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  • Recently received this letter froma former colleague who resides in Switzerland. I’ve erased her name as a courtesy Hi R£$%^^^

    Sorry for not being in touch for so long. I am not sure how it is in the UK but here in Switzerland, we start to live in a dictatorshiop like China. We have an important voting decision coming up on 28th…Read More

  • How many of us Richie Allen listeners are based in or around North London? Are there any of our number who are up for getting together for a beverage and a chat/ heated debate/ concensus? Discussions are very important, and the general standard of debate on this forum is pretty good.

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    • Stay in Scotland, well up for a get together and a few beers, willing to travel. Joking aside a good idea mate, must be plenty of Londoners that listen.

  • I have to admit to being absolutely exhausted at the good intentions but lack of forward motion from SITP groups and awareness hubs. I swore that the #HOLDTHELINE Westminster Bridge event would be the very last protest/ demo / march I’d attend. These events have become a cross between a music festival and a rave with speeches. I understand that…Read More

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