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    1 week, 4 days ago

    Another e-mail to local MP for what it’s worth

    Dear Maria Miller
    We hear from the PM and the Health Minister today about the “Moderna” vaccine deal and how wonderful this is …but i think this is a hollow boast … nothing to be proud of AT ALL.
    The evidence is overwhelming that these MRNA “Gene therapy NON vaccines” are NOT effective and they are killing and injuring vast numbers of people…
    The MHRA the body that is supposed to log regulate and investigate problems with new medicines are NOT fit for purpose…they are NOT investigating ANY of the thousands of “adverse reactions” and death reports to the “Yellow card” system that is in place and the thousands of claims that people have for compensation.
    Sir Christopher Chope’s Bill for proper investigation , and compensation for the vaccine injured has been put off until September it seems…. Dame June Raine seems like a professional LIAR and obfuscator … it seems as if they are completely unaccountable … don’t have to answer ANY questions…all they are , is a rubber stamp for the likes of Pfizer …just like the FDA and CDC in America.
    The MHRA are a bunch of self congratulatory , deluded excuses for human beings.
    From all the available data and the revelations from Pfizer and others …this “vaccine” campaign has been,and is,an ongoing health disaster!
    Far from carrying on and pushing more “boosters” …these jabs should be WITHDRAWN immediately , and an inquiry into the Emergency Use Authorisation begun.
    The Government should NOT be allowed to get away with this!
    All the available data shows that these “jabs” are useless and , in fact , make it more likely that the recipient gets ILL …as does the continued wearing of MASKS…these disgusting things are full of poisonous chemicals that do not degrade AT ALL …and are a health and ecological disaster!
    Sir Christopher Chope’s Bill should be brought forward instead of being pushed back … and Jeremy Hunt should also be on notice… like the MHRA he is not saying ANYTHING about adverse reactions and deaths from the “vaccines” … i can see that this is going to be an ongoing shameful situation .
    The millions of people that were duped into taking these unnecessary jabs could well be paying the price with their health from here on in …

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