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    Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

    5 months, 2 weeks ago

    I just posted the following as a reply to Martin & Gerry at “99 Year-Old Man Becomes First Person To Die Of Old Age In A Year”. It’s *waiting for approval*. I’m pissed-off. Please read:

    Hi Martin. Hope all is well.

    As You’ve seen here today, I’ve taken up the subjects of *Gematria* and *Kabbalah* with Gerry(+everyone else).

    But before proceeding with that, I’d like to give my 2-cents on this *Transylvanian Vlad-the Impaler’s offspring bloodsucker of a prince*.

    (btw, the photo supplied by our colleague *Sven* above^^^^ is befitting and does justice to the vampire-Count Dracula-adrenochrome thesis)

    Personally, I believe he is now placed in a cryogenic state.

    I’d bet on.


    Ever hear of Ray Kurzweil ?

    Remember dead-Davey Rockefeller being 100 years old?

    These motherf-ckers have unlimited funds and, eternal life-synthetic style is what they all f_ckin’ want.

    But now to what I really want to take up here.

    *Gematria* and *Kabbalah*.

    I spent 2 hrs yesterday searching for a video presentation which is a kind’a beginners course for the subject.

    After finally finding Stan Tenen I spent an additional 5 hrs listening to 2 lectures and 1 interview with Art Bell.

    Listen to the first 18-minutes *Stan Tenen – Geometric Metaphors Of Life

    (1989)* here as an introduction and then proceed to the 2 lectures listed below:


    The best thing about Stan Tenen’s work is, it preceeds the availability of….internet!

    There are soooo many idiots runnin’ around on the internet nowadays that it’s virtually impossible to find serious scholars using the traditional ‘Scientific Method’ and, finding viable & specific research for us…laymen.

    Polluted is a good word to describe the situation.

    As a consequence, everyday people are for the most part totally turned-off to the idea of listening/learning to any new stuff that involves using more than 3 brain-cells.

    Anyway, to my point.

    I believe Stan does a terrific job in explaining ‘fundamentals’.

    I strongly suggest using him as a start point.

    You’ll figure it out why He’s good to use.

    As a side-note:

    In 1 one the lectures you’ll hear Stan Tenen mention the *Tree of Life*:



    the Natural Next-Step is, understanding the basics of *Torus Plasma Theory* & physics:


    So far I’ve spent 8+ hours composing this information for All of You here at Richie’s.

    It’s NOT that difficult my friends.

    And if You think it is, give this to someone else whom You believe might understand it.

    Why not give it to a teenager or young adult, now when they are literally ‘locked up’?

    It’s better than getting drunk out of boredom and loneliness.

    It’s just as good as…’taking acid/LSD’.

    It’s a real…. ‘mind blower’ that’s for sure.

    Cheers and…*Expand your Mind, Horizons* 🙂

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    • Thank you. I’ll be reading up on this later.

    • Got that Christopher… Main thing is you copied and pasted it ‘prior’ to deletion by the spam filter. Look, that filter gets us all!!! I don’t believe there’s much can be done about it, except maybe limit the amout of links included in any posting or do what you’ve done here. I’ve done this many times and it has even been “recommended” by admin itself. Don’t get too dejected by it, just remember to COPY AND PASTE before you post!!!! Otherwise, you’ll lose your work!!! 👍33👍 😉

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