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    AdminRA wrote a new post

    Hi Everyone,

    Firstly thank you for spending time on and thank you for all your wonderful feedback. You may have noticed we’re having some site speed issues at the moment. We’re handling a lot […]

    New site news

    Hi Everyone, Firstly thank you for spending time on and thank you for all your wonderful feedback. You may have noticed we're having some site speed issues at the moment. We're handling a lot of traffic on a pretty...

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    • The site looks mint lads. Sure it’ll settle down.

    • No Worries Richie.
      Truly impressive start considering most sites when launched always have to be ‘de-bugged’.
      Whatever You do, get a good sleep tonite & tomorrow nite.
      Lookin’ forward to Sunday Morning, goin’ back down Memory Lane with ya’.

    • The site is great, congratulations. Just 1 question is there any reason why I can’t get on when using VPN?

      • There’s nothing in place on our end which would prevent you getting on here with a VPN.

      • Hey, got the same problem with my VPN (Nord). Can’t load any new page from Richie’s site with VPN active, have to pause it to load a new page……. Strange one!

        • Very unusual, but I can’t think why that would be the case unless there’s some bizarre cache issue. If it’s any consolation we don’t track you anyway nor encourage third parties to do so. We don’t even have any ads on here at this point.

    • Loving the new site Richie. I’ve been following you from the start and never miss a show!

    • Congrats on the new site Richie.
      One thing Ive struggled with from time to time is finding old interviews to share with people on any given topic,
      It would be awesome to have an index page of interviews perhaps listing the interviewee and topics to make it easier to dig up old shows for sharing, I feel this feature would be beneficial in facilitating spreading your show to new listeners.
      This is more pertinent now with the end of youtube which was the easiest platform to search old shows up to now.

      great to be able to communicate here.. I was never on twitter and didnt want to join.
      Go néiri an bothar leat

    • Fantastic site Richie as someone who doesn’t use any social media it’s great to be able to join in

    • Dear other BBG fans, if you really like the show and want to support it even more, than putting up a positive post, pull your finger out and make a donation, its easy.

    • I’m so glad to be part of the family. Greetings from Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada. Fighting the good fight against the PLANdemic. Just received my third ticket for organizing and speaking at another Saskatchewan Freedom Rally, this time in Moose Jaw. This insane Great Reset Agenda won’t go away by pretending it doesn’t exist. Cheers!

    • I’ve only just started listening and I love the open heart felt dialogue

    • Hi Richie.
      Site now appears OK.
      I didn’t get any *Warnings* at all.
      Took circa 5 seconds to load from your ‘blue lettered’ Twitter-hyperlink.

      I left more detailed info on your@GAB-page with 3 different photos from yesterday and 3½ hrs ago.

      I use a conventional PC-station.
      I’ve never owned a smartphone and never ever used f-book.
      1st time I ever used a computer was 1973 using APL360 on IBM-punchcards, connected to Rutgers & Princeton Universities *ARPNET*-network.
      Cheers & Thanks.

      • HI Christopher, Admin here rather than Richie. Thanks for that, you should notice speed improvements on subsequent visits. Glad you’re able to get on now, it seems the DNS is getting settled and it’s sod’s law Richie would somehow be the last to get on his own site.

        • Yeah.
          Probably best Richie’s computer is…’unconnected’ to the site while You(Marty Feldman & co. :))) ) ‘de-bug’ as much as possible.

          *Defense* is the best defense.

          Earlier experience tells me that, 1 of the most well-known(on purpose btw.) & prevalent website-“attack formations” is 1st the ‘hackers’ infiltrate the site thru ‘members’, gather enough ‘coding information’ and…when a sufficient amount of ‘backdoors’ are found…then comes the attack.
          Then of course things like the *Intel x86 processor chip*-chip-within-a-chip hardware-backdoor takes real expert knowledge to de-bug.

          Considering the 2 above ^^^^ mentioned examples are ‘known’ methods by us plebs, We can rest assured that there are multitudes of other ways for the website to be disabled. Over the years I’ve heard about some really outrageous stuff that would normally be found in fantasy-spy films. But the stuff was real and…antiquated. lol

          Good Luck *Admin*.
          Remember, “you’re drawing the flak when you’re over the target”.
          And, most important, “We Win!!!”.
          Cheers Bro & Co.

    • Great new site Richie!

    • Yay!! Ive been trying for literally days to get on the new website… and in the last 5 mins ive managed it! Fab new site Richie. Thank you!

  • Having some speed issues on the site.

  • Profile picture of AdminRA

    AdminRA wrote a new post

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for stopping by You’ll notice things are looking a bit different well that’s because we’re rolling out the new site which is pretty exciting for us and hopefully you guys […]

    The new Richie Allen Site. What's going on?

    Hi everyone, Thanks for stopping by You'll notice things are looking a bit different well that's because we're rolling out the new site which is pretty exciting for us and hopefully you guys too. At launch it's going to...

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