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    AdminRA wrote a new post

    No Richie Allen show tonight!

    Richie tweeted over the weekend that he was having internet woes due to his neighbour cutting through the cable leading to his home. This left him without any Internet connection at all, obviously. Virgin engineers have called and informed...

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    • No problem Richie.
      Hope things will be ready tomorrow. In the meantime have a few Guinness’s mate

    • That’s a pity I was really looking forward to what Jacqui Deevoy was going to be saying about the NHS care home Covid pathway 😥😥

    • Dr. Richard Fleming presents ‘Event 2021’, A science-based presentation on the Covid Pandemic, from the Virus, to vaccines, treatments, and the Public Health response.


      • End game.

        This one has the potential to end the insanity once and for all if enough people can watch, understand and in turn pass it on.

        **Doctors and medical professionals take note**

        Best presentation since the whole circus started with the Agendas pandemic dress rehearsal in October 2019 (Event 201).

        And what a perfect title to assign to this definitive ending.



    • Are ‘THEY’ trying to silence Richie?

      • Mo$$ad been on him for time.

        That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

        Like he gives a fuck though 😎👍

        If we don’t win this, life won’t be worth living, so it’s “to the death” now.

        And also, we can all see that someone has subtlety hacked his website and is moderating it without his knowledge.

        That said, no doubt the BBG will be back in the building tonight with a resounding




      Even if the virus was real,in theory you could keep dividing into more categories/ variants forever. It is pointless apart from to push more vaccines. They have used the exact same process to push psychotropic drugs for decades. They label another mental condition/illness. And give another drug to accompany it. And just like with vaccines they Have made an incredible amount of money Whilst causing misery. Money power And the agenda are a!l that matters to these monsters and mobsters in lab coats and suits. The end justifies the means.

      • Very true. They have been giving drugs to children for example for years now and labelling them as having a mental problem just for being free spirits or rebellious. If I had been born some years later I’m sure they would have had me drugged up to the nines.

        • Good point. Think I just missed that. I was considered disruptive as well. And I wasn’t able to read,write and had speech problems for much of my childhood. And they said I probably wouldn’t change. So it was left to me,to teach myself. So I’ve never had much trust in the system. But some may still call me disruptive.

          • I remember my grandmother telling me that my uncle, who was actually a very clever man, would do anything to get out of going to school and years later it was realised that he was dyslexic. That could have been your problem too but when you were able to go at your own pace you were able to overcome it.

      • The white rose sticker sums this comment up nicely as wel aha

    • I hope your neighbour isn’t an intelligence agency plant. Hope you enjoy your unexpected night off Richie and are able to put your feet up and relax.

    • If every man, woman and child on earth had been vaccinated by midnight tonight there would still be no return to a pre 2020 way of life tomorrow. Because non of this is about a ‘virus’ and ‘they’ dont want you to have a life. 2020- ‘XX’ – Double cross. See what they did there?

    • Sorry for going on about masks but this is ‘my safe place’ to let off steam 😤 😱 Went in 2 motorway service stations yesterday, I was the only woman in both without the muzzle, no one said anything, a few looks but I find it does help if I sing as I go along, ‘Walk tall, walk straight and look the world right in the eye, thats what my mammy told me when I was about knee high’ , no one going to stop the ‘mad ‘ woman 😂🤣. Got so angry with seeing little ones of about 3-6 with their faces covered. I really cant get my head round parents who do this. God help them, they will be pushed first in the line for the vaxseen, out and out child abuse. Two conversations yesterday, one with daughter in law who has already had 2 vaccines (for work/holidays) and is telling my grand daughter she will have to have it in high school. The other with mother in law, 2 jabs, who is worried sick about the ________ variant, add any name, dosnt matter which one, none of them exist anyway. Tried to explain that when they say ‘cases increased by 50% ‘ you are not actually told the starting figure so an increase could be from 2 to 3. Glazed look and then went on to say she knows 2 people with ‘long covid’. Someone with a water infection?! Really? The other who has had covid , had 2 jabs and now has long covid…..Ahhhhhh.!!!….’walk tall, walk straight and look the world right in the eye’. I will miss Richies yodelling distraction tune tonight 🤪

      • Hey that is a crazy story. MSM is making families fall apart. And hate the children having to use masks. On telegram search JoinTheWHiteRose. Get there stickers and stick them in your local area! They even have a Chile abuse mask one

    • Is Richie sure his neighbour is not part of the SAGE team +=+=+=!!!!!!!!!

