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The Brown Shirts are back on the streets with heads full of stupid and pockets full of 30 pieces of silver

Gates is an utter twat for thinking he can cheat Nature. Its a fickle beast and will wait. Wait til you eat a piece of fruit that has been gene changed by Nature to weaken your vaccine flooded body, to then step in with a mossie late at night. "I...

"Keir Starmer is a wet fart" totally agree. He is no opposing leader to the useless Bojo. And like so many others who say "OH!!..i'm not for {insert something}" its all flare and firework for attention, then like Brutus "they'll" stab you at the first instance

well then thats one way of keeping the population down. I mean China's idea about giving ppl fridges and washing machines worked for a while. Why not give ppl that probably makes miscarriage a reoccurring thing

i read somewhere that in the 1920 certain states in America were attempting Eugenics through state laws, blocking certain marriages springs to mind, no doubt a bit of gene fiddling was going on somewhere. But this was well before that Austrian chap got the idea about blue eyes and...

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