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I find it almost impossible to look at a photo or Bill Gates these days. I only see his eyes that show pure glee when talking about viruses killing many people. The man is pure evil. i saw his original Ted Talk about Corona virus in 2015...

I still think there will be a lot of people suing their parents in a few years time for convincing them to 'identiy' as something they are not. I think psychologists are going to be very busy soon.

I agree with Dr Vernon Coleman who says, on his website, that hand sanitizers can be hazardous to health causing all sorts of symptoms nausea, womiting, headaches, blurred vision and some far worse. If people had been applying another coat of sanitizer in each shop they went into,...

It makes you wonder what all the crap about "protecting the elderly" during covid was about. The plan to send so many to care homes to die from the 'disease' didn't work out so now they are trying to freeze them, starve them and take away the one constant...

Perhaps those 'Leaders' of the groups should be held accountable because, I would imagine, they are the ones who are telling these kids that the world is about to explode or whatever. It sounds like child abuse to me. If any of those kids end up taking their own...

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