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    5 months, 3 weeks ago

    Recently received this letter froma former colleague who resides in Switzerland. I’ve erased her name as a courtesy Hi R£$%^^^

    Sorry for not being in touch for so long. I am not sure how it is in the UK but here in Switzerland, we start to live in a dictatorshiop like China. We have an important voting decision coming up on 28th November. But as said previously, we are now as unvaccinated, healthy people forced to follow the 3G rules. Meaning as I never had any of the going round variants of the virus and am neither vaccianted nor recovered, I have to test. I have to test (which I have to pay myself – eacht time between 30 -50 CHF) in a pharmacy to proof that I am healthy. It’s absurd! This test is only valid 48 hours. With this I get a covid certificate. For these 2 days I am allowed to do sports in a fitness center or go to a restaurant. Without this, I am not allowed to take part in the public life. Like a dog, I need to stay outside. As I cannot afford all this testing, I am no longer taking part of the public life.

    Our government says “we unvaccinated people” are the source of all evil and because of us the figures of infections rise. But the vaccianted are allowed to do everything and can spread the virus very legally. They do not need to test, nor do they have to go into quarantine when they had contact with an infected person. It is insane. And of course, the vaccinated can go to restaurants, fitness, travel and go to parties. Ah and skiing – they can go skiing. I love skiing, but won’t be able to do so this winter. Last winter already we had to wear face masks while skiing – so stupid. But now I would prefer this to “skiing only with a valid covid certificate”.

    But back to the 28th November and our voting…. in June a yes to the new Covid law has started an outcry of protest and a referendum was handed in. Now we have to vote again if we want to keep all these restrictions, enforcments and laws (certificates, masks etc). BUT our government in Berne is clever! They do not give us the Referendum of June to vote again – NO, they sneak in the one from March and claim there was a referendum there too and therefore we have to vote a yes or no for that one. This one from March is only for wether you want financial support in crisis due to Corona or not when you are self-employed. Obviously they want another yes! It is very misleading the voting text and if not read carefully, will lead to the wrong voting decision. And tell me, who reads 15 pages carefully? Not many. Ok, I do… but that is me. And you know what the financial help is here: they give you a loan. A loan which companies in need and trouble can never pay back. So they just take everything what you have in order for repayment. Starts to sound like the Sherif of Nottingham out of Robin Hood.

    Well, I read these 15 pages and found out that it is A) the wrong referendum and B) that no matter how it turns out the government will still have the right to re-inforce new rules or old ones. Based on the pandemic law, valdi here in Switzerland. So no matter how hard we try, they will keep the Covid Certificate in place – divinding all humans in two groups. Vaccinated and unvaccinated. I am sure, that once they force it through again they will move from 3G to 2G. Then I have a serious problem. From there it is a small step to find a loophole in the law to force the remaining fighting group to take the jab. They will do it like Austria. Introduction to compulsory vaccination. This violates every human rights convention or the Nuremberg Code, but this does not seem to interest anyone.

    Forgive if my english is a bit confusing, but describing how laws work in another language, it is a bit difficult. Well long story short, if it is another yes on 28th November our government in Berne and especially our biggest leader there Mr Berset have the right until 2031 to adopt or amend new measures as they please. They will never stop. The Federal Council enjoys its new position of power. All measures are only a means to an end to enforce surveillance and compulsory vaccination.

    Honestly, I don’t know what to do in the future. I am very worried.

    Hoping though you are well?

    Looking forward to hearing your news.

    Best regards

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