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Yes, and will continue to do so; have you? Anyone who isn't aware that the system is completely rotten to the core is naïve at best. This is described way better than I am capable of at the moment by the excellent UK Column series 'The dissidents guide to...

I think that he was referring to what we have today where parliament can and does act as one autonomous entity without any oversight. We really are in very deep trouble.

I' believe it was the precursor of the cest que vie act of 1666; where parliament ostensibly declared virtually everyone dead and seized even more power and control. Now Parliament is being controlled - how ironic.

Jamie Foxx, in the wings, wearing a Sheriffs hat - RRRRREALLY? LMAO...

That may lead to the further weaponization of slimy solicitors without whom one cannot buy or sell a property; parliament may even pass yet another act to cover that escape route. On the other hand; it could cut estate agents out of the loop as we move to a...

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