and interested parties seek to influence UK policy.” Big mistake Crispin. You signed your own career death warrant right there. Don't mess with the UK Zionist lobby. So he was replaced last year by Tom Tugendhat. The Israeli lobby definitely liked Tom at that time. A lot. Tom had used an article he wrote for The Spectator in January 2017, to send a love letter to Tel Aviv. Tom wrote that the UK was WRONG to back UN Resolution 2334, which condemned Israeli settlements in the occupied territories and East Jerusalem. Tom also claimed that Arab's are no longer interested in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict." Really? He wrote that Israel/Palestine is small potatoes in today's middle east, using the example of the brutal Assad regime blah blah blah. "Israel is a vibrant democracy," wrote Tom and wait for it, he said; "Israel isn't taking sides in Syria" and "Israel isn't the cause of the Middle East's problems." Tom should be a stand-up comedian. He's hilarious. Six months after that article, Tom replaced Blunt as chair of The Foreign Affairs Committee. And today, Tom is issuing daily missives that claim that the Russian deep state is responsible for the poisoning of Sergei Skripal. Who is Tom working for? Is he working in the best interests of his constituents? Or is he working at Westminster as an agent of a foreign government?

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