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Thanks Jennie, we always try to get them to explore games, rather than gaming. Although they do it a bit. I think the fact that they are adopted too, so come from a bad start anyway, has made me even more determined to keep them on the right track...

They are fuxking insane I know. The disruptive thing has come, which is fine, that can be dealt with, obviously not by the school cos they aren’t equipped. Persistence is the same for kids as for us. Earlier they learn easier it will be to keep them on the...

Khan has received abuse because he simply is absolute shite at his job. No other reason at all. Wasting our money, nothing to show for his time here, so blame someone else 😂

Spot on Clare! I know police officers, teachers, nurses, all public facing people that think this is all nonsensical tyrannical rubbish so they luckily carry on doing what they “think” is right. The rest are scared to death to speak out or act normally in their positions at work...

Luckily for our family we kept our children going to school during this absolute nonsense. I insisted they went. This has helped them in their physical activity, and their learning to a point (indoctrination isn’t an option for our kids, they have been taught from day one to challenge...

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