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    1 year, 3 months ago

    EVERYONE HERE – Everyone reading this – PLEASE! PLEASE! UNITE !!


    I’m based in Manchester, on the British Isles – I’m Irish, but that matters not a dot! I don’t care if you reading this are British, Romanian, Polish, Middle Eastern, Palestinian, Iraqi, Iranian, Jewish, Indian, Pakistani, Indonesian, Australian, Chinese, Japanese, American of all domination, European, Canadian, South American ALL, All nations Africa …. HUMANITY ….

    Your Colour or Creed is not a SUBJECT or a TOPIC … TODAY OUR LIVES MATTER … If we do not say NO- NO- NO- then NOTHING at all we care for or about will matter to anyone …

    PARENTS !!!!! – Forget the side issues about Johnny and Julie wearing masks or not in school … IT’S IRRELEVANT !!! We MUST first WIN THIS or next year there will be no school for them to go to …

    OUR children are in IMMEDIATE CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER !! If we lose, what is awaiting their innocence will make Epstein’s crimes seem like childcare – If that statement has offended anyone – it feckin should but I at least hope it got your attention, welcome, I am Finn and I am here today because I really care about YOUR children, YOUR grand Kiddies, they are ALL THE FUTURE and if we do not WIN THIS they HAVE NO FUTURE !!!

    PLEASE PLEASE don’t just think I am a ranting nut – I’m far from it, I ‘RANT’ from a place of sincerity and the information I base my screams upon is from a world class set of educated professional minds, Professors like Dolores Cahill from Ireland – Bleeding Integrity and qualified out of her mind … Doctors of PURE INTEGRITY like Dr Vernon Coleman, a man whom walked away from medical practice on PRINCIPAL … He stood by the right for us all to have confidentiality with our GP’s and when instructed to do politicians bidding said NO! There are literally thousands of people at the top of their fields in all walks of medicine that are not heard because they have professional integrity … They aren’t big Pharma whores ! Their lives are in danger of assassination EVERY DAY …

    If you don’t believe that, please look up a poor poor lady by the name of Brandy Vaughan … A true woman of courage and may she be at peace … Don’t think they would? OH THEY WILL because they don’t think like US, they are evil, we aren’t … It’s an error to think that because you couldn’t that they wouldn’t …

    On December 8th 2020 – Brandy Vaughan’s body was found by her 10 years old son … Brandy was 47 years old and a very High flyer in the world of vaccines and medicine … She deserves 36 minutes of your time – here:

    Her son was her life … she had the good sense to draw up a ‘non suicide’ disclosure with I believe her lawyer (may have been a friend) This woman had a life to live and loved HER child … She put herself on the line and it cost her her young life … I think we owe it to her son to at least take a look and have a listen to one or two of those medical people that have took a stand but are NEVER debated or interviewed on lame-stream media … What’s the worst that could happen? You get to state I am just a RANTING NUT !!!

    We have less than a handful of REAL JOURNALISTS with INTEGRITY in the whole world, try to get a +1 as many days as possible and get them here for an hour just ONCE ! Hope they stay the two and leave wanting to get their +1 the next day …

    I DO NOT want to lose my life just yet … BUT … if we lose, I KNOW, my next birthday in a few months will be my last!

    Our time is running out FAST – WE ARE AT WAR! … WE MUST WIN!

    If we don’t win we lose and I’m sure ALL the posts on BC and BNT cannot be wrong or misguided …if a small percent are accurate then Ladies and Gentlemen we must serve together … If half of them are right …Oh Crap!

    We face a LEVIATHAN … (Monster with many heads)

    First head – the immediate threat … our health and bodies … NO VACCINE … NO PASSPORT … NO HOUSE ARREST …This has to be ……..

    OUR AGENDA 21 !!

    We must get past this first challenge and THEN look ahead … If we don’t there is NO AHEAD …

    I am with all that live for a life … I am related to you all because we are ALL one light – one LOVE …
    The People United Can Never Be Defeated !! So let us WIN!

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