You couldn't make this stuff up. Meghan Markle's half-sister Samantha is in hospital with a suspected broken ankle and a fractured knee after a car crash yesterday. A photo shows the 53-year-old  in a wheelchair, in a Florida hospital. Her boyfriend Mark says they were driving near their home yesterday, when they had a 'paparazzi confrontation' near a toll both. The boyfriend claims that a photographer had veered in front of them as he tried to get a better shot. He, Mark, was then forced to swerve left resulting in him crashing into the central reservation. The paparazzo then fled the scene. What sort of paparazzo does that? Hmmm I've not heard the likes of it in 21 years! 

Did someone try to scare Markle's sister or warn her? Earlier this week she said that she was behind her fathers deal with a paparazzi agency. Her dad took thousands of pounds to stage a series of photographs. He said it was because he wanted to portray himself in a better light. Samantha has also been critical of Kensington Palace for not supporting her father and assisting him with his wedding plans. In recent weeks she has given a series of embarrassing interviews which were highly critical of Meghan and the royal family. More interestingly, as she wasn't personally invited, she was lined up to provide television commentary of the wedding this Saturday. Maybe someone thought that wasn't such a good idea? I mean come on! Paparazzi, high speed car crashes and the royal family....we've been here before right? Maybe Meghan will ask Harry to tell her if there's something going on. Or maybe not.

Ah well, it might just be a load of monumental old bollox, but I'm not so sure. What I am sure of is that old Samantha aint' going anywhere for a while, not with a broken ankle and a fractured knee. Ouch. Makes you wonder about the fathers heart attack too doesn't it? Although in fairness, Thomas didn't look the picture of health, what with the daily six packs and big bags of fried pork rinds. Put this one in the "Well you never know" box!


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