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Al-Salahi says, correctly, that "we’re not living in normal times". In normal times people have understood that circulation of viruses seasonally is to be expected.

"The Omicron variant has reached every major continent." Fast, wasn't it? But our wise leaders contend that they can stop its spreading within a country! How much they actually believe this (and that CO2-caused climate change is real) was in evidence when they flew 39,000 delegates...

The infection and death numbers have been falsified all along, so why wouldn't these alleged "vax" take-up rates be? They want to create a group mentality: the notion that "everybody's doing it". If, say, 60% were refusing, the military brass could hardly reveal this, because then...

The latest generation might not appreciate that in the past such "insults" usually were actually an expression of intimacy of affection, as one commonly finds within families. Whereas people would simply ignore those it perceived as outsiders, the rough-and-tumble abuse they heaped jocularly on others effectively indicated their...

I think you left out a word, Jennie. Surely you meant to say "get placed into the top positions?

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