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    Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

    5 months, 1 week ago

    Regarding Gematria, Kabbalah, and Torus Plasma Theory –

    1) Please take 1½-minutes of your time to listen to Bill Cooper’s *William Cooper – Kabbalah, Gematria, Occult*
    perfect description of the first 2 subjects above:

    2) If You don’t know who Bill Cooper was, well let’s just say He was an *insider* who went rouge, and was ‘executed’ by the TPTB a few weeks after Sept 11, 2001. He called out ‘Alex Jones’ as a fraud/disinformation agent publicly(it’s on video). After Bill’s death, A.Jones was launched as Bill Cooper’s successor by TPTB, using the same format as Bill had used.
    3) What Bill Cooper was involved in and description of his murder was given in 2013 by his collegue here: *The Assassination of Bill Cooper as Told by His Partner and Friend, Doyel Shamley *

    The Assassination of Bill Cooper as Told by His Partner and Friend, Doyel Shamley

    To my shock, I discovered the guy doing the interview is Pete S. Pete S, a well-known utuber/radio guy, was ‘outed’ to 100% as an FBI/US-gov’t *paid infiltrator and informant* after the death of Lavoy Finicum and arrest of Ammon Bundy in Jan 2016.

    4) The connection between *Torus*, ancient knowledge, Modern Technology, and Fusion Physics is among other things found at at the following link here and here
    (SEE photo-composite)
    5) To understand the significance of the Torus, the film *(Official Movie) THRIVE What On Earth Will It Take* is an absolute must

    It has come to my attention that 1 of my posts has been removed/censored.
    I am a believer of Free Speech and am very certain I have not in any way been ‘abusive’.
    Therefore, this is my last post here.
    I will give any or all, the chance to ‘reply’ to this pronouncement/announcement for 7-days.
    after that, I’m finished here.
    Good Luck.
    10:00-CET 13 April 2021

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