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it would not surprise me if the state had the show removed from the tunin site, afterall after just one complaint it seems to be a big over reaction, unless that one complaint came from someone in power.

its all been little by little, from debit and credit cards, phone payments like apple pay, bitcoin and disappearing bank branches and cash machines etc etc all designed to slowly eradicate cash. I fear we are and have been on a downward spiral for a while now and...

for once, and only this once FB may have a point in that the two VR apps channel 4 has accused them of are not actually owned by facebook, the metaverse and VR are two different things, FB does not own the VR concept and I don't even think...

Rishi Sunak cut fuel duty by 5p and raised the threshold at which workers start paying National Insurance from £9,600 to £12,570. and less money going into the NHS so the state can fully privatise it, "That would bring the total in absolute poverty to 12.5 million" nearly 1 in 5 in...

Give politicians more power and this is the consequence 20c is not exactly down town mumbai in the summer is it

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