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The transexual agenda will shift to the transhuman one in five, four, three, two..... Digitizing humanity is the STATED goal of the WEF and its European aristocrats and new-money, fiat billionaires. This is not about 'equality', "human" rights or, as we've seen the past 22 months, health. This...

If a child can consent to a medical intervention, it can 'consent' to anything. And I mean anything. From a monetary loan to some disgusting BBC presenter (a la Savile) fondling it.... These criminals in Whitehall are playing with hellfire itself.

In light of Richie's advice yesterday (laughter), try this line with your next encounter. 'Did you get your shot?' Intentional pregnant pause before responding incredulously. 'Man, I get one every week. I rotate through the brands. Just to be safe, you know. Don't you?' Sit back and watch their...

So the Irish want to transform pubs into remote workhouses? Working remotely for whom? Some multi-national company? Doing bloody what? Playing on zoom and taking 'diversity/woke classes'?

As mad as people are nowadays, they'll probably double up the masks. Oh, wait, they've already done that. Btw, where did that fad go? The two or three masks?

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