    • That’s a shame, hope you get it sorted. Think I’ll head over to UK column instead and listen to today’s show – I know Richie won’t approve!

    • Argh sorry to hear about that. Was going to listen in the car live for the first time while wait g for my little one

    • Well done on mask stand. Brilliant👍👍

    • I have not experienced anything like this Jennie, sounds horrendous, stay strong, sending you a virtual coffee and cake, 🍰 ☕ maybe we need a ranting only section! 🤪 I have only 2 friends that will discuss anything plandemic related, the rest are in denial or dismiss me. On another note, baking cakes etc with my grand daughter over the weekend, she is into puns in a big way. She said ‘ look nanna, we are having a BUNDEMIC ‘ ah bless…..

    • Sorry to hear your interweb is down mate, hope you get it sorted soon 🙂

    • Sad. Sad. Sad. Hurry up Virgin eejits
      Hope you’re back tomorrow Richie

    • Are yew sure the neighbour isnt a grass? Does he leaf you alone whilst you broadcast? I wood put money on him being a branch of sage. Or maybe I am bark-ing up the wrong tree. Tree-mendous show each night Richie by the way, sorry, this pundemic is catching. 😷

      • A very “poplar” comment indeed.

        • Richie back today, hoping he plays some Spruce Springsteen…………I will just leaf the room now……

          • Leaf it out. .Think he must have worn that song out. Hope he is back though,or I will be barking mad. I need to know so I can plant myself in my chair with my 🌳Tree ☕ and 🎂cake. Or maybe a pun.☺☺

    • If there is a globalist agenda to make the human race dependent on digitisation and the internet just imagine we could be rendered neutral with the click of a mouse rather than a mad max driving a lawnmower!

    • Tried posting the same post twice but had it deleted.
      Wonder what the guidelines are on what is not acceptable to post on here.
      Free speech indeed!

      • Try posting from a different IP address or by using your mobile data connection. Any comments I try posting though my usual IP address gets an ‘Awaiting for Approval’ message before disappearing – so I have to use alternative means.
        As such, I came to realise that the problem (or, at least, most of it) is not directly related to this site. Think on that.

        • Hi Craig, we don’t have any IP blocks in place. Sometimes posts get caught up in our spam filter if they’re link heavy or follow certain patterns. I try to get those approved as quickly as I can.

          • Perhaps some confusion. I hadn’t meant to imply that this site uses IP blockers. Comments that I try to put up via my home IP quickly disappear; but the same comment will go up straight away if I use alternative.
            When it first started happening I thought my account was being blocked, but then I successfully posted via a different address one morning – but couldn’t post from my home address in the evening, which got me thinking.

          • I raised the issue some weeks ago via the ‘Support’ link but got no response. So I have a question: is it possible for a third party to hijack the signal from individual’s home IP and overlay a clone screen? This would account for people like myself and Jacob thinking we were trying to post to the site (and would explain why you have few records of deleted posts) and concluding we were being censored.

            • Hi, I can’t say I’ve ever experienced anything like that though I suppose anything COULD be possible I can’t think why anyone would. We have few records of deleted posts because we delete very few posts.

              • I could quote Sherlock Holmes, but I won’t. You have few records of deleted posts, but an awful lot of my posts have failed to post and others have experienced the same thing. So there is only one other possibility that I can think of – though I’m open to suggestions.
                As to why. To drive people away from the site and show would be my guess. I’ve had to pull several people away from that action over the last few months because they were convinced they were being censored.
                In a nutshell, divide and conquer.

        • Thanks for the advice.

      • HI Jacob, we haven’t deleted any posts for quite a while and there was only one caught in the spam filter which shouldn’t have been there but it wasn’t one of yours.

        • Thanks for the response and info.
          I have noticed that for me it has been Brand New Tube links that have been. held for approval and deleted.
          Sometimes I have deleted a post that gets flagged for approval thinking that it might be deleted.

          • There aren’t any filters for specific domains, it’s usually an algorithm based on links, how much is normally posted etc etc. I keep trying to refine it as we go. Overall it’s been pretty good. And flagged for approval definitely doesn’t mean it’s likely to be deleted.

    • The ‘neighbour’ in question doesn’t happen to be this chap by any chance? 👇

    • Virgin in Salford? Good luck with that.

