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Is Lenny Henry The Dumbest Man In Britain? View Comment
  • March 30, 2021

Dumbest and least funniest

Great Post from karras, totally resonates with me,work with young ones and all the talk is netfix,games consoles,and no understanding of reality,even the more educated in society are so dumbed down it beggars belief.the futures very bleak

A bit off track but on a TV programme this morning the doctor was at pains to explain the vaccine is 100% safe and will not affect question as to how do they know of long term effects,then the next programme was about the multi million pound vitamin...

So this talk of being coerced into taking the vaccine means as a father of an eight yr old, my son would suffer as there would be no cinema, indoor play areas I could take cruel is this and then the new vaccine that comes along I would...

Well gates did say it will be the decade of vaccines

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