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I'm sure that at this very moment the big Pharma companies are beavering away trying to find a cure.

F.F.S. it's a kids programme. It used to be iconic in the 80's until Peter Davidson totally fucked it up. Now it's just a throwaway kids show, in a couple of years it'll be like Are You Being Served with corny double entendres and crap acting.

It's just an attempt to keep people occupied with the stupid minor details rather than the real issues, they're taking the piss, fifty quid fine for Johnson and Sunak? fuck me, that'll affect the bastards not one bit.

I was going to mention rowing but they all rely on their cox.

If we have to accept cross-dressers in sport then it should be limited to team sports. If there's multiple players in a football, cricket or rugby team and one is a transformer then as long as they earned their place I don't care. It's when they try to compete...

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