      • Hey Scott, I am from Salford and I’m a virgin, oh wait……….thought you said virgo.

    • HI everyone: this is the link to the conference from Richard Flemming Saturday 5th June 2021. Richie interviewed him last Thursday, if you didn’;t get the chance to watch live:


      • This is the BIG ONE Jennifer.

        It takes four and a half hours from A to Z..
        (But it flys!!)

        This could end the insanity once and for all if enough people can watch, understand it and in turn pass it on.

        The best I’ve personally seen since the madness began.


        • It’s getting people to look at things. I’ve been giving out some leaflets on mask wearing, some people won’t take them and with others you know damn well they won’t look at them. The mainstream media have so much to answer for, they could have ended this before it got started.

          • You’re trying your best Jennie!
            That’s a credit to you.

            And the mainstream mass media are now nothing but a curse to humanity.

            But that video is exceptional and packed with irrefutable details.

            It could yet save the day!!

            I’m hopeful!


            • Shutdowns ensured that people were indoors and watching more TV- propaganda machine primed for the constant delivery of fear. Did you know that during WW2 in Germany, Hitler made sure that every household where possible had access to a radio, free by the state? You can’t deliver the message unless you have access to the people to receive it. The same now goes with the importance of SMART Phones in the future- you can’t bring in a controlled society without the means of control. Ever wondered how poor people in remote African villages can have a smartphone?- even when electricity is a small solar panel to run the village?

              • I do indeed know Jennifer.
                And the smartphone has quickly become the modern equivalent and is hugely significant in maintaining the deception indefinitely.

                However, I believe it’s the key to undermining their eugenics plans also, if people can somehow be weaned off their use!
                (A simple restriction to ‘home use’ only would go a long way to disrupting our Agenda designers plans! — older cellphones with no smart technology could be used when outside the home for example!)

                Here’s a four minute gem from the great, but sadly recently deceased ‘Alan Watt’ discussing how tv was encouraged and facilitated by government in Britain back in the nineteen sixties and seventies.

                It has only evolved and become much worse since then.


      • Thanks for this. A lot to get through and digest, might take me a day or two but it looks very worthwhile.

        • Thank you. Here’s one with a good message.

          Bob Sinclar – World, Hold On

        • First track that came to mind.
          They were brilliant live- went to Dublin September 2019. They were the support act for Bon Jovi.
          Possibly the last officially organised concert I get to attend

          • You done better than me Brenda!
            I’ve never seen either of them live.
            (But I’m a fan of both!)

            Springsteen and The Eagle’s were the last live gigs I attended at that venue!

            And to be honest, if I never go to a gig again, it wouldn’t bother me.

            If they’re the terms and conditions..

            They can stuff it!!

      • Good find Jennifer. He seems like a really good doctor and he will probably be an even better one now he’s moving out of the mainstream.

        This is the problem, the lies are so massive that people with no prior knowledge of what’s happening behind the scenes in the world simply won’t accept it.

    • I can understand why many here would attribute this event to one of malice and deliberate intent, but clumsiness does happen.
      I would urge people to be wary of too much paranoia as this will only separate you from the people around you that you might otherwise trust.
      A time may come when we will all have to be on our guard against everyone else: when we will have to mind what we say, how we say it, and what we do. But that time is not yet upon us.
      When it is, the system will have won completely. Don’t hasten that end.

      • I think most of us have been joking really but you’re right there might come a time when we won’t be able to joke.

    • Excellent effort and thanks for sharing that with us.

    • Sorry that this has happened. Shit happens.

      I am wondering how deep did your neighbor dig looking at todays headlines. LOL

      With the headlines I am reading
      “Issue behind mass internet outage ‘has been identified’ & is currently being fixed, says Fastly
      Fastly announced on Tuesday that it had identified the problem allegedly responsible for a mass internet outage which took Amazon, Reddit, the UK government, and dozens of news outlets offline, and is currently fixing it. “

    • The Internet Speech The IT Crowd.

    • I know you realize it by now but, this is my Twitter. Twitter for the naughty. Regarding Blair’s comment on your show today, if your freedom can be altered or reduced, it isn’t freedom. That is the government parceling out privilege to the brainwashed pussywhipped sheep. Freedom is God given and non-negotiable. This truth will become apparent soon enough. When grocery stores stop allowing the un-vaccinated you will hear of people showing up to the shop with a gun or scythe, sword, rocks, baseball bat, Buck 110, tire iron. I could keep going but I’m merely offering suggestions.

