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You inboxed me to complain about me messaging in live comments, man! You were behaving like a fascist. If you have a problem or question about my comments... ask me.

Most importantly, kind? 🤔 ...Christopher Young@X_YankSweden Christopher Young@X_YankSweden SENT 1 WEEK, 3 DAYS AGO …stop destroying the comment thread. It’s very annoying. Ever hear of…*Self Control’ and composing a coherent thought?... I don't understand your motives, Christopher. You call for community and kindness, yet, here, in this community, you've shown none.

Find an actual, real Jewish person of faith who shares this beta cuck's views on "antisemitism". This is just like the Soros funded BLM campaign crying racism while they're funding domestic and foreign terrorism. This Zionistic, narcissistic outrage by them highlights to me exactly what these wokespeople are enraged...

Duterte Harry! I remember when he was rounding up street kids and drug addicts and murdering them. People thought he was great, thinking he was cleaning up the Philippines. Mahalika is the land's name before invasion. I prefer that 🙂

And how, mein fuhrer, shall I stop destroying the comments section, please? Are your thumbs non-opposable, ape? Scroll past! 🖕 Stay the fuck out my inbox, weirdo!!!

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