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This is certainly true in carehomes. Our last Covid death was recorded on the 23/05/2020, of course she didnt die from or with Covid. This was possible because all cause of deaths were made by clinical assessment, , in other words it was a guess, there was no " category"...

They want you to believe the pandemic/covid is real while at the same time showing you how and why it isnt, they want you to believe the 5G is safe while at the same time showing you its unsafe. It's as though they want you to know they're lying. We're lying...

I cant get myself bothered by this, its a non problem. She doesnt want to be treated by an unjabbed, then dont. BUT, remember its her choice. And the only valid part of that choice is she chose to get jabbed. Her choice doesnt include making choices for anyone else. Like a lot of...

Why do these people start every sentence with " i personally agree with vaccination" and them attempt to argue that they dont agree with mandating vaccines,, and then fail to make any plausible distinction between the two. If you think the vaccines are harmless and work, why wouldnt it be...

Still not good enough. Until they revoke all the BS, passports, mandatory vaxx in carehomes and NHS, and apologise for the last 2 yrs then nothing changes. They have to admit they were wrong and ignored medical and scientific opinion in favour of modelling and voodoo. And none of the contrite puppy...

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