      • They’ll rifle the gun surplus handed out as
        injection incentives in West Virginia. And go tooting shooting to the strains of Glen Campbell – Take Me Home, Country Roads.
        Almost heaven
        West Virginia……

    • Really important video and message for those who feel helpless and may be sitting on the fence. Richie says he has gone from an atheist to agnostic- guys, it is not the time to sit on the fence now. Make a decision.

      • Like Richie I was an atheist for years then went to agnostic. I think the problem was really organised religion which I have no time for and it could be the same with Richie and other people. But I now believe not in religion but spirituality and that this is not our real home but we are here to learn and experience. Death is nothing to fear we just move on and we keep reincarnating while there are still things we need to learn.

        • Don’t subscribe to this. One question – what exactly has the human race learned? The more civilised we claim to be the less civilised we have become.
          A failed model by any standard. And what are the origins of reincarnation – whose dopey design? Doubt anyone returning as a fly will advance society.

        • Spirits having a ‘human’ experience.

    • Richie, you sure they weren’t laying the cables for your 5G?

    • It did mean I could catch up on some of your broadcasting back catalogue. Love it

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    AdminRA wrote a new post

    No activation mail? Other issues too.

    Hi all, As ever the adventure never stops. We've noticed a major uptick in support requests letting us know that e-mails for activation and notifications aren't coming through. After no small amount of checking it turns out our IP (along...

    read more
    • Glad to hear You-guys are workin’ on the…problems.
      Since I posted last, 5 days ago, I’ve had…serious computer problems.
      I hope I finally ‘fixed the problem’ today.
      That’s why I haven’t posted anything the past few days.
      Just so You ALL know.
      Cheers & Have a nice Friday Evening and Weekend.
      All-the-Best, Chris

      • Hope you fixed your problems there, Christopher. BTW, I’ve noticed quite a few of your comments are picked up by the spam filter (it’s usually the number of links). I try to approve them manually as quickly as possible.

        • what does that mean mate, if chris’s posts are being picked up by spam, is it significant, just asking , i am not a techie so to speak just nosey, the post above from the fox he probably meant text.

          • I’ve posted a few links to videos which I believe to be relevant to the thread and subsequently received a brief message saying ‘awaiting approval’ after which the entire message disappears.

            With respect to the site (and Richie!), i think it’s entirely fair that some content be filtered for approval, however it can be frustrating for a poster who genuinely feels they’ve something vital to bring to the table..

            In my case, I see this site as a bastion of genuine truth and a last stand against this current impasse of tyranny, so in my opinion, it’s critical that vital information needs to get out there as soon and in any way possible!

            With that in mind…

            I’ve one or two ‘interesting videos’ in my page which seem to be ok with the RA site censors should anyone want to take a



            • Use the method which I’ve been using i.e. place 3 — between the p & s at https .
              As you know, links can be used as ‘backdoors’ in multiple ways.
              If someone really is interested in the subject matter contained in the links, they will definitely take the few seconds to remove the 3 — .
              May I also suggest a, short summation of what the link includes, in order to help guide people what’s important to see.
              I heard recently that ‘attention spans’ are now down to 5-seconds
              Only a few years ago it was 8-seconds.
              *Goldfish* have an attention span of 7-seconds if I remember correctly.
              I’m old-fashion.
              I’ve never had a smartphone.
              My old & simple cellphone is Off unless I use it a few times a month for a few minutes only.
              Am I anti-tech.
              I actually 1st did simple computer programming, with punchcards almost 50 yrs ago. Need I say more.
              B Good friend.
              Look at my comment ^^above^^. Cheers.

            • Possibly a fault? I got that 4 days solid. Could not post anything!

            • Hiya, it’s not a site censor, just a system hunting spam. I approve all non-spam comments that are picked up without considering their “worthiness” or whatever else. Cheers.

              • Thanks admin.. but the posts actually vanished off the screen entirely. One did make it through though and I received an email confirming it was approved but only after a few days… and by then the post was no longer a ‘current’ discussion topic?
                (ie. It had vanished from the front page — though better late than never!!)

                So, that just made me cautious while posting.

                Though know that I personally wouldn’t put anything up here that I didn’t consider useful or valuable to our current dilemma and all that goes with it!!

