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Who are the vulnerable?, someone over the age of 70 with underlying medical conditions will need protection from c-19, because there's a chance it could kill them,but a reasonably healthy 40 year old will suffer no more than a flu like illness from it..why would the 40 year old...

Sad khan does this for no other reason than he can. Odious little runt just loves the power and the sound of his own voice. There's only one way to treat people like him and that is to ignore them, he needs to know how irrelevant he really is.

Hi, im fine thank you...well you know veering from blind fury and rabid anger but other than that ...alls well.

Lets hope so but remember the spotlight is going to be on them , one false move, and its going to be used as proof the vaccine needs mandating. And as we know, the testing is manipulated, It wont take much effort to jack up the number of positive...

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