                I’ll probably adopt the suggestions Christopher makes here and put in some kind of description with the adjusted link the next time I attempt it.

                Thanks again for the update.


                • It’s just that dreadful balance of security and useability. I try to get everything approved as soon as possible but time can be an issue. I’ll keep trying to tweak and improve where possible.

                  • Only so many hours in the day!!

                    Thanks for trying and getting back.

                    I appreciate all you’re doing.


          • Yeah I did, well spotted thanks mate.

          • On the site we have a system that looks for spam comments, typically very link heavy, usually selling something. Every once in a while it will pick up a legitimate post because of the number of links or formatting. I try to approve those as soon as I can.

        • Good Morning.
          Concerning…’problems’, Please listen to what I have to say now.
          I’ll be ‘speaking’ both…*cryptically* and…’literally’, digitally-speaking.
          About ½ hour ago, I finally(hopefully) was ‘informed'(Warned!) about…an additional(!) problem with my computer.
          I’ve implemented the *recommended* safety procedure now.
          I’m keeping my fingers X-crossed.
          Why’s this soo important to take up now?
          Let’s just say I suggest You look at ALL vulnerabilities with this website.
          I’ve got a sneaky-suspicion that somekind’a something is coming thru/has been hidden by….*The Usual Suspects*.
          Look’s like my usage a week ago with the ‘lizards’ & ‘lady’ wasn’t soo popular with someone at, let’s see, gee…head 1/4:s.
          Smile :)))
          No Worries.
          In the meantime, I’m logging-out, if You know what I mean.
          Cheers Chris

          • Hi, we have twice weekly vulnerability scans and each week I scan all files on the site to find discrepancies from what I know to be clean code. Nothing is ever 100% safe but given we have pretty much zero third party access outside of trusted service partners I can’t find any issues at the moment.

    • I’m having big problems with writing Te x and with this site. And with Vernons site. ??

    • I gave up trying to register an account a few weeks ago – but today it worked and I got my e-mail – so thanks – and now I feel part of the family 🙂

    • Quick question for admin..
      (Or anyone who KNOWS!!)

      How do you delete posts or activity from your profile page and the main forum threads.

      It appears the option to edit or remove the posts change when you sign out or change from thread to thread.
      (ie.. the option is there to begin with, but is gone when you leave the thread and come back to it!!)

      It also appears that “all activity” within the social posts to include changing your profile photo/avatar etc gets posted on the ‘social forum’ thus making it look untidy!
      (eg. Spent an hour or two trying to figure out how to put up a photo… And every friggin fruitless attempt is now there for eternity and I can’t undo this damage!!! —got the photo up in the end though! 😁)


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    AdminRA wrote a new post

    Richie Allen: The WORST antisemite.

    Taken from Trigger Warning with Hayden Hewitt from late last year Richie discusses being "The Worst Antisemite". **We're currently testing the video system so please let us know in the comments if you have any buffering or nonsense. Thanks!**

    read more
    • Working well on iPad/Safari.

    • All running well in Eastbourne :). Quick question, I need to change my password as i have forgoten it and can not log in 🙁 I have tried ‘change password’ but evertime i click the button it just take me to home page? Please help 🙂

    • Isn’t it fascinating how the term ‘anti-Semite’ has been co-opted to mean just
      one specific people.

    • It’s simple. Mr Morgan is an excellent distraction. By being loud and rude, the focus remains on his behaviour, rather than on anything being said (in much the same way as it was with Trump; or Johnson before the election).

    • Hi John.
      The development of *nano-chips* has been going on for a very very long time.
      The…let’s call him whistleblower, William Pawelec died shortly after this interview in 2001.
      Yeah. He helped develop them.
      FACT, not fiction folks.
      Bypass utube log-in by using the link below :
      Start with that John, and when you’re done let me know and I’ll give you some more ‘recent news’ about real-life battlefield human cyborgs.
      Your 4-points are…old news…for Public Consumption Only.

    • Everything A-OK here on my old computer station PC.
      Regarding the subject matter discussed, well, when I was in the Holy Land for 3 months during the late 1970’s…

    • Great quality video and content Richie! No Glitches.

    • Interesting chat. Tuned in from deepest darkest Cornwall! Quality a ok, but was having trouble receiving your podcast via apple or from the web a couple of days ago, so switched to podomatic. Apple ipad ios 11.

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